Why is Verizon So Slow? 5+ Reasons

Why is Verizon So Slow? Questions about the Verizon data service being slow has been flying around the internet. People are complaining of their mobile data, how it got so slow all of a sudden and so on.

No problem.

Today’s post exposes the reason why your internet is slow and will guide you on what to do to fix it.

About Verizon Slow Internet – 3G, 4G, 5G

The world is now a digitalized arena where virtually every activity is being done online. I say this because a large percentage of tasks being done are performed through the use of the internet, and they require a strong network.

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But most of the time, it seems we are out of coverage, because Verizon is extremely slow. Some network users have been in this painful situation countless times, and it really hurts. Now the question boils down to, “Why is Verizon slow?”

Why is Verizon So Slow?

The truth about the slowness of Verizon is really revealed in this article, and I have been able to gather useful facts about why Verizon is slow.

Below are the main reasons why Verizon is slow and what you should do to get the problem solved.

Reason 1: Data Saving Mode

Many phone users put their phone settings on Data Saving Mode because they believe it helps economize the usage of their data. When data saving mode is on, the internet becomes less functional, thereby making it difficult and slow to move.

Surely, this is one reason Why Verizon is So Slow. If you are using an Android device, it’s easy to work on this aspect. Search for settings, then move to Network and Internet settings below them. You will see the Data Saver options. Just disable it and your Verizon network may function better.

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Why is Verizon So Slow?

For advanced phone users, that is, iPhone users, you just need to turn off the cellular data saving mode by scrolling down the button or icon at the top of the bar at the top of the screen.

Disabling data saving mode will help improve the strength and coverage of Verizon. Yes, verizon network won’t be so slow.

But if you still don’t want to turn off your data saver, then it’s okay. But expect the network to remain slow if putting on the data saver is the cause.

why is verizon so slow

Reason 2: Restarting the Phone

Restarting the phone works effectively when you experience the slowness of Verizon. Restarting your mobile device is capable of restoring your network strength and signal. 

Most of the time, Verizon is slow because you have operated your phone for a long time and its temperature has been affected. So at that point, you will need to restart your device so the temperature can come back to normal and enable your phone to function properly.

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Reason 3: Network Outages

Considering the fact that Verizon is a good mobile network provider, it’s still experiencing weak network connectivity.

The significant trait about this mobile carrier is that it has a platform for users to complain.

They air their views about the functionality of the network, especially in the case of network outages. This is another reason Why your Verizon data So Slow.

If after trying the above and there is no improvement, then you will need to contact Verizon customer care via any of their social media handles to find out if any user is experiencing the exact problem with the coverage.

Reason 4: Too Many Connected Devices

It’s no news that more devices connected to the same mobile carrier makes it slower. If you discover that Verizon is so slow at your axis, especially when different people are connected to the same network device as you, it’s advisable to disconnect some of the devices because they could be responsible for the slowness of Verizon.

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Reason 5: Outdated Device

If you are using an older version of a device, it can also affect the mobile coverage of your device. Yes, if your system hardware is not up to date, this also affects Verizon and make it so slow.

If you have an old version of a phone, it may affect the functionality of your network because not all the system apps will run perfectly unless you update them.

Are you still asking ‘Why Is Verizon So Slow?’, this is another reason.

Reason 6: Data Limit Exceeded

This is found in most settings on mobile devices. Once you have gotten to the data limit, Verizon becomes really slow unless you put in a new data plan or change your data limit.

Most people go above their limits and still try to surf the net. Once it becomes slow, they think it’s Verizon’s fault. You need to know your data limit because once you get to the limit, your Verizon network will become slow.

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Reason 7: Active VPN

Many people use VPNs for various reasons known to them. But do you know that usage of VPN makes Verizon’s network slow? If you are in doubt, once you notice that your mobile network is running very slowly, try disabling your VPN and see if it functions better.

Why is Verizon So Slow? Conclusion

Most of the time, Verizon is not responsible for its slow network, but the users. Try and delete unreasonable apps taking up space, update apps, and check your device hardware. If you are a user of the 5G network, try and disable unused applications because Verizon serves as the DSS for 5G and requires smooth device functionality.

I hope that I have been able to teach you the major reasons why Verizon is slow and how to get the problems solved. Please follow the instructions listed in this article and you will get your desired solution.

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Co-Written by: Peter Okoroji

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