MTN Hourly Plan Code 2023 | Activate 1 to 300 hour bundle

Get the MTN Hourly plan activation code today. In case you’re among those searching for the mtn youtube hourly plan, the mtn unlimited hourly plan, or the time-based data packages on MTN, this post if for you.

I have seen several queries from internet users lately.

Yes, everyone is searching for a solution to their browsing need. And they deeply believe that if they could get the mtn hourly data plan code, all internet problems is solved.

Is the mtn hourly plan the solution to this problem?

Well, scroll slowly to find out below…

About MTN Hourly (Simple Surf)

A new browsing mtn data package called the MTN HOURLY bundle was introduced to give you better deals when browsing the web.

This is how the MTN hourly plan works:

Similar to a cyber cafe, where you may go and ask for browsing time, and the administrator or representative will give you a login code for the precise period of time you paid for.

Here, the hours are determined by how much time you spent online surfing (the mtn data plan code is not needed).

This means that; if you’re offline the HOURLY plan is not counted. And also, you’re given a certain period of which, you’ll be denied access to the internet.

For example; if I buy the 2hours mtn hourly plan with two (2) days validity, I may decide to start browsing tomorrow and stay online for 2hours.

I may choose to browse for an hour in the morning and use the remaining 1 hour later. Meanwhile, if I failed to make use of the given access after 2days, it will be disconnected and I’ll be denied my internet access.

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MTN Hourly Plans Code & How To Activate

That’s just it. Select your preferred HOURLY plan from the list:

  • Get 2hours For N250. Sms 2H to 131 to subscribe to this plan. Data is capped at 100MB Valid For 2days.
  • Buy  20hours For N1500. Send 20H to 131 and you will get 20hours of internet access, valid for 7days.
  • Get 100hours For N5,000. Sms 100H to 131 to activate this mtn data plan. Valid for 30days.
  • Buy 300hours For N13,000. Send 300H to 131 and you will be granted 300hours to browse the internet. Valid for 90days. This plan is mostly seen as the mtn unlimited hourly plan, but it’s capped at 300 hours.

If you’re also asking for the mtn youtube hourly plan, you can subscribe to one of the packages above. You can watch YouTube videos with it.

NOTE: Remember to disconnect your modem when not in use or switch off your mobile device’s Edge or 3G when not required to save time.


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Features of MTN Hourly plan

  • You can browse with your budget at heart.
  • No worries about spending more than you expected.
  • Good internet speed for browsing.
  • Get unlimited internet connection for the exact time you paid for.

Users of the MTN Simple Surf have complete control over how much time and money they spend online because they are charged HOURLY rather than by the amount of data used.

For as little as 2 hours, you may sign up for MTN Simple Surf and use it to send or receive emails, download files, or video chat with friends.

Given that it has a two-day validity, you can use the first hour, log out, and then utilize the second hour the following day.

You might also decide to employ the 300-hour plan, which is likely to endure for more than a month, at the office every day for 12 hours.

MTN Youtube Hourly Plan

Similar to the 9mobile Hourly YouTube data package, the MTN version is capped and not unlimited.

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You may view a lot of interesting and entertaining videos on YouTube, which is enjoyable.

For people who enjoy streaming videos, shows, and live streams, MTN offers an hourly data plan.

The MTN Night Data Plan and the Airtel Night Data Plan are two data plans that I personally enjoy because they are time-based.

How To Buy MTN YouTube Hourly Data Plan

MTN has a new offering called the Mtn YouTube hourly data package. This timely-based data plan has not received much attention or advertising, and I’m sure most of you are unaware of it.

To subscribe to the MTN Data Hourly Plan:

  • First; To open the Mtn YouTube subscription menu, just dial *131*8#.
  • Dial *131*8*1# for 1 Hour- N150; maximum data transfer is 750mb.
  • Simply dial *131*8*2#-capped at 2.2GB for 3 Hours – N400.
  • Dial *559*18# to check your Mtn YouTube data balance.

FAQs – Most Asked Questions

How do I buy MTN hourly bundle?

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To buy the mtn hourly bundle, just select a plan and send the activation code to 131. For example; to buy 2 hours For N250, Sms 2H to 131.

How can I get 2GB for 200 on MTN?

To get MTN 200 for 2gb;

  • Use your MTN line to send the offer USSD code, *406#, into your phone’s dialer.
  • Choose 3 (nightlife bundle)
  • Choose option 1 (250MB for N25) or option 2. (500MB for N50)
  • Continue doing this until you have 2GB all together.

This is not an HOURLY plan.

How can I get 1.5 GB 300 on MTN?

You only need to utilize the USSD code MTN has provided, *121*1#, to subscribe and obtain your 1.5GB of MTN data for 300 naira.

If after dialing or performing the procedures above you are still unable to get the data, you can still attempt this code *567#.

This is also not an Hourly data plan.

Which MTN plan gives 1GB for 200 naira?

Dial the code *121#, select Data4Me and pick the 1GB for N200 on the list. Alternatively, dial *131*65# and select 2 as an option in the dialog box that appears.

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This plan is not one of the hourly bundles on mtn.

Have You Activated?

Users frequently go over their data allotments before they expire, even without downloading any files.

It’s inconvenient when you pay N1300 for a 250MB plan and it’s consumed in less than a week.

The data limit issues appear to be resolved by the MTN Hourly plan.

This is not really a first because Starcoms and other companies have hourly plans that are comparable, but their service areas are relatively constrained.

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