How to Change BVN Phone Number Online

Are you looking for how to change BVN Phone Number Online or offline? This post is will help you retrieve your BVN back again.

The BVN phone number is the number linked with your bank verification number for authentication and verification of your details. Many people have been asking for steps on how to change their BVN phone numbers online. 

This has always been a recurring issue customers face since the Central Bank of Nigeria made it compulsory for all account holders to have a BVN linked to their bank account. 

In this article, I will be discussing how to change the BVN phone number online, so just sit back and relax. Make sure you read this content to the end so you can get all the necessary information that would help you to know how to change bvn phone number online.

Why Change Your BVN Phone Number Online?

Firstly, there are various reasons why people change their BVN. Below are the reasons:

Loss of Phone Number

Some people misplaced their phones, which made them stolen. So they decide to change their BVN phone number to avoid unauthorized transactions in the account. 

Many fail to understand that if your mobile device, in which your SIM card is placed, gets into the wrong hand, they can immediately dial *565*0# and your BVN will be shown. 

Remember that this is a secret number that shouldn’t be seen by anyone. If an incident like this happens, it is important to change your phone number.

Issues with Network Providers

Less than 10% of people fall into this category, and sometimes we get issues with our service providers that demand you block or break the SIM card out of annoyance.

You discover it’s difficult for you to receive messages; once you dial the BVN code, all you see is “error processing.”

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It becomes so annoying, especially when it’s the same number you used when registering for a BVN at the bank; this makes customers change their BVN phone number.

Personal Desire to Use a Different Number 

In rare cases, customers decide to change their BVN phone number for personal reasons, like hiding their identity or creating a new profile with the business. At this point, you will need to change your BVN phone number.

What are the requirements to change the BVN phone number online?

Below are the requirements that must be followed before successfully changing your BVN phone number online:

  • National Identification Number

It is expedient to get your NIN, but if it’s not available, you can bring a valid voter’s card or international passport. Without this document, you can’t change your BVN online.

  • Your New Phone Number

Make sure it has been properly registered by the network service providers.

  • Bank Verification Number

A unique 11-digit identifier must not be seen or shared with unofficial and unauthorized individuals.

  • Your Date of Birth
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Your birth date, including the day, month, and year.

  • Name on the Bank Account

Your bank name and other necessary bank details, as required.

The above are the requirements needed to change your BVN phone numbers online because this is what will help the bank verify that you are the bank account holder of the bank account you wish to change the BVN number for.

How to Change the BVN Number Online 

For you to change your BVN number online, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Message the bank where you enrolled for your bank verification number through their official email address. 

You can get the verified and official email address online or through the mobile banking app. If you are finding it difficult to search for your bank’s email address, walk to your nearest bank and request their official email address.

  • Step 2: Your complaint must be the subject of the email: “Request to change my BVN phone number.”
  • Step 3: After sending the email to them, you may be asked to scan and upload a copy of your identification card, the new phone number you want to use, your BVN number, your name, and your date of birth. 
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Some banks will request that you physically bring the above documents to the bank.

Nigerian banks have different policies that must be thoroughly followed. When going, make sure you don’t forget to bring the documents. 

If you don’t have a SIM card, register with any mobile communication company.

How do I link my BVN with my new number?

This can be done if you visit the branch of your bank where you registered your BVN. Walk to the customer care unit, and you will be guided through the linking process. It doesn’t take time.

How can I retrieve my BVN online?

After registering your BVN, you can retrieve it by dialing *565*0#, using the same number you used when registering at the bank. Please note that this service attracts a fee of N20.


Changing your BVN phone number online is not a difficult process; just make sure the requirements you have are valid, and that’s all. 

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I believe you enjoyed reading the article on how to change the BVN phone number online. 

All Nigerian banks also follow the same process in this aspect. If you want to change your BVN phone at any bank of your choice, just email them or walk to the nearest bank branch with the requirements. 

Co-Written with: Peter Okoroji

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