How To Check Your Tariff Plan On Airtel Now

This post shows you how to check your tariff plan on Airtel.

Yes, you may need to check your current tariff plan from time to time to make sure you aren’t getting things complicated.

In a situation whereby, you aren’t benefiting from your network provider, you may need to move to another tariff plan to see if changes can be made.

Have you experienced excessive charges on your phone or SIM card regarding Caller tune and other SMS services?

This is one one the major reason why you should check your airtel tariff plan.

Today, you will learn how to view your tariff plan on Airtel.

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Summary: Check Tariff Plans On Airtel Network

As at the time of writing the article, airtel offers a decent rate for making calls from a distance. Yes, you can possibly make calls at the rate of 11k/sec on airtel (depending on your active tariff plan).

Airtel Nigeria has got amazing offers when it comes to data plans. You can get X2 your internet data bundle on Airtel smartconnect tariff plan.

Although not everyone is qualified for the trending Airtel X2 bonus data plan, you can give it a try to see if you’ll get 100% of every data bundle you buy.

Now, you must check your tariff plan to know if you’re qualified for a certain offer or to prepare yourself for future benefits.

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how to check your tariff plan on airtel

How To Check Your Tariff Plan On Airtel

Below is the quick code to check your tariff plans on Airtel:

  • Simply dial *121*3*5# on your phone dialer.
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You can alternatively check using the manual format below:

  • Just dial *121# on your phone.
  • Reply ‘3’ from the list of options available.
  • Also, Reply ‘5’.

You’ll see a pop-up showing your current tariff plan. Airtel will also send a message to your number saying; “Your Active Tariff Plan is …”.

It was impossible to know your airtel tariff plan until this day. Yes, even though you find out, it may be as a result of a new offer or you go to the nearest Airtel customer service center.

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How To Migrate To New Tariff Plans On Airtel

Feel free to migrate to a new tariff plan when you’re not getting enough benefits as promised.

Most times, we move to a new package not because we want to, but we do base on what we are to get in return.

And since you’re not getting enough, it’s time to migrate to a new tariff plan on Airtel.

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But before you migrate, make sure the new one is better than the current to avoid the story that touches (hehe?).

It’s simple to migrate, kindly dial the shortcode given for the particular plan you want.

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How To Migrate Out Airtel Tariff Plans

I already explained the common reason why you may want to opt-out of your current plan and move to a new one.

Yes, after using the above code to check your current tariff plan on Airtel, it’s time to make your decision.

And mind you, checking your existing plan doesn’t mean you have to migrate out of it, Ok?

Have You Checked Your Current Airtel Tariff Plan?

Checking your current tariff plan is important. It helps you know where you stand.

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You may choose to remain in one plan for long but what if, you’re not getting what you want?

Imagine your friend tells you about a new data or airtime offer on his current plan and you never receive half of that before.

Follow the above guide on how to check your tariff plan on Airtel.

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