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Many gamers like you are currently enjoying actionable games from the complete list of PPSSPP games for Android.

Don’t miss out on the best games that can be downloaded below 200 MB. Scroll slowly to download.

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Downloading PPSSPP Games Under 200MB

The greatest PSP emulator available on Google Play is PPSSPP. The program runs PSP games on Android devices by emulating them. Furthermore, the application can play games at their original speed.

PPSSPP supports a wide range of games, but not all of them will run at full speed depending on your device’s power.

You can use the application to run a PSP ISO file from your PC or a PSP disc, but you must select the play location within PPSSPP. See the Best Football Games For PPSSPP on Android.

Download PPSSPP Games Under 200MB or 300MB

In case you’re wondering if it’s possible to get advanced PSP games working fine on your phone, follow this section carefully.

Scroll slowly to download PPSSPP games under 200MB for PC and Android users. You’ll also get the PPSSPP games under 300MB with mind-blowing features. Yes, we’ve covered the PPSSPP LOW MB Games in a different article.

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Start here…


Virtual Tennis: download PPSSPP Games under 200MB

On September 1, 2005, Virtual Tennis: World Tour was released in Europe, followed by a North American release on October 6.

It was renamed Power Smash: New Generation on January 26, 2006, and released in Japan. Luckily enough, you can download this PPSSPP Game for under 200MB.

The game features 14 real-life professional tennis players, four court surfaces (each with several arenas), and a variety of game modes.

Or download it here…

Assassins Creed: Bloodlines (59MB)

Assassins Creed: Bloodlines. Download PPSSPP Games under 200MB.

During the E3 Conference in June 2009, Sony announced the game as a new PlayStation Portable release. No doubt, it is amongst the Android PPSSPP games you can download under 200MB.

Assassin’s Creed II and Assassin’s Creed II: Discovery were released in November 2009, to mixed reviews. Especially the Android PSP emulator version. The next installment in the series, Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, was published in October 2012.

Dragon Ball Z-Shin Budokai (240MB): PPSSPP Games Under 200MB

You may not know this; Producer Ryo Mito offers us an inside peek at Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai, the popular anime-based fighting series’ PSP premiere.

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In March, Atari will release an anime scrapper for Sony’s handheld, Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai, which will include wireless multiplayer bouts. Anyone can play the video game on Android under 200MB or PC as long as you have the PPSSPP app installed.

Update: Check Out The PES 2023 Version for PSP Emulator [It’s FREE]

WWE SVR 2011 (259MB)

Implementing a new physics system allows objects in the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match to and be used more realistically, which is one of the most significant changes in the game.

We are talking about the PPSSPP version here. Yes, this PPSSPP Game can be downloaded for under 200MB.

Tables now break in a variety of ways, depending on the force used. Inside and outside the ring, ladders can now be broken in half by resting them on the ring ropes.

For the first time since the first WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw game, chairs can be hurled at opponents.

Tekken 6 (244MB)

The game features a proprietary 60-frame-per-second graphics engine as well as a dynamic physics engine known as the “Octave Engine,”. If you play it on your Android PPSSPP app, that’s what you’ll get.

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Fun enough, you can download the game for under 200MB.

Now, this simulates fluid dynamics and, among other things, allows water to react realistically to the players’ movements.

GRIP SHIFT (59.9MB – 127MB): Download PPSSPP Games Under 200MB

Grip ShiftP PPSSPP Games Under 200MB

GripShift is a racing arcade game. On the official website, you may get visible tracks for the PSP edition. The “Turbo Expansion Pack” was published only for the Xbox 360 version on February 13, 2008.

This PPSSPP game update includes new single-player and multiplayer modes, eight Race Tracks, eight Deathmatch Arenas, and eighteen new soundtrack tracks.

FIFA 14 (182MB)

Fifa 14: Download PPSSPP Games Under 200MB

Fifa is amongst the most wanted soccer game for online and offline games. Yes, simply because the features are amazing.

Although FIFA 14 lacks the one, defining mechanic of previous games, it manages to make the old feel fresh, thrilling, and captivating by making modest changes. Now, you can download Fifa 14 PPSSPP Games Under 200MB using the link and buttons below.

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FIFA 14’s official gameplay trailer will be released on November 19th for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Download More PPSSPP Games Under 200MB

Keep scrolling to see more games advanced PSP games you can download below 200MB.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta (220MB)

God Of War: Download PPSSPP Games Under 200MB

We play this game a lot, and it is still one of the best PSP games ever. God of War, like several Greek mythology stories, is full of twists and turns. Despite being from a previous generation, this product is capable of outperforming more recent models.

