How To Ensure The Security Of Online Payment Processing

Every year, millions of security flaws reduce the internet’s business-related safety. Certainly, consumers are aware of this risk. Customers may choose another e-commerce site if yours cannot offer the greatest level of online payment security.

The good news is that current online payment security measures are well-established, regularly revised, and simple enough to practice. The fundamental phrases you must comprehend to maintain the security of online financial transactions.

Most Secure Types Of Online Payments

Debit cards

Since they are also subject to PCI compliance, small company owners gain by taking debit card payments. Due to the possibility of identity verification procedures being triggered when a debit card is used from a strange IP address, debit card purchases are among clients’ most secure online payments. 

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Furthermore, neither Visa nor Mastercard debit or credit cards hold users responsible for any payments made illegally nor protect payments.

Mobile Payment

Digital wallets like Apple Pay and Amazon Pay are among the most popularly regarded as the safest forms of online payment. Customers gain from the masking of credit and debit card numbers in these payment methods, and your business gains from the fact that your customers must verify their purchases with a fingerprint or PIN. 

Since mobile wallets cannot operate without being connected to a legitimate debit account, this clearance eliminates the possibility that your business may take counterfeit credit cards.

The Use of Credit Cards

Since payment compliance standards, also known as payment card industry compliance or PCI compliance, regulate the usage of credit cards, they are particularly secure online payments for small business owners. 

Because purchases made with a credit card do not instantly remove funds from the customer’s bank account, your clients will also profit from credit cards. The credit card corporation, not the customer, is the one that originally provides the funding.

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Wire transfers

Wire transfers are typically secure online payments when both your company’s and customer’s banks are reputable organizations. This is because a bank with a good reputation is likely to lack a long history of data breaches and other security flaws, indicating that the bank has active measures in place against fraud and other security issues.

Top 7 Practical Online Payment Security Tips

Here are a few tips on how do I ensure the security of online payments.

1. Payment Gateways

Since a payment gateway facilitates both customer and commercial online payments, a payment gateway is what keeps the payments ecosystem functioning efficiently. If you operate an online store, you don’t have to be an expert in payment gateways, but it’s still important to understand how money transfers online from a client to your bank account.

However, to protect the information, it is advised to install VPN to protect payments. The best one you can get is VeePN because it is a reliable VPN for any mobile operating system (OS). With this virtual private network, you can easily secure online payments, and it is also a free to download.

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2. Inform purchasers of the safety of their payments

Safeguarding customer information and promoting a sense of confidence among site users are the two most important outcomes of implementing online payment security measures. Site operators should publicly publicize their investments in data protection to reassure their clients. Also, ensure that your payment gateway is entirely PCI compliant, and make sure that your customers are aware of this fact.

3. Demand Secure Passwords From Users

How do you keep your payment safe and secure? Cybercriminals attempt to enter user accounts by combining commonly used elements, such as names, birthdays, and words from the dictionary. The second line of defense can be added by requiring a strong password to access client accounts.

4. Tokenization and encryption

Electronic data is encrypted when turned into a coded message that can only be read by the sender and receiver and is inaccessible to other parties unless they have the encryption key to protect payments and money transfers. 

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Tokenization is the process of turning a piece of data—like the account number for your credit card—into a random string of characters that, in the event of a breach, have no significance.

5. Make sure you get the CVV

Card-not-present transactions can be validated over the phone or online using the Card Verification Value (CVV), also known as the card security code. If the credit card numbers have been stolen, the merchants can confirm the payment by asking the customer for information only available on the credit card itself.

6. Encode Information

SSL and TLS — (Transport Layer Security) TLS and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) are protocols that encrypt and authenticate data while it is being transferred across the Internet. By encrypting sensitive data and securing transactions with SSL protocols, sensitive information is protected from prying eyes and can only be accessed by its intended recipient.

7. Implement 3D Secure

3D Secure is a type of verification that protects online retailers against chargebacks in the event of fraudulent transactions and helps prevent the illegal use of credit and debit cards. Merchants, card networks, and financial institutions share information when authenticating transactions. 

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New EU regulations mandate that all businesses demonstrate compliance with rigorous consumer authentication requirements, and 3D Secure is an effective method for doing so.

Online payment is very common in today’s digital world, but protecting payments done on any digital platform is important. If you have any tips on secure online payments, feel free to tell us in the comments.

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