9mobile Hourly Plan 2023: How To Subscribe Unlimited

Now is the time to get your 9mobile Hourly plan activation code on NetworkPalava. This post is for you if you’re looking for the 9mobile youtube hourly plan, the 9mobile unlimited hourly plan, or the 9mobile time-based data bundles.

Recently, I’ve received several inquiries from online users.

Yes, everyone is looking for a way to solve their browsing problem. And they are convinced that obtaining the 9mobile hourly data plan code will cure all of their internet difficulties.

Is the 9mobile hourly plan a viable solution to this issue?

Scroll down slowly to find out…

About 9mobile Hourly (Etisalat BlazeON)

The 9mobile HOURLY bundle is a new browsing 9mobile data package that offers better rates when browsing the web.

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The 9mobile hourly plan operates as follows:

Similar to a cyber café, you can go there and request browsing time, and the administrator or representative will provide you with a login code for the exact amount of time you paid for.

The hours here are decided by how much time you spent surfing the internet (the 9mobile data plan code is not needed).

This means that if you are not connected to the internet, your HOURLY plan will not be counted. You are also given a time limit during which you will be prevented access to the internet.

For example, if I purchase the 2hours 9mobile hourly plan with a validity period of two (2) days, I may opt to begin surfing tomorrow and stay online for 2hours.

I could browse for an hour in the morning and then use the remaining hour later. Meanwhile, if I do not use the provided access after two days, it will be disconnected and I would be refused internet access.

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9mobile Hourly Plans Code & How To Activate

To activate the Etisalat/9mobile Blazeon Unlimited Internet Bundles.

  • Open your Phone Messaging app
  • SMS  ‘blazeon’ to 229 and wait for the response.

A look at the Blazeon unlimited internet data bundle offer, which reminds me of the days before the internet in Nigeria, when people would travel to a Cyber Cafe to surf that 2kb webpage:

  • Buy 10 Minutes unlimited for only N50.
  • Buy  15 Minutes unlimited for just N70
  • Get 30 Minutes unlimited for only N120
  • Buy 1 Hour unlimited for just N200

Now, Read This Below:

To live stream an entire 90-minute football match. Then you’d need 1 hour unlimited + 30 minutes unlimited = N320 Naira. A bit expensive for an average Nigerian lad seeking to stream that live football match, given the economy and other factors.

Also, hope that the game does not go into extra time or, even worse, a penalty shootout. This would necessitate an additional 1 Hour of subscription, but alas!, 500 Naira has been spent.

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You can subscribe to one of the packages above if you’re also looking for the 9mobile youtube hourly plan. You can use it to watch YouTube videos.

NOTE: To save time, remember to disconnect your 9mobile modem or turn off your mobile device’s Edge or 3G when you’re not using it.


Features Of 9mobile Hourly plan

  • Get unrestricted internet access for the period you paid for.
  • You can browse while keeping your budget in mind.
  • There’s no need to be concerned about spending more than you planned.
  • Good browsing internet speed.

Because users of the 9mobile Simple Surf are charged HOURLY rather than by the amount of data utilized, they have complete control over how much time and money they spend online.

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Sign up for 9mobile Simple Surf for as little as 2 hours and use it to send or receive emails, download files, or video chat with pals.

Because it is good for two days, you can use the first hour, log out, and then use the second hour the next day.

9mobile hourly plan code

9mobile Youtube Hourly Plan

The 9mobile version, like the MTN Hourly YouTube data bundle, is capped and not unlimited.

YouTube has a lot of intriguing and entertaining videos that you can watch.

9mobile offers an hourly data package for those who enjoy streaming videos, shows, and live streams.

I like the 9mobile Night Data Plan and the Airtel Night Data Plan since they are time-based data plans.

How To Activate 9mobile HOURLY: Free YouTube Data Bonus Plan

Simply purchase any monthly data plan for N1,500 to activate and use the 9mobile free YouTube night streaming data.

  • Dial *200# from your 9mobile SIM card.
  • For data options, select option 3.
  • Purchase any monthly data plan starting at N1,500.
  • With free YouTube, you can enjoy the good speed of 9mobile.
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The service provides free 500MB every day to watch YouTube videos; the offer is stated to be good for 7 days after the data package is purchased.

NOTE: The free 500MB 9mobile data is just for YouTube streaming between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.

FAQ – 9mobile Hourly Plan Code

How can I get 1GB for 100 on 9mobile?

To subscribe, enter *229*2*10#. This is a one-day only night plan applicable from 12 a.m. to 5 a.m.

How much is 2GB for 9mobile?

The standard 2GB package costs N1,200 and is valid for 30 days. Tap or mouse over to purchase. You can view all 200 naira data packages on Etisalat or check out the 9mobile 200 for 1GB deal here.

How much is 9mobile 1GB?

9mobile offers a 1GB night-only data package for 200 Naira good for one day from 12 a.m. to 5 a.m.

They also have a 3GB nighttime and weekend data package for 1,000 Naira that is good for 30 days and runs from 7 pm to 7 am. To subscribe, dial *229*3*12#.

Have You Activated?

Even without downloading any files, users routinely go over their data limit before they expire.

The 9mobile Hourly plan appears to have fixed the data restriction issues.

9mobile is hardly a first because Starcom and other businesses have equivalent hourly plans, but their coverage areas are quite limited.

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