How To Check The Last Five Calls In Airtel

Learn how to check the last five calls in Airtel without stress. If you’ve been wondering if it’s possible to view the last 5 calls you got on your Airtel phone number, this post is for you.

Are you an Airtel phone user? If you are and you are having a problem checking your previous call history, you are surely on the right website because this blog will provide you with the necessary steps to follow when trying to view or check your last five calls if using an Airtel SIM. I advise you to read this article to the end.

As an Airtel phone user, you don’t need to be so worked up or worried trying to view your previous five calls. The Airtel network has been specially designed with features offered to reduce the burden or stress of their users being aware of their last five calls.

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How To Check The Last Five Calls In Airtel

  • You can just dial *121*7# wherever you are to your Airtel number, and like a twinkle in an eye, your five-call history will be displayed on your phone screen.

Please don’t make the mistake of trying to dial *121#, because that is to check your last three numbers.

The method above has not been proven to be the only method. With the use of the airtel USSD code, which is proven to be the oldest method, it can also be made possible.

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It helps you check your Airtel contact history, your balance details, and your Airtel SIM recharge details.

Code To Check The Last Five Calls In Airtel

This method can be achieved by just opening your phone’s dialer keypad and typing the USSD code, *121*7#. It’s one of the fastest methods to view your last 5 calls today.

You can also scroll through your phone history and view the list of contacts you’ve called and received, along with duration details. The Airtel call history reveals the details of the contact you have recently contacted. The best part is that Airtel has made it free.

What If You Don’t Have An Airtel History To Check Previous Calls?

Well, no problem. You can follow the process below to check the last five calls in Airtel:

  • Download the official Airtel History App.
  • Register for a new account by using the email ID
  • After creating your new account, enter your phone number.
  • Select the Get Call History option.
  • Afterward, you can retrieve the details of your last five calls and even your one-year call history.

You can also get it online by dialing *200# from your already-registered number. Afterward, you will be asked to type your customer login ID and password. You will be able to view your last five contacts.


You can check the last five calls in Airtel from by following the steps below.

  • Select the profile icon at the right angle of your phone.
  • Log in with your Airtel SIM number and type the password.
  • Choose the call history option.
  • Type your Airtel SIM number and check the submit button.
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Why Is It Necessary To Use The Airtel Call History To Check the Last Five Calls In Airtel? 

It is very important because you will be able to get and view the list of calls made and received. Including the duration details of your last five calls or more. In case of lost list contact, you can regain them through this method.

The Airtel call history check code is *121*7#. You can decide to call your Airtel customer care unit. You can also use the Airtel Thanks app by downloading it on your phone.

What if You Are an Android User?

Well, that is not a problem. Just follow the steps below to check the last five calls on your Airtel line:

  • Open the Google Phone app.
  • Choose a contact from your recent list
  • Click on History and check call details in the menu.

How Can I Get My Call History to check the last five calls in Airtel?

  • All you need to do is open the call icon app.
  • Select “Recent” to check your call details.
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A red icon will appear, signaling missed incoming calls, and a blue icon, meaning answered incoming calls.


Having a call history is essential no matter what type of device you possess (Android or iOS).

By following any of the methods above, you can confirm if you truly remembered calling your loved ones and friends.

You can do all these things with your phone. Also, Airtel has offered features that helps you to check the last five calls using your SIM.

To get the best result with the information in this article, kindly read this post repeatedly. Yes, to ensure you understand the full details, and then promptly follow the instructions. I can assure you that you will be satisfied after making use of this information. Thanks for reading.

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