Recharge And Get Paid E-wallet Login & What You Must Know

I know you have a lot of questions about the Recharge and get-paid E-Wallet.  

Maybe you registered on the platform and your earnings are beginning to grow.  

Now, you hear people talking about cash in their accounts…  

…and everything consigns the same thing “E-Wallet”.  

Today, I will teach you everything you need to know about this electronic purse or whatever you call it.

Recharge And Get Paid E-wallet

What Is E-Wallet On Recharge And Get Paid?

E-wallet Meaning

E-wallet means digital or electronic wallets in full according to Wikipedia.  

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It is an electronic device, online service, or software program that allows Party A to make easy transactions with Party B  exchanging digital currency units for goods and services.  

In simple terms, you can assume it to be your pocketbook, purse, billfold, or moneybag that helps you store money for easy transactions at any given time.  

It’s nothing strange or new.   You just need to understand. Anything that has “E” with a hyphen (-) before it has to do with online operations.  

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For example;   Mail means message in communication terms.

Mail Meaning

  And you know that important information is formerly sent to the post office back in the days where you have to pick it from the mailbox.  

Right now, everything has changed.   You can send a thousand messages online using your phone, sitting in the comfort of your home or office.  

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Since it is now online, the name has to change.  

So, instead of a mailbox or post office, it’s called E-mail (E=Electronic).

You understand right?   Now, bringing it down to Recharge and Get Paid business portal, this is what you must know.  

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Recharge And Get Paid E-Wallet

Once you login into your account, you will be taken to your RAGP dashboard.  

On your dashboard, you should see the amount you’ve withdrawn, your earned commission, total funds received, and your total account balance.  

Now, the money in your account balance is equal to that on your e-wallet.  

As I explained earlier, it’s like the mini saving box that enables you to make a fast exchange for goods and services.  

Let me illustrate it so that you can understand better:

  • Your Account Balance = E-Wallet.
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  You can either withdraw to your bank account, transfer funds to people who need or pay for products and services online.    

You can buy airtime, data plans, pay utility bills, or subscribe to CableTV using the fund in your e-wallet.  

No much definition.   That’s what it is. Your Online Pocket.  

For example, if you want to withdraw your money from RAGP you will see:

  • Amount
  • E-Wallet
  • Transaction Password space.

Did you notice that the E-wallet section is inactive?

Yes, because they know you are withdrawing your funds and not anyone else’s.  

I believe you get it now. Send a private message on Facebook to get in touch.  

There is more to read…  

Alright, I learned you want to know about RAGP E-wallet funding.  

That’s not a problem.  

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How To Fund Your E-Wallet On Recharge And Get Paid

In this section, you will learn the quick, straightforward way to pay money into your RAGP wallet.   Follow the steps below correctly:

  • Login To Your Dashboard. Kindly proceed to the platform login page, enter your username or ID,, and your password to access your account.
  • Tap the 3dash icon. After you sign in successfully, you will be taken to your account dashboard. Ignore that and tap the 3dash menu button located at the top right corner of your screen.
  • Tap Fund Wallet. Yes, once you tap the icon, you will see the slide menu from the left. Scroll down and tap the “Fund Wallet” link. recharge and get paid e-wallet
  • Pay Into The Account Details. After selecting the wallet funding link, here is s new page in front of you. recharge and get paid e-wallet
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Pay the money into the bank account information you see there.

It appears like this:

  • Bank Name: Providus Bank.
  • Account Name: RAGPay – (your id)
  • Account Number: (RAGP AC NO.)

Once you send the money, your recharge and get-paid e-wallet will be funded immediately.   You will receive a debit alert from your bank that your request has been granted.  

I hope you now know how to fund your wallet now?   Cool stuff.  

I also noticed that some of you are speculating on how to find your E-wallet on the RAGP website.  

Let me make it clear to you.  

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How To Find Your E-Wallet on RAGP

I think with several illustrations I made above, most of your questions should have been answered.   Yeah, before you discover this article, maybe you think Ewallet is something different.   It’s a normal thing.   Especially when it wasn’t explained to you before you registered.   Now, to find your e-wallet;

  • Simply log in to your dashboard. You will see the space for Withdraw amount and others.
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The money in your “account balance” section is stored in your e-wallet.

No big deal. That’s it.  

