How To Transfer Airtime To My Gtbank Account (Update 2023)

Please, teach me how to transfer airtime to my Gtbank account.

This is one of the questions coming for some time now. I know how it feels to over-recharge your phone or transfer airtime to the wrong number.

Yes, I’ve experienced this many times. The big challenge is to transfer the airtime back to your GTBank account without extra charges.

Take this advice from NetworkPalava and apply it to transfer mobile phone credit to your bank account any time this happens again.

Learn How To Reverse Airtime Your Purchased From Your Bank In Nigeria

Summary: Transfer Airtime To GTBank Account

Not just on GTBank though, many other customers on Access Bank, UBA, FirstBank experience this a lot.

Now, you’re wondering if it’s still possible to reverse airtime to GTbank account after recharging by mistake.

Let me make it clear to you my friend; there’s no way to transfer airtime back to your account at the moment. Especially when the purchase is confirmed but, there’s a way out of this.

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How To Transfer Airtime To My Gtbank Account

If you’re looking for a fast USSD code to transfer airtime to your bank account, then I must tell you this;

There's no guarantee that airtime recharged on GTBank can be transferred back to your account. At least, for now.

If you follow your bank on social media, you should see other individuals making this same complaint as you. Now, below is how to transfer airtime to your GTBank Account;

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Transfer Airtime To Our Vendor

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  • The easy way to transfer the airtime back to your GTBank account is to sell it to us and get your cash in full after the deal.
  • You won’t get the equivalent but you’ll get the money as agreed.
Talk to Chidi here on WhatsApp and exchange you airtime for money immediately. Go straight to the point to get a quick response.

What’s The Transfer Code For Gtbank

GTBank transfer code is 737. The simple to apply it is by opening your phone dialer app, typing in *737#, and sending it. You’ll see a popup menu on your screen, follow the prompt and you’re good to go.

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Since the main point of this post is to transfer airtime to your GTbank account, there’s more information for you below.

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How To Convert Airtel Airtime to cash to your bank account

You’ll find many websites on the internet that claim to reverse Airtel airtime to your bank account, but there’s no direct formula to that.

A processed transaction from your bank may be reserved. Yes, you need to look somewhere else for the solution to your problem.

Sell To NetworkPalava Vendor On WhatsApp here...

The same thing applies to other networks like MTN, Glo, and 9mobile Nigeria.

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FAQs – Airtime Transfer To GTBank

Have You Transferred The Airtime?

After reading the guidelines above, what is the result you get?

I created this post for you asking; how to transfer airtime to my Gtbank account and right now, I believe the issue is resolved.

It’s either you’re advised on how to get back the money to your GTBank account or something related. No claims are attached to this statement though.

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