If you’re thinking that this PPSSP game may be difficult to download under 200MB, then you’re mistaken. This is a great opportunity for you to play GOW on your PSP emulator app on Android. Check Out All PPSSPP files download links.

Ready At Dawn and SCE Santa Monica Studio, both of whom worked on prior series, collaborated on God of War: Ghost of Sparta, which was released on the PSP (Playstation Portable) system.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (141MB)

This open-world racing game was created by Criterion Software and published by Electronic Arts on October 30, 2012. (EA). Guess what? You can now download this PPSSPP Game under 200MB and play the highly compressed version.

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This video game was released on various platforms, including Android, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, iOS, PlayStation Vita, and Wii U, and had single-player and multiplayer modes.

Choose from more than 40 amazing vehicles and compete in your style! By completing the entire action, you can earn points to unlock new models.

BURNOUT LEGEND (247MB): Download PPSSPP Games Under 200MB

According to review aggregator Metacritic, the PSP version of BurnOut Legends garnered largely positive reviews.

The DS version, on the other hand, garnered unfavorable feedback. Make sure you don’t miss this highly compressed version of this PPSSPP game. It can be downloaded under 200MB at the moment.

There are also Collector’s cars in the game. Each class has five cars to collect, but the player starts with only one.

To obtain the remaining four, the user must compete against another player in a Wi-Fi battle mode, pitting their collection car against theirs and winning the challenge (collector cars are only available on the PSP version).

Ben 10: Protector Of Earth (160MB)

Ben 10: Protector of Earth is a 2007 action-adventure video game for various platforms, including the Nintendo DS (NDS) and PPSSPP android app. At Ben’s Omnitrix, the fundamental concept of the game is to combat aliens and evil guys while being converted into various aliens.

Echochrome: Europe (73MB)

Echochrome II, a sequel to this PPSSPP game, was released in December 2010 for the PS 3 and PlayStation Move. Echoshift, a spinoff, was launched in 2009 for the PlayStation Portable.

God of War: Chains of Olympus

Kratos, the protagonist of the God of War series, fights a range of opponents with a variety of weapons and magical abilities, the majority of which are based on Greek mythological creatures.

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This is your chance to download the God Of War COO under 500MB. The PPSSPP game is highly compressed so that you can enjoy the full features.

UP Video Game (243MB)

According to Metacritic, the PlayStation 3, Wii, and Xbox 360 versions received “mixed or average” reviews. Each level in the PPSSPP game includes its time attack mode for collecting rare bugs.

Also, you can download the PPSSPP game for under 200MB. This means less data consumption on your phone.

Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai (198MB) – PPSSPP Game Under 200MB

In this super Saiyan PPSSPP games tournament, the Dragon Magic Ball Z Super Ultimate Tenkaichi 2 Ultra Instinct Combat Shin Budokai Fight competition taps battle fight gold and fight of Xenoverse’s 2.

From super Saiyan strength to extreme instinct Blue to the end of a chapter game, there’s something for everyone. You don’t need a heavy data balance to download this PSP game on android, 200MB is enough.

GTA Vice City Stories: Download PPSSPP Games Under 200MB

GTA Vice City Stories PPSSPP game lets you freely roam the globe and do any action you like.

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You can acquire weapons, compete in races, look for work, steal cars and money, and elude the cops. All these amazing features are attached to the version you can download for under 200MB.

Every bad action performed against civilians results in law enforcement involvement, which in many cases could result in your death.

You need a professional approach to win this PPSSPP game. Below is the link to download it under 200MB on your Android phone.

Dynasty Warriors (109MB)

Each kingdom now has an “if” route in Dynasty Warriors 8. The player can open a path for each country in which it succeeds where it previously failed by completing prerequisites in prior wars.

For example, the player in the DW PPSSPP game can assist Wei to avoid defeat in the Battle of Chibi and unite China by keeping all of Wei’s characters alive.

Eragon (156MB)

You should be aware that this PSP game’s major focus is battle. Also, this is a slicing and stabbing fighting game in which fantasy figures die and blood is portrayed.

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In comparison to the Christopher Paolini novel on which this PPSSPP game under 200MB is based, the plot is thin.

Children can’t grasp any message about good versus evil amid chaos. The game is bloodier than the film. Download it under 200MB with the link below.

Call of Duty: Roads to Victory

To play Call of Duty: Roads to Victory on a PC, you’ll need two things. The first component is an emulation program that can imitate the PS3 operating system and apps. Use the link or button you find below to download this PPSSPP game under 200MB only.

The second component is the Call of Duty: Roads to Victory PPSSPP game, which may be played on the PSP emulator.


