Recharge And Get Paid Faq & Best Answers 2023

This post answers the Recharge And Get Paid Faq (frequently asked questions).

I wrote this article for you.

Yes, I know you have some questions to ask about the new business platform (name in the title).  

Starting from the registration process, first-time payment with Paystack or E-wallet, Recharge, and all that.  

Keep calm as I will give you the answers to the Recharge And Get Paid FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).  

I will go as deep, to make sure you understand everything you want to know about the RAGP VTU platform.  

So without further ado, let’s get started.

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Recharge And Get Paid FAQs – Most Asked Questions

I will answer all questions you have consigning the RAGP system. Kindly send me a direct message on Facebook if you didn’t find your question below.

recharge and get paid faq
The Most Asked Questions

How Do I Get Started With This New Income Portal?

It’s simple.

You need at least N5000 to create an account on the platform. You can start with the basic plan which costs 5k and as time goes on you can upgrade to Bronze, silver, or better plans to enjoy bigger benefits.

How Do Or How Can I Join The Platform?

Here is how to register on the website today:

  • Go to the website registration page.
  • Enter “Chidi299” as your ID.
  • Fill in your personal details correctly.
  • Make payment and now, you are ready to start enjoying the continuous bonus that accompanies the platform based on the package you select.

Make sure you read the Recharge And Get Paid registration guide as it teaches you everything you need to know before joining this new business opportunity.  

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How Do I Check Data Balance?

There are different codes for different networks. If you bought a data plan and you want to confirm if the purchase was successful, make use of the following USSD codes:

  • MTN Users, simply dial *461*6#
  • Glo Users, dial *127*0#
  • Airtel Users, dial *140#
  • 9mobile Users, dial *229*9# to check your data balance.

How Do  I Withdraw Funds From My Account?

To withdraw your earnings, there are two simple things you are expected to do.

One is to transfer to another user’s id on the platform who is indeed of funds to make recharges, pay bills, and others…

Two is to withdraw directly from your E-wallet to your bank account.

Don’t worry I will show you how to do both below:

To transfer or withdraw your earnings,

  • Tap “Transfer / Withdraw” from the menu, it’s the option close to the “Logout” link.
  • Wait While It Loads Up A Page. Yes, after this, you’ll find two sections which are “Transfer Fund” and “Withdraw Fund”.
  • Now, select your preferred choice respectively.
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Some Important Things You Need:

  • Transfer User name: This is where you are asked to enter the ID of the person you want to transfer funds to.
  • Amount: You are asked to enter the amount you wish to transfer.
  • Purchase PIN: Don’t have a purchase PIN? No worries, follow the guidelines below to create a Purchase PIN for yourself.
  • Make use of the Menu I described earlier,
  • Locate and tap on the “Profile Details” drop-down.
  • Tap “Purchase Pin Update” and wait for the page to come up.
  • In the Security Pin section, enter the security pin that was sent to your email address the day you registered newly.
    • (If you didn’t find the email, scroll down and tap the “Reset Purchase PIN” button and you will receive a new one)
  • Now, enter it in the required field.
  • After that, enter a New Purchase PIN. Any 7-digits you like (a memorable one though, so you don’t forget it easily). You should also keep it a secret.
  • Repeat it in the “Confirm Purchase PIN” space.
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Now, go back and enter your Purchase PIN and transfer the fund successfully.    

  • Withdraw Amount: This is where you enter the amount you want to withdraw from your Account Balance (or E-Wallet).
  • Type: Leave It That Way It is.
  • Transaction Password: Enter Your Login Password, that’s what’s required in this case.

Watch the short video below:

Join My Private RAPG Group Chat On Telegram To Claim My Bonus For You. I will teach you how to get more referrals in no time.

FAQs: Where Can I Find My Transaction Password?

Don’t be confused. It’s Your Account Password.

Yes, the Password you created on the day you registered on the VTU system is what you are being asked to provide.

How Can I Subscribe to GoTV?

Depending on the device you make use of.

If you want to subscribe to GoTV using your Mobile Phone, kindly follow the steps below:

  • Login to your Dashboard (your account).
  • Now, Look at the top-left corner of your screen, you will see the 3dash icon.
  • Tap The 3dash Icon. After this, you will see a slider menu. Scroll down and locate the “CableTV Subscription” Option.
  • Tap The “CableTV Subscription”. After this, a new page will come up asking you “What Do You Want To Do?”.
  • In the “Recharge Type” section, select Pay-TV Subscription.
  • In The “Select Action” section, tap “Select Type” and select “GOTV”.
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Now, just after this, you will see the GOTV Logo. Right there, you will see the space provided for you to enter your GoTV details to process transactions.

  • On the First Blank, Enter You GoTV Smart Card Number
  • On the Second Blank, Enter Receivers Number.
  • From the Drop-down, “Select A Package” you want to pay for starting from Value, Plus, Max to the end.
  • Tap the “Buy” Button. Yes, after filling the blanks correctly kindly provide buy the plan you want.
  • That’s it.

For PC (Personal Computer) Users:
The steps are the same. The only difference is the 3dash Menu on Mobile.

Meanwhile, if you are using a PC, you will see everything (including the CableTV subscription Option) on the left-hand side of your screen.

Now, you can proceed with the other guidelines I gave you above.

How Can I Grow In This Business Fast? (Recharge And Get Paid Faq)

It’s simple.   As the name implies, recharge and get a commission that it means.  

