FREE Airtel Social Bundle Cheat Code 2024 | Facebook, Instagram, TikTok

Get the Airtel Social Bundle Cheat Code to get unlimited access to the internet. Just follow the guidelines carefully.

I think you were looking for the best Airtel social bundle hack when you stumbled upon this article.

The cheap and free social media cheat code for Airtel is what this post is all about, so you’re exactly where you need to be if you’re looking for it.

Many people now use any social media platform for almost free, if not completely free, internet browsing, as you may have noticed if you mix with browsing hack hunters.

These people take advantage of the free version of Facebook, which can display images and perform other functions. They constantly use TikTok and Instagram to browse and occasionally use free services like Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.

How do they accomplish that?

Of course, they are using the Airtel social bundle cheat. Continue reading if you want to learn how you, too, can take advantage of unlimited social bundles each month starting at just N100.

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Additionally, you’ll learn how to use Facebook on Airtel without data to view pictures, chat, post, and conduct any other social media activity.

Now without further ado, let’s begin!

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The Airtel Social Plan Cheat

Free data hack is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “cheat,” but data cheats go beyond that.

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Of course, there are some free versions of the Airtel social bundle cheat, but their main drawback is that they might only work with specific social media platforms.

However, the Airtel Social Plan Cheat offers almost free data bundles and some of which you can use indefinitely.

Furthermore, the social bundle hack for Airtel that uses a VPN is among the most widely used.

Although the trick is fantastic, it still necessitates a small investment, and downloading extra files to your phone that may be harmful is not ideal when you can get the bundle even without a VPN.

The so-called “VPN cheat for free social media surfing” is available and usable without the need to download any apps, so yes.

Keep reading…

Cheat for the Airtel Social Bundle

The Airtel social media cheat code is more than just one cheat code; there are a number of ways to use your Airtel line to enjoy social media browsing almost for free.

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So let’s begin with the first and most well-known. The cheat code for the unlimited Airtel social bundle.

Cheat Code for N300 for Airtel Unlimited Social Bundle

First, add 300 Naira worth of airtime to your line. Next, dial *688#, choose the unlimited N300 bundle, and then complete the subscription process to activate the Airtel unlimited social data cheat.

This 25-day strategy is effective across all social media channels and networks (2G, 3G, and 4G LTE).

Monthly Airtel Social Media Cheat Code: N200

The 200 Naira Airtel social bundle unlimited package, which is compatible with all social media platforms and all types of networks, can be activated by simply dialing *688*2#.

This N200 package gives you 200MB to browse Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, and other websites, in contrast to the N300 unlimited subscription. Additionally, the plan is in effect for 25 days.

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Cheat Code for N100 Airtel Social Bundle

By dialing *688*3#, you can activate the N100 social plan without paying the full price. You can chat and connect with friends on social media with this plan.

With the 100 Naira equivalent of the N200 plan, you can access 100MB to browse websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Skype, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and many more.

Airtel Normal Facebook Cheat Code Without Data

Here is the Airtel social bundle hack for those looking for free browsing. You can find instructions on how to use Facebook for free in this section.

The ability to use this hack in the same manner as your regular Facebook data bundles is one of its cool features. To view photos, post, chat with friends, and do a lot more are all possible using it.

You can activate the Airtel Facebook without data by simply dialing *688#, choosing “Facebook Without Data,” and then activating the plan.

Not all customers can use this Facebook without data on Airtel because only a few specific SIMs are eligible for this trick.

Instagram Airtel Cheat

Another Airtel social media cheat code that only works on Instagram. Unlike Facebook without data on Airtel, which is completely free, this Airtel Instagram hack is not without cost.

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A regular Airtel data bundle can cost N200 for 200MB, but with the Instagram cheat code on Airtel, you can get 1GB for N200.

To use this cheat, simply recharge your line with at least N200 airtime and then follow the steps below.

  • Dial *141# from your phone’s dialer app.
  • Option 7 – Social Bundles
  • Option 5 – Instagram Bundles
  • Then, to subscribe to the plan, select the “1GB for N200” option.

Keep in mind that this cheat is available to all Airtel customers and is only valid for 24 hours.

Airtel TikTok Hack

Another Social bundle cheat on Airtel is the TikTok cheat. This plan, like the Airtel Instagram hack, is inexpensive in exchange for a large amount of data.

One cool feature of this package, and the reason it is referred to as an Airtel social plan cheat, is that you get 1GB for N200. The cheat is that you can make this plan last 14 days instead of one day like the IG cheat.

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To use this TikTok cheat on Airtel, first, recharge your line with at least N200 airtime, then follow the steps below.

  • Dial *141# from your phone’s dialer.
  • Option 7 – Social Bundles
  • Option 6 – TikTok Bundles
  • Then, subscribe to the N200 package.

Note: This plan is available to all Airtel customers, can only be used on TikTok, and is valid for 14 days.

Frequently Asked Questions About Airtel Social Bundle Hack

How can I use Facebook on Airtel without data?

On Airtel, you can use Facebook without data by dialing *688# and subscribing to the Facebook without data package.

What is the Airtel cheat code for social bundles?

*688# is the Airtel cheat code for unlimited social bundles, and it can also be used to get free Facebook using an Airtel phone line.

How can I get free Airtel social media data?

By dialing *688#, you can get free social media data on Airtel, then subscribe to Facebook without a data package to surf Facebook for free using your Airtel line.

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What is the purpose of *688# on Airtel?

*688# is the Airtel social plan cheat code that can be used to get an unlimited social media data bundle for just N300. The package is valid for 25 days and can be used across all social media platforms.

What’s The Result?

With this simple guide on the Airtel social bundle cheat code, I hope you now understand how to hack the Airtel social data plan, as well as how to use Facebook without data on Airtel.

Please use the comment box if you have any further questions about this topic.

Good night!

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