How to Block a Number on T-Mobile

In this post, you’ll learn how to Block a Number on T-Mobile. So, if you’ve been finding it difficult to block a number or many numbers on Tmobile, this is your chance.

The T-Mobile app helps users to keep track of data usage, make payments on time, keep you updated on new gadgets, and many more. You can also have access to a T-Mobile service agent any time of the day. Their services make it easy to manage your calls and texts.

If you have decided to block a number on the T-Mobile application and you are finding it hard to do so, I want you to sit back and read this article till the end.

Can I block a Number from Texting and Calling from T-Mobile?

It is very easy to block any kind of number (local or international) from texting you on your iPhone or Android mobile device. You can easily do so using the message app or settings.

By using the message blocking feature on your T-mobile app, you can easily block messages that are not needed, but you cannot block other mobile users from receiving texts.

What is the Result of Blocking a Mobile Number Using a T-Mobile App?

After blocking a number by using the T-mobile App, the blocked number can still dial your number. But the problem is, instead of getting a call, the call will be directed to voice mail and you will receive a notification informing you of a blocked number trying to call you.

In essence, when a T-mobile number blocks a number from texting and calling, you will not receive the alert.

How Do I Stop Unsolicited Messages? Block a Number on T-Mobile.

There are diverse ways of identifying spam messages and dealing with them.

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Spam messages are unsolicited messages we frequently receive from individuals and organizations that we have not subscribed to.

Despite the belief of many, there is a difference between SMS spam and SSS (short self-code), which includes the T-mobile shortcodes used to keep mobile users updated about their accounts.

Senders of messages from 3700 to 4299 and 9701 to 9901 are messages from the service provider. Sometimes a message can be sent using MMS, which often shows the name or number of the sender of the message.

You can decide to unsubscribe and stop receiving these messages by dialing the code provided by the network or visiting the official website.

If you don’t know the identity of the person that sent you the messages, or if the message did not indicate any option for opt-out, do not respond to the message.

There is a possibility that you will get one more notification from the network if you decide to opt out. You can also send a message to 7726 if it is spam, and T-Mobile will send you a confirmation message with detailed instructions.

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How do I Block a Number from Texting You on T-Mobile?

As I said earlier at the beginning of this article, you can block a number by using the message blocking feature. Please follow the steps below to successfully block numbers from sending you text messages.

  • Tap on the messaging app on your Android phone.
  • Click on the message you want to block to continue the process.
  • Tap on the sender’s name at the top of your screen.
  • Click on Block

Lastly, tap on OK to confirm the successful blocking process.

How Can I Block a Number on My T-Mobile Account?

You can easily block spam calls provided you use the T-mobile Scam Shield App.

To block a T-Mobile number from calling you using the T-Mobile app, follow the instructions below.

  • Turn on the caller ID and Scam block.
  • View the call your T-mobile app has rejected.
  • Unmark the “calls favourites.”
  • Finally, report all calls that are scams.
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How do I Report Spam Messages to T-Mobile?

All you have to do is to send a copy of the original message to 7726. If it is spam, then T-Mobile will send you a confirmation text that the security center is reviewing it.

How Do I Block Unsolicited SMS on My iPhone?

If you are an iPhone user, kindly follow the steps below to successfully block text messages:

  • Go to settings
  • Scroll down and click on messages.
  • Under the messages, you will find options that show the subject field, “blocked contact and character count.”
  • Tap on blocked contact. You will also see options like +91,+91,+91 and Add new.
  • Tap on “Add new” and enter the number you want to block.
  • Finally, click on “Done” to save changes.

How to Block Messages on an iPhone Without a Phone Number (TMobile)

Even without having a phone number, you can still block messages on your iPhone by taking the following steps.

  • Tap on the messaging app on your phone.
  • Click on the message you want to block to continue to the next stage.
  • Tap on the name or phone number displayed on the screen.
  • Click on information
  • Tap on the “block” on the caller, and immediately “block contact” will be displayed.
  • Tap on “block contact.”
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Conclusion on How to Block a Number on T-Mobile

Using T-Mobile phones and services is always a wonderful experience. However, there are always individuals and organizations that place unsolicited calls and messages to the network users.

To stop such disturbances, the best thing you should do is to block their numbers. You can do so successfully by following the instructions in this post.

Thank you for reading.

Co-Written with: Peter Okoroji

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