How To Check Blocked Numbers on iPhone Device

Learn How To Check Blocked Numbers on iPhone Device. If you’ve been searching for common ways to check block phone numbers on your iPhone device, this is the only guide you need.

So many people have many reasons why they block certain numbers, such as to avoid communication with a person or individual. However, to stop spam calls, blocking such contact has been proven effective. That is why IOS gives you the desired capability to make you see the blocked numbers on your iPhone.

Checking blocked numbers on iPhone device

There are three easy ways to check blocked numbers on iPhone device, which I will reveal to you in this article, as this is proven to help any iPhone user if followed.

These steps are listed below.

1. The first step

Go through the settings app, which entails features like the reminder, stocks, FaceTime, notes, and calendar along with other important features.

After that, you can tap on the phone app.

2. Second step: Check Blocked Numbers on iPhone Device

  • Tap on the phone app in the settings by scrolling down.
  • Tap on the blocked contact, which is along the line.

3. Third Step

Following the second step, all lists of blocked contacts will be revealed.

After that, at the right corner of the screen, an “edit” feature is displayed, which is meant for you to tap on.

A red “-” button must be tapped in order to unblock any contact of your choice. After that, tap the feature titled “unblock”.

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How To Check Blocked Numbers on iPhone Device

In this section, you’ll learn how to find All blocked contacts using Messages.

It is less stressful to manage the blocked contacts on your iPhone via Apple Messages through the following steps below:

1. The First Step

Tap the messaging app and scroll through the settings on your app.

2. The Second Step

Go ahead to the SMS/MMS area and tap on the blocked contact, which is located below the SMS/MMS section.

3. Third Step

After compliance with the other steps detailed above, a list of blocked contacts will be revealed.

To unblock any contact, tap the edit button at the top right, the red “-button to the left of the contact. Afterwards, tap the feature titled “unblock. To save the changes, tap Done.

How To Check All Blocked Contacts On iPhone Using Facetime

You can type into the FaceTime setting to look through the blocked contacts on your iPhone.

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This is successfully done by observing these basic steps via IOS device.

1. The First Step

Search through the settings app on your iPhone.

Go ahead by scrolling down where the FaceTime app is located and selected.

2. The Second Step

In the FaceTime setting, the call feature is seen below if you scroll down.

Afterward, select the blocked contact below to view the blocked contacts.

3. The Third Step to Check Blocked Numbers on iPhone Device

A long list of blocked contacts on your iPhone will be revealed. In cases where you decide to remove any contact from the blocked list, tap the edit option, which is located at the upper right-hand corner of the screen; tap the red “-” button to the left of the contact; and tap unblock.

Remember to tap “done” for confirmation of the changes.

How To Check All Blocked Contacts On An iOS Device From Mail

A mail system can be used to view, manage and check blocked contacts on the iPhone device. You can follow the process below to achieve this:

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1. The First Step

By using the settings app on the phone, the mail app can be located by scrolling down. Then you can now tap the mail app.

2. The Second Step to Check Blocked Numbers on iPhone Device

Scroll down to the threading section that contains features like organising by a thread, complete threads, muted thread action, blocked sender option, and composing feature, along with other present features known by the users. Below the threading options, tap “blocked.”

3. Third Step

A long list of blocked contacts will be presented. Tap on the edit button to manage the list.

Afterward, tap on the red “-” button at the left of any contact to be removed from the list and tap “unblock”. Then tap “done” so to save and effect the changes.

A Quick Way To Manage The List Of Blocked Contacts On Iphones

You can follow any of the listed and well-detailed options in terms of this. You can also be aware when blocked by any iPhone user if only you adhere to these strategic methods as an IOS user.

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Have You Checked The Blocked Numbers on Your iPhone Device?

IOS devices, due to their standard, have superb and distinct features that have made it easy for their users in terms of managing and blocking contact as well as checking for blocked numbers.

The content in this post uncovers the steps on how to check blocked numbers on iPhone devices. Using any of these steps has been proven to be of great help to any iPhone user without movement.

Yes, as long as you are attuned to the system, features, and mode of function of your IOS device. If not, the help of a knowledgeable and professional iPhone user is required. Thanks for reading.

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