How To Check 9mobile Night Plan Balance (Etisalat 2024)

You’ll learn how to check 9mobile night plan balance using the ussd code, SMS method, how to monitor data usage, and other things you must know about.

The standard methods of checking the balance of all 9mobile data bundles by code and SMS have been addressed in a separate post. So, you can check that out with the link provided.

But we continued to get questions about the remaining data on the Etisalat midnight data bundle.

No need to worry; you will discover how to check your remaining 9mobile night plan data balance today.

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How To Check 9mobile Night Data Plan Balance

To determine how much data is left on your 9mobile Morecliq Night Browsing package, you’ll need to dial a short code.

The same facts and other crucial information will be included in an SMS you get shortly after that. You have now successfully checked your 9mobile (Etisalat) Midnight Data Balance, and as was previously mentioned, the necessary steps are not difficult.

SMS Method:

This method covers the current guideline on how to check all 9mobile data balances in general. Yes, using the Messaging code provided by 9mobile (Etisalat) Nigeria.

If your phone isn’t responding to the USSD approach, try this alternative option. Additionally, you may view the SMS technique for checking MB on a 9mobile SIM. Here’s how it functions:

  • Send the word “INFO” to 228 without any quotation marks on the message.
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Your current 9mobile Internet subscription’s size and expiration date are displayed in a response message that you receive.

Therefore, the methods stated and described above should be sufficient if you’re looking for information on how to check the 9mobile data balance on an iPad, Mifi Modem, an Android device, an iPhone, a Windows phone, or any feature phone.

Are you good?

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How To Check 9mobile Night Plan Balance

Code To Check Night Plan Balance On 9mobile

While using this technique will keep your package under wraps, it won’t expose your balance as of midnight. This is so that you can limit the date on your Android device.

Follow the guidelines below step-by-step to monitor your data usage on the 9mobile midnight plan you bought.

  • On your smartphone, open the ‘Phone Settings‘. Then, locate and choose the option for “Data usage” amongst the available options.
  • To display the date starting from the precise date you subscribed, open the date and toggle it.
Please take note that the purpose of this is method is to provide the information for data you used on that day only.

The next step is to configure a date limit warning.

  • Finally, keep track of whether you’ve achieved or gone over the daily cap that you’ve set up.
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This will provide you the opportunity to keep an eye on your 9mobile (Etisalat) Midnight Data package so you may use any of the methods given to you in this post.

Cheap Data Plans On 9mobile Midnight Bundle

Yes, there are several plans, and you may sign up for them by using the link below. You might be interested in the code to activate other inexpensive internet packages.

  • 9mobile 50 naira night plan code
  • 9mobile 25 naira night plan code
  • The 9mobile night plan for 100 naira

That’s a breakdown of both old and new 9mobile night packages. However, listed below are the codes to subscribe to all available night plans on the Etisalat network;

Night PlanActivation CodeAmountExpiry DateRenewable
7GB*229*3*13#₦200030 daysYes
3GB*229*3*12#₦100030 daysYes
1GB*229*3*11#₦20024 HoursYes
500MB*282*22#₦5024 HoursYes

Just select your favorite plan from the list above and start enjoying the benefits in no time.

What time does the 9mobile night plan start?

The 9mobile night data plan starts from midnight (12 AM) to 5 AM early in the morning. With the bundle you were provided, you have roughly 5 hours to access the internet without interruption.

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Troubleshoot: Why Is My 9mobile Night Plan Not Working (Browsing)?

You can try the following if you are unable to connect to the internet after purchasing one of the 9mobile night plans:

  • Turn ON and OFF Airplane Mode to reset your network.
  • Make sure your APN settings are right.
  • Reboot your Smartphone.
  • View the balance of your data by dialing the code.

FAQs: Check Etisalat Night Plan Balance

How do I check my data balance on Etisalat free night?

It’s very simple. You can check your free night data balance by dialing the code *228# or monitoring the data usage. Follow the guidelines in this post to learn how to monitor your 9mobile night bundle.

How do I use the Etisalat midnight sub?

Once you activate or subscribe to the 9mobile midnight sub, just turn ON your data connection, open your favorite browser, and start browsing the internet.

Have You Checked?

In case you’re finding it hard to check your night plan balance on 9mobile, that shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Yes, with the guidelines in today’s post, I believe that checking your Etisalat midnight bundle is a past story.

Enjoy yourself. Still on it, if you face any challenges, feel free to leave a comment below to get a solution as soon as possible.

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