Enjoy playing Ultimate Ghosts n Goblins on your PPSSPP app. This is the American version of the PPSSPP game, which can be played on any of our PSP emulators.

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You may now download and play the Ultimate Ghosts n Goblins ROM on your computer or mobile device. This PPSSPP game is categorized as an action game online and can be downloaded under 200MB of cheap data.

Exit (57.4MB): PPSSPP Games Under 200MB

Exit ROM can now be played on the PPSSPP android emulator. However, you must search the internet for the necessary ROMs.

A ROM is a virtual representation of the PPSSPP game that must be loaded into the emulator. Today, you’ve been given free access to download this PPSSPP game under 200MB.

You don’t have to worry or overthink the best website to download the ROM (which is the .iso PPSSPP game file). Download it using the link below:

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Cosmic Destruction

You must complete the assignments with Ben’s various aliens.

Yes, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Cosmic Destruction is a compressed PSP game, however, it can be played with the PPSSPP emulator.

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Just make sure you download one of the PPSSPP games under 200MB. This way, you avoid wasting too many megabytes (or gigabytes) on a single PSP game.

Yes, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Cosmic Destruction is a highly-compressed PSP game for smartphone users.

Ghost Rider: Download PPSSPP Games Under 200MB

The Story mode gets off to a solid start in the Ghost Rider PPSSPP game. Combat is limited to light and heavy assaults with jump, roll, block, and grab functions, and movement is pleasingly rapid and smooth (only used once enemies are stunned).

Ben 10 Alien Force Vilgax Attack

Ben 10 Alien: Download PPSSPP Games Under 200MB

The third PPSSP game in the Ben 10 video game series, and the second based on the Ben 10: Alien Force series, is Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks. The working line is now available to download this PPSSPP Game under 200MB.

Vilgax Attacks is based on the third season of the show, while the second PPSSPP game was based on the first two seasons. On October 27, 2009, it was published.


There is no free play feature in the console version of Castaway, unlike the PC/Mac version of The Sims Castaway Stories. With the link or button below, you can simply download the amazing PPSSPP game below 200MB.

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After fulfilling the final goal, which is to flee the island by sending an SOS message or building a boat, players can choose to continue playing this PSP game.

MOTO GP: Download PPSSPP Games Under 200MB

Your amazing adventure begins right here! Download this PPSSPP Game under 200MB and start playing like a boss.

By learning through tailored lessons that follow your earliest steps, you can become the amazing rider you’ve always wanted to be with the Revised Tutorial.

If you just want to enhance your riding style in this PPSSPP game, we are pleased to announce the launch of the new MotoGPTM Academy.

In the new PPSSPP version below 200MB, you will learn all the secrets to being the fastest on the track.

Avatar: The Last Airbender (124MB)

Avatar: The Last Airbender is a video game based on the animated television series of the same name for the Game Boy Advance, PPSSPP, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Wii, and Xbox.

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A year after the original game, Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Burning Earth was released. Now, you can download the PPSSPP game under 200MB without stress.

Prince of Persia: Rival Sword

The gaming press and players alike gave Prince of Persia: Rival Swords mixed to mediocre reviews. Don’t conclude yet though, see the PPSSPP version and download it under 200MB only.

The PlayStation Portable and Nintendo Wii received 74 and 70 points from Metacritic. That’s not all, they also got a user score of 8.1 for the PSP and 7.8 for the Wii, respectively.

Rival Swords received 70.44 percent on GameRankings for the PlayStation Portable and 71.22 percent on the Wii. If you want to play this PPSSPP game under 200MB, download it below.

Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai 7: Download PPSSPP Games Below 200MB

If you enjoy the wonderful Dragon Ball Z shin Budokai series, you will enjoy this version the most. As a result, I strongly suggest you download Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai 7 PPSSPP for Android as soon as possible.

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Share it with your friends once it’s been downloaded under 200MB and installed, and then play together.

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 will be published in 1080p HD with a faster frame rate for PlayStation®4.

Because it was the first PPSSPP game downloaded under 200MB to have a third-person over-the-shoulder perspective, this pioneering masterpiece was a watershed moment in the franchise.

With its riveting story set after the death of Umbrella Corporation, Resident Evil 4 changed the course of Resident Evil and influenced countless later PPSSPP games.

Ape Escape Academy (129MB)

Marvel Ultimate Alliance: Download PSP Games Under 200MB

Ultimate Alliance PPSSPP game is based in the fictional Marvel Universe and features many of the comic book’s superheroes, supervillains, and supporting characters.

Pirate of The Caribbean: At World Ends (158MB)

The plot picks off where Dead Man’s Chest left off, with the Turkish Prison being the starting point. The PPSSPP game is so captivating. Fun enough, you can download this PPSSPP game under 200MB only.

