Code For MTN Customer Care 2024

Code For MTN Customer Care – MTN Nigeria is a top mobile network in Nigeria. They offer lots of services ranging from allowing you to make quality calls and mobile data to browse or surf the net. All these are on a great and fast network.

But sometimes, whenever you try to enjoy your MTN network, you might experience some difficulties. Even if you try to ignore it or fix it, I don’t think it is possible.

It is totally beyond your control. The best you can do is use the code for MTN Customer Care.

That is what I would be covering in this post, the code for MTN customer care.

With this code, you can contact MTN customer care and get your problem fixed. Follow on to know more about this code.

What Is This Code For MTN Customer Care?

The code for MTN customer care is very helpful and it can be used at any time of the day. As I said above, with this code, you can contact the MTN customer care lines.

The code is like a phone number you can dial anytime. MTN has dedicated customer service agents who work 24/7 to answer any complaints you have while using your MTN SIM.

There are three different codes for contacting MTN customer care and it depends on if you are a customer or not. You can also complain with another SIM card, it could be Airtel, Glo, and 9mobile as long as you are complaining about your MTN SIM card.

The Codes For MTN Customer Care 24/7

As I said above there are three codes for customer care above. There’s one you can call with your MTN SIM card (for only MTN customers), another code you can call using another mobile network, and the last code for people or customers outside the borders of Nigeria.

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These are the codes for MTN customer care below:

  1. 180 – This is the code that can only be dialed by MTN customers to contact MTN customer care.
  2. 08031000180 – This is the MTN customer care number that can be dialed or called from other mobile networks.
  3. +2348031000180 – This is the MTN customer care number that can be dialed by people from other countries.

About The Customer Care Number (180)

If you want to complain to MTN through MTN customer care, you have to call the code “180“. It’s free and no dime would be charged from your airtime. Just call the number and follow any instructions given promptly.

This code can only be used by MTN customers only. That means that if you want to complain through this code you have to be an existing MTN customer. You can not use an Airtel, Glo or 9mobile to dial this number (180).

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It’s not compulsory you might have a problem on your own MTN network before you can contact MTN customer care.

You can also help a friend if he or she has issues with their MTN SIM card. Just tell the customer care representative that it is another MTN line/number you want them to work on.

Contacting MTN Customer Care From Other Networks.

You can also contact MTN customer care from other mobile networks such as Airtel, Glo, and 9mobile. As I mentioned above, you can complain to them about a friend’s MTN line. Here is the number below:

  • 08031000180

Note that you can not complain about your network because you are not using an MTN network. Unlike the 180 code for MTN customers, you would also be charged at a normal call rate from your network.

Contacting MTN Customer Care From Outside Nigeria.

Contact MTN from any part of the world via their customer care number.

  • +2348031000180
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You would also be charged at standard call rates by your network provider.

Other Ways Of Contacting MTN Customer Care.

You can try the codes for MTN customer care I mentioned but if it doesn’t work out for you can try other ways of reaching them. These are other ways you can reach MTN and complain to them.

1. Twitter-

Go on Twitter, and search for their username @MTN180 on your Twitter mobile app or Web. Check for the verified blue tick to avoid complaining to the wrong Twitter account. You would see a message icon on their profile page. Tap on it and message them.

2. Facebook-

Search for their username @MTNLoaded on your Facebook mobile app or Web Browser.

3. E-mail-

You can also send an email to MTN by opening your Gmail or any other email app you have and sending your complaints or issues to [email protected].

4. WhatsApp-

You can now resolve your queries much more easily with the MTN Customer Service Whatsapp number.

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All you have to do is open the WhatsApp messenger application on your mobile phone. Save the number I would be given below and message them. You would automatically get a reply.

Here are the numbers:

  • 09033000001,
  • 09033000002,
  • 09033000003,
  • 09033000004,
  • 09033000005.


With the code of mtn customer care, you can contact and complain to MTN as much as you like about anything including your SIM management, NIN issues, or other problems.

There are three codes/numbers available for you. You can use anyone you like as long as you follow the terms and conditions.

One of them is strictly for MTN customers while the others can be dialed from other networks and countries.

So now you know what you can do, whenever you are facing any problem with your SIM card, just call 180.


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