Bonus Referral ID For Recharge And Get Paid is Chidi299

This post covers the active Referral ID For Recharge And Get Paid for a 20% FREE bonus on registration.

You want to join the RAGP team right? or No, you want to refer someone with your referral id but you are not registered on the platform yet.

How possible?

I know you must be asking how to get the recharge and get paid referral ID so that you can also refer others to join the platform using your ID.

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Sure, everyone wants that.

(Ofcourse, who doesn’t want the extra percentage and bonuses on referral.)

Today, I will show you how to get a referral id for recharge and get paid, but before then, let me give you a brief explanation of some important things you must know about this platform.

Before you think it’s not worth it, see how much this guy made with RAGP in the screenshot below:

Recharge and get paid payment

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What Is My RAGP Referral ID?

My recharge and get paid referral ID is Chidi299. Enter it in the space provided on the signup form. It is the first blank on the registration page.   After that, fill up other require information and proceed with your registration.  

recharge and get paid referral id

Important Info For You

Here are some things you must know below:

  • Safe And Secure. You have nothing to worry about, the platform is legit, no scam stuff.
  • No Loses. It’s a WIN-WIN situation, you have nothing to lose here.
  • It’s Your Money. The money you pay is going to your account (that is, it’s deposited to your RAGP account, so you can easily make transactions). You may choose to buy data or airtime with the total amount you deposited. Your choice.
  • Once you recharge your line, you’ll be given a certain percentage.
  • Once you sell airtime to someone, you are paid a commission.
  • What about data? If you buy a data bundle for yourself or others, you are also given a certain percentage. (It doesn’t end there).
  • If you refer someone to register using your ID, you’ll get a 20% percentage for every single referral. (ie if someone registers under you with 5k, you get 1k, registers with 30k, you’ll get N6,000 referral bonus, and more like that)
  • You can recharge your DSTV with this system and you get paid a commission.
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More Info & RAGP Referral ID

Important ragp info

(You have nothing to lose here, I must tell you again it’s a WIN-WIN situation)

Instead of having the stress of going to different offices to buy airtime or recharge your TV and getting nothing in return. (You just spend the money and get your subscription renewed)

Why not do the same thing on Recharge And Get Paid system, you are getting paid for paying for your normal subscription.

If I were you, I don’t think I will continue doing the normal stuff. I will just register on Recharge And Get Paid platform and subscribe to my favorite data plan.

Abi, Who No Like Better Thing?

So back to the main purpose of this article “The Recharge And Get Paid Referral code”.

recharge and get paid referral id

How To Get Referral ID For Recharge And Get Paid In Nigeria

It’s very simple and yes, you need a ragp referral id to proceed with your registration.

Kindly register on Recharge And Get Paid Using “chidi299”. Follow the below process to register:

  • Go to RAGP Registration Page.
  • You should see the Registration Form right there.
  • Enter “chidi299” in this referral id space. recharge and get paid referral id
  • Make sure you type it correctly and proceed to the personal information section.
  • Enter Your Personal Info. This is where you are expected to enter your first name, last name, email address, and phone number. recharge and get paid referral id
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Type in your information correctly and proceed to the next which is your login details.

  • Enter Your Login Details. This is where you are asked to enter your username and password that enables you to log in to your account after registration. recharge and get paid referral id

Make sure you enter a different username that has not been used by some else.

My advice on this is to make sure your username and password are memorable to you and difficult for others to guess or cram. (with a weak password, your privacy is a risk)

  • Create Your Purchase PIN. Enter it in the first box and re-enter it in the second box. You will need the purchase pin for transactions after registration. recharge and get paid referral id
  • After feeling the form correctly, tap the NEXT button below.

Now, you’ll be taken to a “Login Page” where you are asked to input your login details (username and password).

Proceed To Login…

  • Enter Your Username And Password, then tap the “Log in” button. recharge and get paid referral id
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After a successful login, here is the Membership Registration Package right before you.

  • Tap the “Please select plan” drop-down menu and select one from the list. recharge and get paid referral id

Warning: Do not select “Free User”.

