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Learn about Google Finance. You can make you money work for you instead of keeping it in the bank. Any money you don’t invest, you’ll spend.

Google Finance is a terrific resource for conducting extensive research and learning more about stock investment strategies that can help you achieve your financial objectives if you want to start buying individual stocks and make your money work for you. You may learn important facts about Google Finance and how to make the most of its data from this post.


Exchange-traded funds are one of the most well-liked investment methods (ETFs). You can invest in ETFs without picking individual stocks.

They are instead picked for you. For instance, there are now hundreds of gold ETFs available that are baskets for well-known gold equities if you want to invest in gold stocks but are unsure of which stocks to choose.

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But you’ll need to do some homework if you want to pick your stocks like the Wolf of Wall Street.


What Is Google Finance?

One of the finest locations to find a wealth of stock quotations and financial news while you research your numerous investment possibilities before making a financial commitment is Google Finance.

Google Finance features a fantastic Portfolio tool in addition to a wealth of amazing data on thousands of companies.

Let’s get going.


An Introduction to Google Finance

A section titled “World Markets” can be found on the sidebar of Google Finance. Here, you can view the performance of stock markets around the world.

Additionally, there is a Currency area where you can compare different currencies.

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Also given are bond yields.

The performance of numerous sectors, including energy, healthcare, and technology, is shown in a Sector Summary.

The Price-to-Earnings (P/E) ratio, which is the strongest indicator of whether a stock is expensive, and other significant stock information are available.


Even though Google just discontinued its old Portfolio feature, it still provides a way for you to import your holdings and have Google Finance keep track of them.

Additionally, you may utilize the fraction method to keep your investments private even as you continue to track them at the office if you don’t want your nosy coworkers to find out about your investment in Toys R Us (oops!).

On Google Finance, you may “bench” stocks as well. To accomplish this, you would construct a list of the items you are considering purchasing next and keep track of them as “pending” purchases.

Important data including the P/E ratio, market cap, and volatility are also available on the fundamentals tab. It provides you with a fantastic insight that you may utilize to make future investments that will pay you.

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There are other ways to obtain this market news (online or in newspapers, for example), but Google Finance offers a wealth of data in a single, handy location.

Let’s go over how you can begin going.


Creating A Stock Portfolio In Google Finance

You will first need a Google account before you can investigate Google Finance. Setting this up is free, easy, and made considerably simpler if you already have a Gmail account. You can immediately set up your Google Finance portfolio after securing your account.

Go to Google Finance and click the “Portfolio” option at the top of the page to get started. You can establish and name your portfolio there, after which you can start adding the companies and mutual funds you want to follow.

There are two main “modes” in which Google Finance can be used and viewed:



View the price, movement, market capitalization, volume, and low and high prices for each stock for the day.

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View each stock’s most recent price, typical volume, market capitalization, 52-week lows and highs, P/E ratio, and earnings per share. In this mode, transactions are also accessible to you.

Setting up your Google Finance portfolio can be a little tricky at first if you are unfamiliar with the platform. Once you become used to it, you’ll realize that it provides all the knowledge and insights you require for your study on investments.


Making Sense of Google Finance

Let’s examine the fundamental information that Google Finance offers and how to make use of it. The current price will be the first number you see when you look at a stock.

Then, as you scroll down, you’ll see the % change in the stock’s value during the course of the trading day. This number will show the stock’s movement if you’re viewing it after trading has ended.

You can see the time you looked up the stock in the row below. This is crucial because prices might alter suddenly. With the help of this technology, you can get a real-time snapshot that shows you the price at the very moment you glanced at it.

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You can also incorporate the following information into your Google Finance portfolio:


You can use this figure to find out the stock’s daily low and high. If you are viewing the stock after trading has ended, take note that there won’t be a number supplied.

52 Week

You can see the stock’s year-over-year movement right here (or 52 weeks). It’s a fantastic technique to determine how volatile the stock has historically been.



You can see the stock’s year-over-year movement right here (or 52 weeks). It’s a fantastic technique to determine how volatile the stock has historically been.


Volume is the total number of shares that were purchased or sold by traders during a given trading day. In general, a larger number indicates superior value.

The average volume for the previous 30 days is also included. The two figures can be compared to determine whether the volume for the day is typically high or low.

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Market Cap

The market capitalization is the ratio of the share price to the number of shares that are traded. The number depicts the company’s size in the market, not necessarily its share price.


A business’s price-to-earnings ratio should be known since a lower value suggests that the stock is reasonably priced given its earning potential. When assessing value-oriented stocks in particular, pay close attention to this statistic.

These figures serve as the foundation for the data that daily analysis by investing professionals worldwide.

They could be able to give you highly insightful information that might make the difference between success and failure. As you construct your approach, spend some time learning how to use Google Finance to your advantage.



Upcoming Changes to Google Finance

Alphabet Inc., the parent firm of Google, declared in late 2017 that it would integrate the Finance product into its well-known search engine.

As a result, the Google Finance data will still be completely accessible but will appear slightly different than in the past.

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Google has begun integrating current users’ portfolios into the company’s main search platform as part of the transition. There is a lot of potential for the adjustment to give those involved in investment and finance more extraordinary talents.

Google will be in a better position to assess consumers’ preferences and offer them more individualized reports and data.

Long-time customers have expressed some cynicism about the modifications being made to the Google Finance portfolio tool, as is the case with everything else Google does.

Others, though, are certain that the change will eventually bring about even more features and excellent insights. For individuals who are involved in different kinds of stock investment, they will offer more useful information.

Spend some time learning how to get the most of Google Finance, especially as it continues to develop and grow.

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