Ecobank Transfer Code 2023: Send Money To Another Bank

Get the Ecobank Transfer code to send money from one bank to another in Nigeria. Learn how to register and activate the USSD code for airtime recharges, data plans, bill payments, and many more.

This post gives all the information you need to know about the Ecobank transfer code.

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Ecobank Transfer Code

Ecobank, being one of Nigeria’s most trusted banks has made banking quite easy for us. With their transfer code, which is *326#, we can perform transactions as quickly as possible. It is secure to use on all types of phones.

Why Should I Use The Ecobank Transfer Code?

You should use the Ecobank USSD code because:

  1. It is fast and instant.
  2. It is very easy and convenient to use.
  3. It makes banking more secure for you.
  4. It can be used on all types of phones even the common “kpalasa”.
  5. It can be used across all mobile network providers like MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, and 9MOBILE.
  6. It doesn’t require an internet connection.

What Can I use The Ecobank Transfer Code To Do?

You can use the Ecobank Transfer Code to:

How To Activate The Ecobank Transfer Code

You can activate the code either as an Ecobank customer using the Ecobank mobile app, an Ecobank customer not using the Ecobank mobile app, or a non-Ecobank customer. This would be further explained below.

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Activating The Code As A Customer Using The Ecobank Mobile App

To activate the code as an Ecobank customer on Ecobank mobile application:

  • Dial *326# on any mobile phone.
  • Use the existing 6-digit pin you use to transact on the Mobile App.
  • If PIN is forgotten, use Ecobank Mobile APP to reset PIN.

Activating The Code As A Customer But Not Using The Ecobank Mobile App

To activate the code as an Ecobank customer that isn’t using the Ecobank mobile app:

  • Dial *326# on any mobile phone.
  • Go to menu option 3 “Attach Mobile Number to account“.
  • Follow the prompts to complete the registration process.

Activating The Code As A Non-Ecobank Customer

To activate the Ecobank code as a non-customer:

  • Dial *326# on any mobile phone
  • Go to menu option 1 – “Open Xpress account
  • Follow the prompts to complete the account opening and registration process.
  • Deposit money in your Xpress Account and request a debit card to make payments in the shop, and online and withdraw money from the ATM.
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How To Transfer Money Using The Ecobank Transfer Code

With the Ecobank Transfer code, you can move or transfer money easily to any bank account in Nigeria. You can either transfer funds to an Ecobank account or other banks in Nigeria. To transfer funds:

  • Dial *326#
  • A list of options will appear, select the option that says “transfer fund
  • Select the beneficiary bank account.
  • Input the beneficiary bank account number.
  • The on-screen prompt will display the beneficiary account details. Please confirm it to proceed with the transaction.
  • Next, input your PIN and click send.

How To Buy Airtime Using The Ecobank Transfer Code

You can also buy airtime using the Ecobank Transfer code without stepping an inch outside. The transfer code has made recharging airtime quite easy for us. You either recharge for yourself or others (friends and family).

To buy airtime for yourself, simply dial *326* amount#. Please make sure you dial this code with the SIM or phone number registered and linked to your Ecobank account.

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To buy for others, simply dial *326* amount* phone number#. For example, in case you want to buy airtime of N500 for a friend whose phone number is “08912345678”. Then, you will dial *326* 500* 08012345678#.

How To Pay Utility Bills Using The Ecobank Transfer Code

Paying bills can be done faster and more securely while using the Ecobank Transfer code. You can easily pay your medical bills as well as subscribe to your GoTv and DSTv.

To Pay Your Medical Bills (MASM), dial *326#, select option 4 then option 3 and enter the reference number, reference type and the amount and follow the prompts to pay your MASM Subscription.

To Recharge Your GoTv Decoder, dial *326# select option-4 then option-4 then option- 2 to select GoTv, select GoTv bouquet, enter the bill reference number, select your account to pay from and follow the prompts.

How To Manage Your Ecobank Account With The Ecobank Account Code

With the Ecobank transfer code, you can:

  • View balances
  • View Mini statements
  • PIN Settings
  • Add account.
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To view your account balance, simply dial *326*0#.

To view mini statements, reset PIN and add an account, simply dial *326# and follow on-screen prompt.

In Conclusion:

Ecobank code is *326# and it can be used to bank seamlessly. It doesn’t require any internet connection and can be anytime/anywhere. You can use this code to transfer funds, pay bills, recharge airtime and manage your account.

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