How to check my UBA BVN on my phone

Learn how to check my UBA BVN on my phone with the guidelines in the post.

The bank verification number, commonly abbreviated as BVN, is a distinct number given to every account holder in all Nigerian banks. It is a universal method of identification that every account holder in Nigeria uses to make a transaction in the bank to avoid illegal transactions.

It is important and compulsory to get a BVN for all UBA account holders to operate with the bank. The UBA BVN is open to both old and new customers. In this article, I will be teaching you how to check UBA BVN on your phone.

The use of the bank verification number linked to the UBA account is an expedient initiative that helps reduce fraud and improves the efficiency of the account’s operation.

This unique digit identifier can be obtained by enrolling physically in the bank, where you will be asked for verification of your facial image, fingerprints, and signature.

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Your BVN will be ready unless it has been longer than 24 hours for some reason. However, it will be registered using a secured method and direct transmission of the verification information to the central database for processing.

Despite the multiple accounts owned by a UBA account holder, you are expected to use one BVN to operate the multiple accounts. Therefore, it’s necessary to know how to check your UBA BVN on your phone so you can check it when necessary.

How to check UBA BVN on the phone

Through your mobile device, all United Bank of Africa customers can have access to their BVN numbers at their fingertips. It does not require a strong data connection.

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Below are the ways to check your UBA BVN on your phone:

On your phone’s dial pad, type *919*18# using the same number you used when registering your UBA account.

It is essential to use the same number you used while registering for a BVN at UBA Bank because that is the only way you can get your UBA BVN over the phone.

  • Insert the 4-digit transfer pin.
  • The details of your BVN will be displayed on the screen of your device.

Is it necessary to have a handy UBA BVN?

The bank verification number is as important as your UBA bank account, which is why it is essential to have your UBA BVN handy.

There are three reasons why I said it is important to have your UBA BVN handy. They include:

  • You can save N20 once you have it handy.
  • You won’t be stressed when searching for an alternative to retrieve your BVN.
  • It helps to increase the efficiency of bank operations, provides easy access to loan options, and will reduce fraud.
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Some individuals might ask, “How can I register to get my BVN in UBA?”

To register for UBA BVN, follow the steps below:

  • Walk to the nearest branch and go to the customer care unit.
  • Request for a BVN registration.
  • A registration form will be provided for you to fill in your details.
  • Fill out the form with the correct information as required.

After that, you will go through a biometric process that will demand your face ID, signature, and fingerprints.

  • Your ticket ID will be given to you.
  • Instantly, your BVN will be sent to the phone number you provided on the enrollment form. It is so easy.

What are the consequences of not linking your BVN with your UBA account?

If a UBA account holder does not link his or her BVN to his account, such an account will be inactive. No withdrawal. In essence, you cannot make any transactions in that account.

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Though you may know how to check your UBA BVN on your phone, it’s important to take note of this aspect. Some UBA accounts have not been linked to their BVN, so once the fund enters the account, it cannot be withdrawn.

Therefore, it is important to link your BVN to your UBA accounts to avoid restricting your transaction processes, especially withdrawals.

How can I link my BVN to a UBA account on my phone?

Simply dial *919*60# with the same number you used to register your UBA account. Then you will be asked to input the 11-digit number. Your BVN will be instantly linked to your UBA account.

Contacting the UBA Service Representatives

You can email UBA at [email protected]. The email should show the complaint as the subject. Within 24 hours, the online customer care service will give you feedback regarding your complaint.

The reply to your email must be from a UBA-recognized email address to ensure it’s official. The above email, which I stated is the recognized email address of the UBA Bank.

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The following phone numbers are also available for you to call the UBA Bank service center:

  • +23412808822
  • +2347002255822
  • +23416319822


UBA online customer service is always ready to answer any questions regarding any complaints you are encountering in your account, just like sorting out issues relating to your UBA BVN.

I believe I have been able to teach you how to check UBA BVN on your phone; it’s not a difficult process. Just follow the steps I outlined, and you will be able to get your UBA BVN at your fingertips.

Co-written with: Peter Okoroji

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