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Captain Jack Sparrow was dozing in his prison cell when Captain Teague awoke him, telling him he barely had an hour to evade the hangman’s noose.

Asphalt: Urban GT 2 (Europe) – (283MB)

The sequel to Asphalt: Urban GT adds more action to the franchise. This PPSSPP game under 200MB has real-world vehicles and motorcycles, as well as robust driving and a realistic collision engine, thanks to a 3D engine.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

The single-player narrative is set in 1998 and follows criminal Toni Cipriani, who was first featured in the Grand Theft Auto III PPSSPP game.

This happened when he attempts to advance through the ranks of the Leone crime family, and also before being embroiled in a power struggle among the city’s many Mafia organizations. GTA LCS PPSSPP game can also be downloaded for under 200MB.

The PSP edition of the game has a wireless ad hoc network multiplayer option, allowing up to six players to participate in a variety of gaming scenarios.

PPSSPP Football Games Under 200MB (Download)

These are a series of football games you can play on your Android phone using the PSP Emulator. So, get free access to download them below right away:

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If you’re a football enthusiast or someone who enjoys staking on some of the best betting sites in Nigeria, this game will surely capture your interest.

FIFA 14 is one of the most downloaded PPSSPP football games on the internet. Probably because anyone can download the PSP under 200MB online.

You can play multiple tournaments, master leagues, and other challenges. Yes, you get to enjoy the game more when you learn how to play it very well.

Download PPSSPP Games Under 100MB & 200MB

Below is the list of PPSSPP games that you download below 100MB. Yes, you don’t need heavy Megabytes or Gigabytes to download any PSP game in this Category. Why? Because we have the solution here.

EA Replay (97MB)

I was recently reminded of this after playing an EA Replay PPSSPP game under 200MB. It’s a compilation of “14 hot oldies” advertised on the box as “three Road Rash games.

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Not only that, plus Desert Strike, Jungle Strike, Syndicate, a couple of Wing Commander games, and a bunch you’ve probably never heard of.”

Bomberman (74MB)

Another Bomberman creation, this PPSSPP game is inspired by the popular 1980s posture. The user takes on the role of the main character and begins on an interplanetary journey to destroy a scary army of robots.

You can also download this game below 200MB on your android phone.

More Games Under 200MB: Download PPSSPP Games For Android

50 MB Highly Compressed PSP Games

See the list of PPSSPP games you can download and install on your android phone for around 50MB.


Space Invader: Download PPSSPP Games Under 200MB

This Space Invaders Extreme review includes HD gameplay footage of the Taito masterpiece Space Invaders Extreme for XBLA Xbox Live Arcade on Xbox 360. The Nintendo DS versions and PPSSPP games under 200MB of Space Invaders Extreme are also available.

In case you need any PPSSPP game way below that (50MB), then you’ll find the below list interesting:

  • 30 MB PPSSPP games download
  • 20MB PPSSPP games download
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How to Download & Install PSP Games Under 200MB on Android

There’s no point trying to download the PSP games under 200MB if you don’t know how to install them. So, I have created this section to teach you how to install the PPSSPP games and start playing successfully.

  1. First, download the PPSSPP mobile app on Google Playstore or here. After that, install the app on your Android phone.
  2. Secondly, download Unzip apk or ZArchiver on your phone and install it. The essence of this is to extract the zip files. Yes, the PPSSPP games come as ZIP or RAR files. So you need Unzip.apk or ZArchizer to open and extract the game to a new folder.
  3. Thirdly, download PPSSPP Games Under 200MB, 300MB, or more, depending on what you want. Now, open Unzip.apk or ZArchiver, locate the game zip file (.iso) you just download, and extract the game (.ios file) to your desired folder.
    • For Example; You can create a folder called “My PPSSPP GAMES“. Whatever you name it, just use it as a folder where all your games will be extracted to.
  4. Finally, open the PPSSPP app and locate the game you just extracted. Select it and wait for it to process.
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Follow the same steps to download and install any PSP game on your android phone.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most asked questions about the PSP games you can download under 200MB.

Can I Play These PPSSPP Games Below 200MB On My Android Os 2.2?

The answer to this question is Yes/No. Try to download the PPSSPP app on your phone first. You can download it on Playstore or here. If it installs, then you’re good to go. However, we don’t advise you to play PPSSPP games with OS versions below Android 4.4.


At this point, I believe you do know where to download PPSSPP Games Under 200MB and also install it on your mobile phone without issues.

I would like to hear from you though; tell me your experience while playing the game.

Did you encounter any problem in the process of downloading the PPSSPP game below 200MB? Comment below…

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