Unity Bank Transfer Code 2023: Send Money, Register, Reset PIN

The Unity bank transfer code can help you do multiple transactions at your convenience. Learn how to transfer money to other banks in Nigeria.

Yes, imagine that you go to the bank for every single transaction you do. You know how stressful it is right?

It’s amazing to know that modern-day technology is changing things so fast. Yes, with the Unity Bank Transfer code, you can buy airtime, subscribe to a data bundle, and even pay your daily bills.

The fun part is that you can do all these on your phone without stepping outside your house.

About Unity Bank Transfer Code

Following the merging of nine banks with expertise in investment, corporate, and retail banking, Unity Bank began operations in January 2006. One thing you must learn is how to get the Unity bank transfer code to run fast transactions.

Customers (both account holders and non-holders) can access banking services with their mobile phones using Unity Bank’s USSD code (*7799#), regardless of the telco service provider, phone type, data plan, or location.

Unity Bank currently has 213 business offices scattered across the 36 States and the Federal Capital Territory, making it one of Nigeria’s top retail banks.

Know from today that Unity Bank is a commercial bank. Yes, you send money using the Unity bank transfer code.

You must dial *7799# from your mobile phone number associated with your account to activate the Unity Bank USSD code. Create the four-digit private PIN that you’ll need to verify transactions.

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How To Register Unity Bank Transfer Code

The first thing you are to do before the Unity Bank transfer code works is to register the USSD code on your mobile phone.

In case you haven’t registered, you’ll learn how to register your line and create your Unity bank transfer PIN.

  • Dial *7799# using the cellphone number associated with your account (which is the Unity Bank USSD code).
    A welcoming menu will be given to you.
  • Choose option 2. (yes you have a Unity Bank Nigeria account).

Carefully follow the instructions – unity bank transfer code activation.

  • Now, Enter four digits to create a PIN that you can easily remember.

After a few seconds, you will receive a message verifying your registration. 

You may verify the registration by looking at the balance of your account.

You must complete those actions in order to register for the USSD transfer code in Nigeria. This is also how to reset Unity bank transfer code today.

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Got it? Let’s proceed to the next thing…

Important Note: To register for a Unity bank transfer code using a mobile phone, it shouldn’t take longer than ten minutes.

unity bank transfer code

Unity Bank Transfer Code To Transfer Money

Since you’ve learned how to set Unity bank transfer code, it’s time for the next.

This section has to do with transferring money between two (2) Unity bank users. Also, you’ll learn how to send money from Unity Bank to other banks in Nigeria.

  • Open your phone Dialer app and dial *7799*1*Account No*Amount# to send money to a Unity bank account (for example, *7799*1*1234567890*10000#).
  • Type in *7799*2*Account No*Amount# and send to transfer money to another bank account (for example, *7799*2*1234567890*10000#).

What Is The Transfer Code For Unity Bank?

The Unity bank USSD code for mobile phone transfers is *7799#. This code enables you do multiple things easily and fast.

  • Open your phone dialer app and Simply Dial *7799# to access Mobile Internet Banking.
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No matter the telecommunications service provider, phone type, or location, customers (both account holders and non-holders) can access banking services using their mobile phones via the short code service *7799#. Do you understand it now? Good.

Unity Bank USSD Code For Recharge

If you want to load airtime or top-up your existing account balance on MTN, Airtel, Glo, 9mobile, etc, Below is the unity bank transfer code do that without hassles:

  • Self-recharge your device by dialing *7799*Amount#. For example, to add N500 worth of airtime, just dial *7799*500# and proceed.
  • Reload for a third party by dialing *7799*Phoneno*amount#, for example, *7799*08012345678*500# to recharge N500 worth of airtime.

Note: You Do all these from the Phone Number associated with your Unity Bank Account to make personal airtime recharges and third-party top-ups.

