How To Change Your Phone Number on At&t 2023

This post shows you how to change your phone number At&t. This also applies if you’re a prepaid customer. You can change your mobile phone number by following the recommended guidelines in today’s post.

Changing Your AT&T Phone Number

The process for obtaining a new mobile number is rather easy if you have AT&T. You can perform it in person today at an AT&T shop, on your mobile phone, or online.

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You must create a new voicemail message response for your new mobile number after changing it.

You’ll learn how to change your phone number on At&t shortly. Despite the fact that mobile technology has freed you from the obligation to disclose your zip code or your state of residence, you may still want to change your phone number when you travel.

If you use AT&T, make sure you read this article all the way through to find out what is needed in order to change your phone number on At&t.

Policy: Change Your Phone Number On AT&T

The modification is free if you do it within 30 days of authentication. A $36 number change cost is due if it has been over 30 days.

What To Do After Getting Your New Number

  • Tell everyone on your phone contacts about your new phone number. When someone calls your old number, an automated voice letting them know it’s no longer active will play.
  • Create a brand-new voicemail message.
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You must know all these, not just how to change your phone number on At&t. Make sure you bear them in mind before moving forward.

  • If you own an iPhone, You must synchronize your portable device with your Apple ID in order to use Digital Voicemail on that device.
  • Check to see if the wireless number linked to your user ID is current.
  • Find a way to preserve your information and business preferences current.
  • If you utilize TXT-2-PAY, confirm that the provider has your current phone number.
how to change your phone number on at&t

The Cost of Changing At&t Number

Your new cell phone number will cost you $36 from AT&T. Your subsequent bill, which will be shared among the old and new lines, will include the change-of-number cost.

According to the date, you switched your number, charges, minutes, and costs will be calculated accordingly.

The terms of your agreement are not altered by changing your phone number.

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How to Change Your Phone number on AT&T

By phoning customer care or visiting the myAT&T feature of the company’s website, you can update your contact number. Click “Mobile Number Change” and connect into your personal account on the company website.

You’ll be asked to choose your new mobile phone number depending on your current ZIP code when you choose that option and follow the procedures there.

An email and SMS message will be sent to you, along with a verification page. This process it necessary if you want to change your phone number on At&t.

If you log out using your former number and log back in with the new one, the update won’t be applied.

What to Expect After Changing Your AT&T Number

Yes, you’ve learned how to change your phone number on At&t right? What is the next thing? Read below.

Requesting a change before you’re prepared for a different cell phone number will result in the new number going into effect right away.

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Your old voicemail box will be deleted by AT&T, making it impossible for you to access any stored messages.

Additionally, you’ll need to record a fresh outgoing greeting for your updated voicemail system.

Callers Voice Notification

Since there’s currently no way for callers to discover your new number, you should let your loved ones and business associates know as quickly as possible. Right after you change your phone number on At&t, this is what you want to do next.

When someone calls your old AT&T mobile number that was changed, they will get the information that your old number is not operational on the At&t network.

Resetting Tips: change your phone number on At&t

This is another thing to look out for when your change your phone number on At&t. You still own the same smartphone, but due to your new number, some of your current functions will need to be reset.

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Parental restrictions, the do-not-call list, and AT&T’s text-to-pay program are a few examples. If you want to reconfigure the Visual Voicemail feature on an Apple iPhone, you must synchronize it with iTunes.

New Voicemail Greeting Recording

You need to make a new voicemail message after changing your phone number on AT&T. To complete the recording, comply with the following instructions:

  • Start your phone up.
  • Press the option “1” key.
  • Type your voicemail password when requested.
  • To access Personal Preferences from the menu bar, select option “4”.
  • To switch greetings, press “3”.
  • Follow the instructions to record a completely new welcome.

Keep in mind that prompts do change occasionally, so pay close attention to the directions before choosing.

Updating Your User ID Wireless Number

After changing your phone number on AT&T, you need to also modify your user ID’s wireless number by doing the following lines:

  • Visit your Profile after logging into your AT&T account.
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Choose Contact Information.

  • Choose Phone.
  • Locate the area for My AT&T Wireless Number.
  • Choose between Add, Edit, and Remove.
  • Select Save.
  • Key in the verification code that was emailed to you.

Have You Changed Your AT&T Phone Number?

You ought to be able to update your AT&T number with the use of the details provided in this article. However, you can ask an AT&T staff for assistance if you need it when changing your phone number. One can be reached via phone, email, or a support forum.

That’s all on how to change your phone number on At&t.

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