How To Get A New SIM Card With An Old Airtel Number

Learn how to get a new SIM card with an old Airtel number. Yes, if you’re tired of the old sim you’re using or your old SIM card got lost. This is your opportunity to change it and get a new SIM with the same phone number you use.

If you discover your smartphone is lost as a result of certain reasons or experiences, or your mobile sim is not working, then a new sim is urgently needed. But the big question goes, “Is it possible to get a new SIM card with an old Airtel SIM? And the answer is yes. Although it goes along with some steps to be followed.

In this article, you will learn how to get a new SIM card with an old Airtel number.

How To Get A New SIM Card With An Old Airtel Number

The first thing to do is to stop using the SIM and simply request a new one from the Airtel office.

1) Block the Airtel SIM card

The first thing to do is to block the Airtel sim. Based on the official website of the telecommunication network, customers can call a specific number to quickly get their Airtel sim blocked. You can get your Airtel SIM card by calling the Airtel SIM activation number.

You can perform this by carrying out the following actions.

Endeavor to save the recently dialed number on the device, last recharged value, and ID proof associated with the list SIM card.

  • Call 984-9098490 or dial 121.
  • You will be questioned to confirm the details.

How To Block Airtel Numbers Via Customer Care?

Use another Airtel number to call the Airtel customer care number at 121 or 198.

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Simply request to talk to a customer care representative. Your issues will be rectified in a few minutes. This is one way to get a new SIM card with an old Airtel number. Block your existing number first.

Kindly explain your issues in detail and request to block your Airtel SIM card.

The executive will now request you to confirm your identity by asking for your Airtel lost number. So make sure you are the owner of the SIM and you have all the necessary details.

Once the details given are verified, your lost Airtel SIM card will be successfully blocked.

What Can Be Done If I Don’t Have Access To Any Airtel Number?

If you discover that you don’t have access to another Airtel number, you can call the customer care number 9849098490 or 18001034444. You will be connected immediately to the Airtel customer care unit.

Now, you must also note that you may be charged N50 for calling 121 or 198. You need to do this to get a new SIM card with your old Airtel number.

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2) Visit Airtel Care Center: Get a new SIM card with an old Airtel number

After successfully blocking the Airtel SIM card by following the method above, you are to visit an Airtel office where you tell them the situation and let them know more about the connection if it is prepaid or postpaid. This is another step to get a new SIM card with an old Airtel number.

3) Request A New SIM

Request a duplicate SIM card form, which you ought to fill in with detailed information.

In this form, you must write your correct address proof along with a few photos in case you are asked for it.

It is essential to check your phone number written in the form before submission. This makes getting a new SIM card with an old Airtel number possible.

4) Pay Some Money to receive a new SIM card with Your old Airtel number

A certain amount of money will be needed for payment, after which you will give the form containing the necessary documents, with a legit proof of your address and your photo if necessary.

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After validation, you will be given a new SIM card. This is how you get a new SIM card with an old Airtel phone number.

5) Be Patient

Be patient while your new SIM card is activated, which can take up to 3-4 hours.

Remember that your old SIM card may not function again. The amazing fact is that Airtel will forward the remaining balance and validity from your old SIM card to your new Airtel SIM with no charges.

How Can I Get a Duplicate Airtel SIM card?

If you are a victim of a lost or stolen phone and SIM card, I advise you to immediately block your SIM using the steps below.

  • Use the Thanks app or Airtel website from an Airtel store or book online to get a new SIM card. So simple!
  • This will enable you to get a new SIM card with your old Airtel number

To get the same number, put in the request with an Airtel agent.

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What Is The Cost Of An Airtel Duplicate Sim?

Visit any nearby Airtel store finder on the official website or find the nearest Airtel store by entering your postal code or city name.

  • Provide two passport-sized photographs and your ID, which you can verify in the nearby Airtel shop.
  • Pay the new SIM fee by filling out every form necessary.

Have You Got a new SIM card with Your old Number on Airtel?

Do not panic when you are in the situation of a stolen or lost Airtel SIM card.

All you have to do is follow the steps above and avoid unnecessary delay to eliminate the unfortunate experience of being a victim of fraud and bankruptcy, just as the contacts and details in your SIM might be so important and useful to fraudsters.

I hope you learned how to get a new SIM card with an old Airtel number in today’s post.

Airtel has made it possible for their users when faced with such cases. Be alert and conscious when taking the steps that follow. Thank you for reading.

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Co-written with: Peter Okoroji

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