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Are you looking for the best Showmax Movies & Series? This post uncovers the most watched Movies and Series you can get on Showmaz at the moment.

Do you want to know what is available to watch on ShowMax? Find all of the streaming movies and TV series available on ShowMax right now. Showmax is a video content application that lets you search and browse across various movies and series.

Find the best site to buy or rent movies and TV series by searching, filtering, and comparing pricing.

Showmax is a video-on-demand streaming platform. Get access to the greatest in local and global television series, kids programs, blockbuster movies, and sports for just one monthly subscription. 

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Showmax Movies & Series: Most Watched Series

Here are some of the popular series offered by Showmax.

1) Unmarried (Season 3)

The girls have returned! Three inseparable girls attempt to navigate the complexities of friendship, work obstacles, and romances.

2) Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches (Season 01)

An astute young neurosurgeon realizes she is the unusual heir to a witch lineage. She must battle with a dark ghost that has tormented her family for decades while she struggles with her newfound abilities.

3) Missing: The Other Side (Season 02)

A community is a home to the souls of missing and departed people. The search for the lost victims and the truth concerning their disappearance begins.

4) Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me

A prominent executive who is willing to go to any lengths to safeguard the woman he loves encounters a travel consultant who may be connected to his past.

5) Handsome Siblings (Season 01)

As their terrible pasts catch up with them, the battling martial arts twins encounter fierce villains, brotherly rivalry, and a tangled romance.

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6) Decibel

A retired Naval officer with a troubled background is pitted against a rebel wielding a sound-responsive bomb.

7) The Night Owl

A blind acupuncturist becomes embroiled in a murder investigation at the royal residence.

8) Bob Hearts Abishola (Season 04)

A romantic drama about a middle-aged compression sock salesman from Detroit who, while recuperating from a cardiac arrest, suddenly falls for his cardiologist nurse, a Nigerian immigrant, and focuses his eyes on getting her over.

9) Accused

In this criminal epic series, viewers learn how an average individual became involved in an unusual circumstance, eventually demonstrating how one false step leads to another until it becomes too late to retrace their steps.

Each episode, narrated from the viewpoint of the defendant, begins in a courthouse with the accused unaware of their offense or how they wound up on prosecution.

10) The Last of Us (Season 01)

Twenty years after the destruction of contemporary civilization, Joel, a seasoned survivor, is recruited to transport a 14-year-old girl named Ellie out of a restrictive quarantine zone.

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What begins as a minor assignment quickly turns into a terrible, devastating trip as they both must traverse the United States and rely on each other to ensure survival.

Showmax Movies & Series: Most Watched Movies

Here is the list of the most popular movies on Showmax that you can watch right away.

1) Top Gun: Maverick

When preparing graduates for a special task, Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell must face demons from his past and his greatest fears.

2) Licorice Pizza

In the 1970s, Paul Thomas Anderson crafted a romantic drama about a relationship between a teenager and a twenty-something lady in California.

3) House of Gucci

Ridley Scott’s film follows Patrizia Reggiani, who marries Maurizio Gucci and attempts to take over his heritage.

4) Kimi

Steven Soderbergh’s movie stars Zoe Kravitz as a housebound lady who discovers proof of a crime.

5) Rumble

Monster fighting is a world game in this amusing children’s animation. Rumble is now available on Showmax for streaming.

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6) Together Together

A comedy about such a man’s relationship with a surrogate mother. Together – Together is now available to watch on Showmax.

7) H is for Happiness

A 12-year-old girl with limitless enthusiasm meets a weird new boy at her school in this feel-good picture. On Showmax, you can watch “H is for Happiness” and enjoy it.

8) Respect

In this music documentary about Aretha Franklin, Jennifer Hudson represents the Queen of Soul. Respect is available on Showmax for you to stream and watch.

9) Rassie

The Official Movie delves into Erasmus’ family history, life, and career, and includes interviews with players such as Springbok captain Siya Kolisi.

10) Beurtkrag

Sudden loadshedding leads newlyweds Jasper and Fransie to confront the lowest point in their relationship.

All of the movies and series mentioned in this article are available to watch on the Showmax application.

How to download ShowMax App

ShowMax application can be downloaded for Android and iOS devices (iPhone, Apple, and iPad) from the App Store and Play Store, respectively.

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How Do I Download Movies With Showmax?

The impression of merely watching your preferred shows on your TV channels has been disregarded. The app serves as a link between creators and viewers.

Significantly, you can now enjoy your Showmax Movies & Series downloads without worrying about your data packages being utilized or whether you are in a location with or without a network.

Importantly, Showmax Movies & Series allows the use of Wi-Fi to access the site while in places where such a service is available.

Nevertheless, the downloading process varies depending on the device you use to download. Simply enter the title of the movie or series you wish to watch on Showmax, and it will display. 

Showmax Movies & Series Conclusion

Apparently, the pursuit of being educated and entertained is sometimes so stressful that it erodes your passion for it.

Here it is, you are no longer bothered, and the good news is that you have a variety of entertainment at your fingertips.

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You may not be persuaded by all of these unless you are willing to put them to the test. A trial is known to be an effective persuasive method. Just go to Showmax Movies & Series and entertain yourself with these movies and series.

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