How To Register And Earn N17,409.00 Daily

Have you heard of the Inforib Revenue Program?

This is a newly launched income platform that requires no sign-up fee. That is, you don’t need to invest money in registration.

And still, you can earn up to 5k daily or more if you do it right. This is a screenshot of the payment below:

Inforib Revenue Program Registration Guide
Notification sent via SMS

Oya See the PDF Payment receipt sent by Guarantee Trust Bank PLC (GTBank):

Inforib Revenue Program Registration Guide
Receipt Of Payment Via Email

Yeah, no joke, you can start earning big by the time you learn how Inforib works completely.

Today, I will show you how to register on Inforib and start earning daily to withdraw at the given period.

You Are Getting Free N1000 for signing up.

Isn’t that amazing? Read on…

inforib revenue program registration sign up

How To Sign-Up/Register On Inforib Revenue Program

Before you can be able to start earning a penny on this platform, you must sign up to get your account ready and qualified.

Kindly follow the guide below step by step to create an account on Inforib Revenue Programme.

  • Go To The Registration Page. Yes, this is the first thing. Make use of the link. Wait while the page loads and after that, enter the required information in the space provided.

 If the above didn’t work, make use of this one ⇛ Click here to Join The Platform⇚.

Now, follow the directions below to go to the signup page.

  • Tap the 3dash. Yes, look at the top-left corner of your screen now, you will see the 3lines inside a circle. Tap on it. Inforib Revenue Program Registration Guide  
  • Tap Sign In Option. Once you tap the icon as explained earlier, you will see a quick slider menu. Tap the “Sign In” link that comes with it. Inforib Revenue Program Registration Guide
  • Tap Sign Up Tab. You will be taken to a new page asking you to enter your login details but that’s impossible, right? You are signing up for the first time.
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Just tap the “SIGN UP” tab as shown below:

Inforib Revenue Program Registration Guide

Now, enter Your Details Correctly Below. Also, this info must be kept a secret.

Why? Because it may be requested later for verification, login, or more.

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Fill In Your Information on Inforib

  • Email Address. That’s the first thing requested on this page. Kindly enter your best email address (no fake emails). This is very necessary for account verification.
  • Username. This is where you need to enter the name you wish to display in your profile. Not only that though, but the username you input will also be attached to your referral link to help you earn a commission (money). So, enter a unique username to avoid suspicious activities on your account.
  • Password. I always advise that your password should be memorable to you and hard for others to guess. Yes, easy to remember the password but difficult to randomly type. Inforib Revenue Program Registration Guide
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Password Tip: Tweak your real name, add about 2-3 numbers from your phone number or date of birth, and finally, add a symbol you can remember.

  • Repeat Your Password Again. You see the essence of this is to keep your account secure and protected from online fraudsters.
  • Tick the “I’m Not A Robot” box. Inforib wants to know if you are a real human being. Kindly tick the box as required and select the right pictures to pass this “reCAPTCHA” test.
  • Tick “I agree with the term of service” Box. This means that you accept the site’s terms of use. Inforib Revenue Program Registration Guide
  • Tap Sign Up. Finally, you need to submit your details to Inforib to process them and get your account ready.

Now you will be redirected to the sign-in page.

Enter Your Login Details

Right here, you only need to enter your email address and password to login into your profile.

  • Enter Your Email Address. The one you registered with earlier.
  • Enter Your Password.
  • Tap the Sign In button to proceed. Inforib Revenue Program Registration Guide
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Wait while the page loads. You will be taken to questions asked by other users.

Update Your Profile On Inforib

Hold on, just proceed to complete your profile settings.

  • Tap Other 3dash Icon. Located at the top-left corner.
  • Tap “User Settings”. It’s the first thing you see right after your username and profile picture.

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Complete your profile as much as possible. Like me, I filled up all blanks except Google+, because it no more exists.

  • Enter Your Full Name. You can leave your username the way it is.
  • Enter Your Location. This is where you enter your country, state, or area you reside in.
  • Enter Your Facebook and Twitter URL as required. Inforib Revenue Program Registration Guide

Don’t know how to get Facebook and Twitter URLs? Ask Me On Facebook Messenger.

  • Leave your email address that way.
  • Write A Description. This is where you explain who you are (ie. you tell people what you want them to know about you). Inforib Revenue Program Registration Guide
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I advise you to keep it short and straight to the point.

  • Tap Change Profile. Yes, after everything, tap the “Change Profile” button to apply the changes to your profile immediately. Inforib Revenue Program Registration Guide

Boom! You are 80% done. You have one more thing to do to proceed.

Warning ⚠️: Don’t ignore this step☟.

Confirm Your Email Address On Inforib

  • Go check the email address you signed up with. You will see an email confirmation request from Inforib. Open it. Inforib Revenue Program Registration Guide

If you didn’t see the message, go back and…

  • …tap Resend Confirm Email. This time, you will receive it.
  • Click On The Link In The Email. inforib-revenue-program-email-confirmation

Your email will be confirmed successfully.

Now you are set to proceed with other activities on the website.

Important: Taking time to register and set up your profile makes your account unique and trusted. (Take your time)

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Congratulations! You have created an Unrestricted account on Inforib. You have full access to ask and answer questions on the platform.

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You can also watch the Inforib Registration Guide I created to make it easier for you to sign up and start earning today. Watch it below:

In case you found it difficult to sign up, the video will guide you through the processes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are the most asked questions we have consigning this new income platform. Are you asking these questions? See the answers below:

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How Do I Get Inforib Confirmation Email?

Inforib sends an email confirmation request immediately after you sign up.

However, if you didn’t receive an email, kindly click on the “Resend Confirm Email” link to get your email confirmed.

How Do I Gain More Points On Inforib?

It’s simple.

Start partaking in the activities on the platform. Ask questions, leave comments on posts, Answer questions, Write articles, Refer Inforib to others (your friends and family), and more.

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Where Is My Inforib Referral Link or ID?

Once you sign up, the Inforib Income registration program will automatically generate a link for you.

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Kindly go to the Affiliate section and find your referral link looking at you (lol).

Don’t know where Affiliate is?

  • Tap The 3dash Icon at the top-left corner.
  • You should see “Affiliate” in the fifth position. Tap on it.

Is Inforib Legit

Yes, Inforibe is real.

You get paid for asking and answering simple questions.

You even get a commission for referring people to the website.

Have more questions? Ask me on Facebook Messenger.

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The Inforib Income Programme or Inforib Revenue Program was launched recently and a lot of people are finding it difficult to register.

So I think with this guide, you have learned how to register or sign up on the Inforib Platform.

Are you still asking if it’s worth giving a shot? Of course, Inforib registration is free, unlike other schemes that require investment. Register here…

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Also, you will keep earning on the platform as long as you perform the required activities. It’s for real.

I’d like to know. What’s your result?

Peace and blessings ✌.

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