  • Now, select “Pay Via Paystack” or “Pay Via E-wallet” as a payment package and Tap NEXT. recharge and get paid referral id

(I used Paystack to make payments, so I recommend you follow my step)

  • Enter Your Bank Details. You’re asked to select your Bank Name, Account type (either Saving, Current or Corporate), recharge and get paid referral id

Enter Account Number and Account Name (the name you used to open your bank account) to proceed.

  • After that, tap NEXT again.
  • On the next page, tap the “Pay Via Paystack” button to proceed. recharge and get paid referral id
  • Or, if you want to change the package, tap “Change Member Package”.
  • On the next page, select “pay with card”.

And yeah, you’re asked to enter your Visa or Master Card details in the required field to pay.

  • After that, tap “Pay NGN”.
  • Confirm OTP and make payment. recharge and get paid referral id
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Yeah, you’ve just registered as a premium member.

Now are you among those asking; How Do I Get Recharge And Get Paid Referral ID?

Learn the simple strategy below:

  • You must register using my ID (Chidi299).
  • And after that, you can get your own referral ID to refer to others.

Another warning: Before you ask me for further assistance, you must get registered following my guide above. This is the first step, it shows seriousness and makes me believe that you are ready to take action.

Update: How To Register On Recharge And Get Paid System (Earn BIG).

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Where Do I Find My Username Or ID?

Once, you Login into your dashboard.

  • Tap the 3dash icon to open the RAGP menu (on mobile).
  • Scroll down and tap “Profile Details”.
  • From the drop-down, select “View Profile“.
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Now, you can see your personal information.

  • Your Username is your referral ID recharge and get paid referral ID  
  • Scroll down to see your Referral Link. referral id for recharge and get paid
  • Copy It.

That’s all. Now you garrit. (lol)

Benefits Of Recharge And Get Paid

  • You can pay utility bills with this system as well as get a certain percentage as commission.
  • You get a 20% commission for referring a friend. Remember, to get an ID you must register through my referral ID.
  • Once you register, you’ll get a 20% registration bonus. I call it a “Welcome Gift”.
  • Your indirect referral bonus is 10% – 1%. Indirect in this case means; you will get a certain percentage anytime the person you refer, refers to someone else.
  • You get N100,000 as a leadership bonus.
  • If your downline recharge airtime to their line, you will get a bonus percentage.
  • You will get 10% on the data subscriptions and 2% on airtime recharge.
  • Your earnings never stop, you’ll continue receiving more percentages as a commission as more people register through you, through referral, or when a transaction is made.
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recharge and  get paid referral id

Are you still here? Waiting for the best time to join RAGP?

NOW is the best time, a few weeks from now, you can’t imagine how much you’ll have in your bank account.

And I must tell you this; if you don’t start now, you will always wish you started earlier.

Maybe, by then, you are far behind and it’s too late.

What’s your major fear? To get customers or referrals?

There is a secret bonus I have for you. Once you register, join my private RAGP group chat where I show you how to promote yourself the right way to attract more customers, more referrals, and make more sales.

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Is Recharge And Get Paid Legit?

  • Yes, RAGP is 100% real.

You will get a regular percentage recharging your MTN, Airtel, Glo, 9mobile, or other lines, purchasing data plans, Paying your GoTV or DSTV subscriptions, Paying Electricity Bills, and more…

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Click here to Get started today.
Your earning are endless. You will continue gaining daily rewards as long as you engage in the platform activities.

Also if you have people registered under you, you will get a continuous commission whenever they recharge and do other things on the VTU system.

Take the right decision, don’t waste this opportunity.

Conclusion on Recharge And Get Paid Referral ID

Telecom Networks, Data subscriptions, Airtime, Utility bills, TV subscriptions are something many individuals can’t do without.

And yeah, it’s easier to convince people to pay for these subscriptions through recharge and get paid.

All you need to do is; tell them about the extra percentages and bonus they get back as commission when they pay for the normal stuff.

And of course, no one will ignore such a HUGE offer.

Are you a learner?

I hope you learned how to get recharge and get paid referral id to register people on the platform.

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