How To Get My UBA Account Number 2024

How to get my UBA account number? This is one request most internet users make recently. Many are looking for a fast code to check their account number in one click.

And today, you’ll get the UBA account number code and finally say bye to this problem.

Apart from retrieving your account No., you’ll also learn how to check your account balance, how to link your phone to your UBA account, and more…

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Getting Your UBA Account No.

Dial *919# on the mobile phone No. associated with your Bank account to find out your personal number. How to get my UBA account number should be your question at this point.

Your UBA account No. will be sent to you promptly through SMS or displayed on your phone.

Before utilizing this process, make sure you verify that you have registered for the UBA mobile banking service.

You can get your UBA account number via different means.

One way is to send a WhatsApp message asking for your account No., visit the UBA official Facebook page, and speak with Leo.

Now, send them a message using either and include your Full name, your BVN, your Email Address, and your Date Of Birth (DOB). This can help you get your UBA account number if applied well.

Yes, this article explains how to check your account number on your phone by following the straightforward instructions provided.

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I think the reason you found this article on NetworkPalava is that you’re in a bind and need to give someone your UBA 10-digit bank number but can’t remember it.

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How To Get My UBA Account Number

  • Simply dial *919# and follow the prompts to get your UBA account No. almost immediately.

Your mobile line will receive your 10-digit account number. It is that simple!

The procedures are as follows to obtain your account number:

  • On your mobile device that is connected to your UBA account, dial *919#.
  • Select the “View Account Balance” option.
  • Type in your PIN for mobile banking.

You will get an SMS right away with your UBA account No. in it.

How To Check UBA Account Number With BVN

  • On your Phone Dialer App and simply dial *919#.

Your mobile phone will receive a message with your account number. So simple, in fact! 

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Apart from these tips on how to get your UBA account number, you can also open a new bank account. 

Yes, visit any UBA business office with your identification to have your BVN linked to the account so you may take full advantage of your new account.

You can verify your BVN details on UBA Bank Nigeria by dialing *565*0#, as you may have seen previously.

how to get my uba account number

How To Check My UBA Acc. Balance

The USSD code to dial if you want to check your UBA account balance is *919#. The correct code to check your account balance on phone is *919*00#.

That’s not all. There are several ways to get my UBA account number

  • Register online and check from there.
  • Text messages and UBA Mobile App.
  • Check Via the Automated Teller Machine (ATM)
  • Call Customer Care and ask the Representative for your bank details.
  • Create alerts by sending money to another customer. You can get your account number that way but not in full.
  • Consult a Teller in UBA branch near you.
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Code to check account number

  • The code to check your UBA account number is *919#. Just dial the code on your phone and your account number will be sent to your cell phone. That’s how easy it is.

Simply dial the code, respond to the question, and wait for the outcome. Your account number will be shown nearly instantly. That’s the code to get your account number.

The code allows you to use your phone to open a bank account with UBA Bank in Nigeria.

Additionally, it may be accessed on any mobile phone because it doesn’t require an internet connection to function.

How to link Your phone number to Your Bank account

*919# is the code to link your phone number to your UBA Bank account. You just have to follow the laid down procedures below.

  • To begin the activation, enter the code *919#, dial it and wait for the pop-up screen. Your mobile device’s screen will display a welcome message.
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  • To sign up for the UBA USSD code, choose option 1 from the two (2) options you were shown.

On your phone, you can use it to open a bank account with UBA Bank in Nigeria. It’s not just about getting your UBA account number.

Additionally, since it doesn’t require an internet connection to function, any mobile phone can access it.

Example Of UBA Account Number

The Nigerian Uniform Bank Account Number (NUBAN) is a 10-digit Bank Account Number format, and an example is as follows: 1234567890 (This is not an account number).

For those of you asking; ‘how to get my UBA account number on phone, I believe you have the solution now.

All accounts in Nigeria use the NUBAN system and have ten digits.

How to check UBA Balance without pin

  • You may not be allowed to check your account balance without a pin.

However, in Nigeria, you can get your UBA account balance by entering the code *919#.

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You can use the mobile phone number associated with your UBA bank account to access it.

On your smartphone, you may open a new account, send money, purchase airtime for friends, family, and yourself, pay bills, book flights, and get your UBA account balance.

  • From the phone number associated with your bank account, simply dial *919*00#.

Your phone will receive an SMS stating the balance of your account. A four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) must be entered when utilizing the service for the first time.

What Do UBA Account Numbers Start With?

  • UBA account number starts with 21XXXXXXXX. Not in all cases, though.

Remember: The NUBAN is a 10-digit bank account number format, and it consists of the following numbers: 999999999 for the account serial number; 9 for a check digit intended to support a modulus check; and 10 for a check digit that enables the presenting bank to undertake checks.


How do I know my account number in UBA?
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Just dial *919# to know your account number in UBA.

How can I get my UBA account number online?

The UBA *919# short ussd code is easy and faster.

However, you can also get your UBA account number online using a mobile banking website or app.

Open the UBA mobile app for your bank on your phone or tablet or navigate to their website on a computer.

To obtain a summary of your UBA account, sign in and select the tab. Typically, this page will include the account number.

How can I get my account number from the UBA app?

Here is a link to the UBA app. After that, log in and access the dashboard of the UBA mobile app.

You can locate your account number with ease.

Have You Gotten Your Account Number?

In case you’re worrying so much and you’re like ‘how to get my UBA account number’, I hope the guidelines in today’s post help you retrieve your 10digit number. easily.

Leave a comment below if you face any challenges.

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