Unity Bank Transfer Code To Another Bank

The method to transfer money from Unity Bank to another bank is easy. Just make sure you have the unity bank transfer code to other banks. Kindly follow the instructions below:

  • First, open your Caller App.
  • Then Type in *7799*2*Account No*Amount# and send it using the phone number connected to your unity bank account.
  • For example, to transfer N5000 to 090909090901, simply dial *7799*2*090909090901*5000# to transfer funds to another Bank account.
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The recipient’s bank account number and your Unity Bank account number are all that are required.

No matter where you are or what time it is, you may use this code to make all of your transfers using an Android, iOS, or Windows mobile device.

Code To Check Unity Bank Account Balance 

The correct transfer code to use on your phone to check your Unity Bank balance is *7799*0#.

To view the current balance of your bank account, dial the USSD code on your phone and then adhere to the on-screen instructions.

most crucial step is to enter your unity bank transfer PIN before your balance is shown.

  • Simply put, the Unity bank account balance code is *7799*0#.
  • The Unity Bank USSD code for the account number is *7799#. Just dial the code, follow the prompt, and check your personal account.
  • Every Unity Bank user has a unique ID (which is your account number). You can always give it to a client or colleague for money transfers.
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Transfer Using Unity Bank App | Unity bank token app

Apart from the unity bank transfer code, here’s how to use mobile banking with Unity Bank:

  • Simply download Unifi from the Unity Bank store on the Apple Store and Google Play.
  • Climb aboard! If you already have an account with Unity Bank, click ‘Get Started.’
  • Choose ‘I have a Unity Bank account’ and enter the Unity Bank account number that is already in place.
  • Create an account, log in, and then make a transaction!

With Unity Bank Internet Banking

  • Use your login name and password to log in.
  • Toggle to the “Transfer” tab.
  • Click Self-Linked Transfer, Unity Bank Transfers, and Other Banks Transfer to start a transfer.
  • Now, choose ‘Account number.’
  • Add the remaining beneficiary information.
  • Select ‘Next.’
  • On your token device, enter the six-digit number that was produced.
  • Finally, click to authorize.

Unity Bank Customer Care

After trying all the Unity bank transfer codes on this page, you may still find it difficult to transfer money to other banks in Nigeria. It’s a good idea to reach out to Unity Bank customer care rep.

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Yes, ask them for help when if you can’t recharge your phone, send money, airtime, or data to others using the USSD code.

Use the contact information below:

  • Call 0708066000

Additionally, you can reach our Contact Center 24/7 at 07057323225-30, 0708066000, or 08099152315 (WhatsApp). You can also send an email to [email protected] or [email protected].

FAQs – Unity Bank Transfer Code

How do I transfer money from Unity Bank to another bank?

Simply call *7799*2*Account No*Amount# to transfer money from Unity bank to another Bank in Nigeria

What is Unity Bank code?

Customers can access banking services on their mobile devices via the short code service *7799#, regardless of the telecoms service provider, phone type, or location.

This applies to both account holders and non-holders.

How do I activate my Unity Bank Transfer PIN?

First thing, make sure you have the phone number that was used to open your bank account.

Yes, From a mobile phone number connected to your account, dial *7799# to activate the Unity Bank USSD code.

Follow the prompts and create your SECRET four-digit PIN that you’ll need to confirm every transaction.

What is the transfer code for Unity Bank?

The transfer code for Unity Bank is *7799#. But below is a well-explained approach to it:

Simply dial *7799*1*Account No*Amount# to transfer funds to a Unity Bank account.

Simply call *7799*2*Account No*Amount# to transfer funds to another bank account.

Was The Transfer Successful?

One of the quickest methods to send money electronically between two people is through a wire transfer, which can be done through a bank like Unity Bank.

At this point, I believe you know the unity bank transfer code to send money, recharge airtime, buy data plans, pay bills, and more…

You’ll always need the code, account number, recipient’s name, and maybe the recipient’s address for a domestic wire transfer on Unity Bank.

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