How to Retrieve Your BVN Without a Phone Number

Learn How to Retrieve Your BVN Without a Phone Number. If you’re finding it difficult to check your BVN without using the phone number you used in opening your bank account, this post is for you.

The term “BVN” means “Bank Verification Number.” This unique 11-digit identifier is essentially needed when it comes to filling out bank documents, especially for transaction purposes. 

Now if it gets to a situation where you have forgotten your bank verification number, what step can you take?

In this article, I will be discussing how to retrieve your BVN without a phone number. I will also be answering a few questions, which I also consider solutions to the retrieval process of your bank verification number without your phone number. 


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How to Retrieve Your BVN Without a Phone Number

There are various ways to retrieve your BVN without a phone number; below are the steps: 

1) Retrieve Your BVN With Bank App

We are now in the computer age because almost everything can be done online. We must always note that the BVN number is a special digit that is linked to your account and can be used to trace the financial transactions in the account. 

You do not need a phone number to log in to your mobile application to retrieve your bank verification number. Although most banks do not link the mobile application to the bank account until you download and install it on your phone.

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For Android users, you can get the application on the Play Store, while iPhone users can get it on the Apple Store. After downloading the application, you will need to sign up. 

Sign-up will require you to fill in some important details, like the digits on your ATM card, your password, your username, your PIN, and other useful information. 

Using Bank App to Check Your BVN Without a Phone Number

Now, if you are not a new user of the app, you can directly log in with your details. Some devices permit you to use fingerprints to log in, but before these features become accessible, you will need to activate them on your mobile device. 

Once you have successfully filled in the information, you will be successfully logged in, and you will see your BVN without your phone number at the upper part of the application menu. 

You must have a stable internet connection. Do not forget that you need to register your account on the mobile app device before you can successfully retrieve your bank verification number (BVN) without a phone number.

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2) Visit the bank office to Retrieve Your BVN Without a Phone Number

In rare situations where the above method is not capable of being carried out, you can walk into the nearest branch of your bank and make a complaint.

It’s not advisable to call your bank’s customer care for your bank verification number’s details. Your BVN details are very confidential, and the bank would prefer you come in person for better interaction. 

You have the right to validate a withdrawal, which allows you to safely and carefully handle your BVN. It is inappropriate to call the customer representative of your bank to retrieve your BVN without a phone number. You will have to physically visit your bank regarding this aspect.

Some banks will require verification of your account by submitting a few documents. If the documents are successfully verified, then your retrieval process will be done.

3) Use Internet banking to Retrieve Your BVN Without a Phone Number

All Nigerian banks have internet banking; if Microfinance Bank has it, why won’t other recognized banks have it? You can reach out to the customer care representative of the bank to guide you on the steps to register for your internet banking. 

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Once you have registered and successfully logged in, check your bank’s internet banking dashboard; you will find your bank verification number. 

With these methods, you won’t require a phone number to retrieve your BVN, but you will need data to access the internet banking website.

All the above-mentioned methods are the only ways to retrieve your bank verification number without a phone number.

Can I retrieve my BVN with a phone number?

Yes, you can. Simply dial *565*0# on your mobile device. Make sure you have airtime because it attracts a N20.00 service fee. Note that it’s not any number you can use to dial the code. 

It must be the phone number you used to register your BVN with your bank. If it isn’t, then the retrieval process will be a failure. Luckily, all network providers offer this service.

What should I do if the registered SIM card gets stolen?

In cases where the SIM card, that you used in registering for the BVN, gets stolen, it is necessary to change the number immediately to avoid fraudsters having access to your account.

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All you have to visit the bank branch with an affidavit for a change of phone number and a verified form of ID. 

Have You Retrieved Your BVN?

You can see that the process of retrieving your BVN is simple and easy. Choose the process that is very fast for you and do the needful before your account gets manipulated. 

I hope I have been able to teach you how to retrieve your BVN without your phone number. 

Co-Written with: Peter Okoroji

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