Well, I believe the reason why you are asking this question is that you are finding it difficult to withdraw funds from your account.  

You always see the “E-Wallet” box. And it’s unchangeable, right?    

Here is a quick reminder:

  • Your money is stored in your e-wallet and your E-wallet has your money.

(Just like your real-life Pocket)   This one is your online pocket.   I hope I made it clear enough.

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How To Withdraw Money From Your E-Wallet RAGP.

Ok, your earnings have grown due to:

  • VTU Bonus that rolls in daily.
  • Indirect referral bonus.
  • Direct referral bonus.
  • Award points and
  • Other additional commissions you get.

Now, it’s time to withdraw…  

…but you are seeing “E-wallet” in between the amount and transaction password space.  

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No problem, since you have enough funds in your account to withdraw, kindly follow the instructions below to withdraw to your bank account:

  • Sign in to your account.
  • From the menu, Tap on the “Profile Details” Dropdown. recharge and get paid e-wallet

After that, you will see view profile, update my profile, purchase pin, user/transaction password.

  • Select the “Update My Profile” link. recharge and get paid e-wallet

You will be taken to a new page that has all the information you registered with.

  • Now, leave your personal data the way it is.

Just pay close attention to your:

recharge and get paid e-wallet
  • Account Number
  • Account Name
  • Bank Name
  • Account Type.

Now, update them correctly.     After doing that, proceed to the next step.

  • Tap the “Update My Profile” button. recharge and get paid ewallet

  You are set to withdraw your funds.

  • Go back to the Menu.
  • Select “Transfer/Withdraw”. If you are using your mobile phone, you are required to scroll down to the link next to the “Log-Out” button.
  • From there, open the “Transfer/Withdraw” link.
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(if you make use of your personal computer you see it by the left-hand side of your screen)  

Once you tap the aforementioned link, you will see a new page that enables you to withdraw or transfer your funds.  

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To Withdraw Fund:

Locate the section that allows you to pull out your money from the system.

  • Enter the Amount you want to withdraw.
  • Leave the Type as “E-Wallet”.
  • Enter Your Transaction Password.

Your transaction password is the first password you used to register on recharge and get paid.

  • Now, Tap Send. RAGP will arrange your money and send it to your account.

  It usually takes 24 to 48 hours to receive funds.    

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How To Get Transaction Password

Your transaction password is the same as the first password you submitted the day you signed up.  

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If you have doubts that you’ve changed it before, no worries, there’s a solution.  

  • Go to RAGP Menu/Options.
  • Tap Profile Details.
  • Tap Update User/Transaction Password.
  • Go to the “Change Transaction Password” section.
  • Enter your Old password.
  • Enter the New One.
  • And Enter it again.
  • And tap “Change Transaction Password”.

Boom! Your password has been changed.     If you don’t know your Purchase Pin, let me show you how to discover it.     What If You Can’t Withdraw Funds Directly?

  • Transfer to others and get the equivalent paid to your bank account.

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To Transfer Funds:

  • Enter the username you want to transfer to. Your referral ID is your username.

  Mine is Chidi299.

  • Enter the amount you want to send.
  • Now, enter your purchase pin.
  • Tap Send.

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How To Get Your Purchase Pin For Transfers

From the menu, Tap “Profile Details”.

  • Tap “Purchase Pin Update”.
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From there, fill the form correctly:

  • Enter your Security PIN.

Don’t know your Security PIN?   Check the first email you received from Recharge and Get Paid the day you registered.

  • Now, enter a new 7digit Pin of your choice in the first space.
  • Repeat the Pin in the second box.
  • Tap Reset My Purchase Pin.

  Now, in case you didn’t find the security pin, do this;

  • Tap the “Didn’t get a code? Resend” button below.

After this, you will get a fresh email from RAGP that has a security pin.

  • Copy it.

Now, go back and create your purchase pin.    

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As you must have heard, or probably know that;

  • RAGP is the New Oil Money.
  • The New Wealth Formula.

No, check this.   You recharge your phone and other expenses daily.  

At the end of the day, month, years you get ZERO Kobo in return.  

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Why not change the settings and apply a new one. Big ups to you that have made the right decision to choose a better lifestyle.  

I hope you learned everything about the recharge and get-paid e-wallet.  

Peace and blessings. ✌  

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