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Yes, instead of paying your normal bills and getting nothing as compensation, the platform will get giving you a bonus that grows to an extent that you can withdraw to your bank account or you may choose to pay for a subscription with your profit.  

But I get what you mean by that question. I know you’ve seen the top guys who have won Millions and still earning to date and you wonder if it’s real or possible for you to be among the high-ticket earners.  

It’s real and very Possible. (This is one of the frequently asked questions, so pay attention to this) If you want to grow faster on the platform kindly follow the steps below:

  • Register On The Platform here. (Referral ID: Chidi299)
  • Refer More People To Join Under You. This way, you earn a 20% commission on every single referral.
  • Teach Your Downlines How To Refer to People. Yes, guide them on how to get people to sign up using their own referral code. This way, you will get an Indirect 10% – 1% referral bonus.
  • Encourage People To Recharge With The Platform. Tell your downlines the benefits of recharging from the RAGP website instead of doing it the old way and get nothing in return.
  • Upgrade Your Account. Yes, it will help you enjoy higher commission, PV, and Award Points.
  • Redo all I have shown better than anybody else.
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That’s the simple way to grow fast on the platform. By putting in the work.    

FAQs: Where Can I Download The RAGP App On My Phone?

You can download the application on Google. Anyway, there’s no official app for RAGP on the website but I can see different apps created by programmers everywhere online.

Be very careful. I spent Time online before coming up with the below download links.

So to avoid getting scammed off your personal information, make use of the RAGP website for now.

The reason is; a lot of people have been scammed with their hard-earned money and get blocked at the end.

recharge and get paid app download scam
  • For Android Users, download from Google Playstore. (Not available)
  • For iPhone Users, you can download from Appstore. (Not available right now).

In case you need an alternative source that is not related to the above, follow the link below:

  • App Download Link. (No official App)

FAQs: How Do I Get Commission On RAGP system?

Below is how to gain from partaking in the website activities:

  • You get a 20% commission for referring a new member with your ID.
  • Also, you get a 20% commission for first-time registration.
  • You get 10% – 1% for having a new member through the person you referred to RAGP.
  • You will get a 10%-2% VTU Bonus every time you recharge or someone under you recharges their line, pay bills, and others using the platform.
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Who Is The RAGP CEO? His Or Her Name. (Faq)

The Name Of The CEO is Ositadinma Oshopo.
There are more answers to your FAQs. Read on…

How Much Are The Data Plan Prices?

It depends on the Network you want to buy from:

For MTN:

  • 1GB – N600
  • 2GB – N1,050
  • 5GB – N2,600

For Airtel:

  • 1.5GB – N1,200
  • 3.5GB – N2,400
  • 10GB – N6,000
  • 16GB – N9,300
  • 22GB – N11,600

For Glo:

  • Loading…

For 9mobile:

  • Loading…

That’s available data plan prices on the website for now.

FAQs: What Is The Easiest Way To Earn On RAGP?

As I explained earlier, you need to get involved with as much as possible on activities on the platform.

Once you learn how it works, you can start applying action and your earning will begin to climb as fast as possible.

  • Start recharging.
  • Paying Electricity bills.
  • Paying CableTV subscriptions.
  • Refer to more people.
  • Host short seminar (not necessary).
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And boom, you’ll see massive growth in a very short period.

Can You Tell Me Everything About Recharge And Get Paid? FAQs

Yes, I have written several articles on this blog that shows you everything you must know about the system.

Get them below:

FAQs: What’s E-wallet On Recharge And Get Paid?

what is e-wallet on ragp

An E-wallet is the funds you have in your Account Balance.

Yes, the fund is available in the Green Box at the top-right-hand side of your dashboard.

No worries, it’s that simple.

Where Is The RAGP Center For Life Ikorodu (Faq)

Make use of the address below:

Office In Ikorodu

  • 2, Adeyemi OWUYO Str, behind zenith Bank, top floor of FRESH BITE EATERY, Benson bus stop).
  • Monday – Saturday, 9:00AM – 5:00PM.
  • Sunday (3:00PM – 4:00PM after service).
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FAQs: How Do I Change The Email On My Account?

It will have been easier if you can simply…
…go to your Profile Details.
Tap Update My Profile Option.
Locate your Email Address and change it.

But it’s not so.

The admin created no option to change the email address for now.

You can change your Bank Details, First name, and Last name but the button for Email is not active.

Now, to request a change of email address, reach out to the below phone numbers through calls or text messages:

  • +234 811 689 8208,
  • +234 803 722 1858,
  • And +234 818 209 8378

Alternative Contact Details:

Where Is The RAGP Office In Abuja? FAQs

To know where their office is located in Abuja,

  • See the address I gave below or
  • You make use of google maps to find the location.

Head Office Address:

  • Days: Monday – Saturday
  • Time: 10am-3pm daily.
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Kubwa Abuja Office

  • Time: Monday – Friday From 9:00AM – 5:00PM
  • Saturday by 12PM

FAQs: Is Recharge And Get Paid Legit?

  • Yes, the new income system is 100% real.

You get a commission loading credit on your line, buy data bundles, subscribe to your GoTV or DSTV, Paying Utility Bills, and more…

Click here to ⇛ Get register on RAGP today.

Important Note: This page will be updated from time to time as I get more questions from you and other lovely friends. So make sure you bookmark this page and come back for more answers. Also, Don’t Hesitate to Ask Me A Question On Facebook if you have any.

  I hope I was able to answer all the recharge and get paid faq available at the moment.

Have more questions? Bring it on, Ha ma answer them all.

Peace and blessings FAM.

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