Bsnl Sms Center Number 2023

Get the Bsnl Sms Center Number on NetworkPalava: Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited( B.S.N.L) is a telecommunication service provider owned by the government and headquartered in New Delhi, India.

It is controlled by the Telecommunication Departments, the Ministry of Communications, and commissioned by the Government of India. It was incorporated on October 1st, 2000.

Its aim is to make provision for mobile voice calls and good Internet services across the nation. It is the largest wireless telecommunications service provider in India, and it’s owned by the government.

BSNL provides a telecommunication system using cables laid across the land, as opposed to a cellular radio system using CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) wireless communication.

Bsnl Sms Center Number

The use of Code Division Multiple Access allows numerous signals to occupy a single transmission channel, which helps to optimize the use of available bandwidth.

BSNL makes internet service available through dial-up, which is a computer system or services used remotely via a phone line, and NetOne, which is a cellular network operator for Mobile Communications and DataOne forms.

The BSNL message centre number is liable for all SMS services. Although, there are some categories of people who are experiencing misconfigured center numbers in which they have technical issues with sending and receiving messages.

How Can I Configure my Centre Number?

I have been able to proffer solutions on how you can successfully reconfigure your message center number. In this article, I will provide you with the outlines of how to sort out your message center sending errors and also include the list of BSNL SMS Center Numbers.

What is the Meaning of the SMS Centre Number?

We have been stressing the BSNL SMS center number, and it’s important to know the meaning. The message centre number (MCN) is one significant factor that handles the process of SMS sending and receiving messages.

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It is the process of sending a message from one device to another within a specified period.

How Does the SMS Centre Number Work?

When a mobile user sends a message and it successfully reaches the message SMS centre, the message SMS centre will then forward the message received to the original receiver.

How Can I Change the BSNL SMS Centre Number on My Mobile Device?

There are two different recommended methods for changing your SMS centre number.

The first is through Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, commonly known as USSD, a communication service controlled by mobile network operators.

It is a critical piece of digital infrastructure used to provide a mobile device to hundreds of phones at a very low cost and without access to the mobile user’s sim card.

The USSD Code – Bsnl Sms Center Number

Firstly, you need to dial *#*#4636#*#*

After dialling the code, four different options will pop up on your mobile device, which include:

  • Battery information
  • Phone information
  • Wireless Local Area
  • Network( WLAN) information
  • Usage Statistics
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You will then click on phone information and scroll down and tap the SMSC option.

What is SMSC?

SMSC means Short Message Service Centre. It is a part of a mobile phone network that handles text messages. It is responsible for receiving, routing, storing, and forwarding SMS messages to mobile phones.

To proceed, click on the refresh button.

Check your current number and change it by using the number mentioned above.

Finally, you click on Update.

Following the below guidelines, you will successfully change your SMS center number.

  • Default settings
  • Open the folder for messages
  • Click on messages
  • Click on advanced settings
  • Scroll down to the SMS centre and
  • Click on the icon of the SMS center.

A default BSNL message centre will show on your screen. Now carefully change the number from the list of numbers provided below. At this point, do not rush; be very careful with the numbers and don’t mix them up.

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Finally, click on Save after providing them with your BSNL message centre number.

State and BSNL Message Centre Numbers 

  • Goa: +919422024365
  • Bihar: +91  9431224365
  • Jammu and Kashmir: +919419024365
  • Haryana: +919416024365
  • Himachal Pradesh:+9194180244365
  • Chennai: +919444024365
  • Andhra Pradesh: +919440024365
  • Chattisgarh: +919425201041
  • Assam: +919435024365
  • Kerala: +919447024365
  • Jharkhand: +919431124365
  • Odisha: +919437024365
  • Maharashtra: +919422024365
  • Madhya Pradesh: +919425124365
  • Karnataka: +919448024365

Bsnl Sms Center Number Conclusion

Mumbai and Delhi do not have any existing B message centre numbers.

I believe that I’ve successfully provided you with detailed guidelines on how to fix message error issues and the BSNL message center number. 

Co-Written by: Peter Okoroji

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