MTN 300 for 2GB Code 2024 | 7 Days, Weekly Plan

Get the latest MTN 300 for 2GB code for 7 days with our updated guide. Learn how to subscribe, check your balance, and use this social data plan for TikTok at an affordable price. Stay connected with MTN’s cheap data bundles and enjoy uninterrupted streaming and content creation on TikTok.

This post provides information about the MTN 300 for 2GB Data Plan, which allows you to get 2GB of data on the MTN network for only 300 Naira.

If you are aware of MTN’s data deals or promotions, such as TopDeal4ME, Data4ME, Recharge4ME, Combo4ME, SUPER DATA OFFER, and MTN QUICK WIN OFFER, you will know that MTN has started offering cheaper data plans.

However, you may not be aware of the plan that offers you 2GB of data for just 300 Naira. This data bundle is not commonly available, so you should not waste time subscribing to it once you find it.

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To help you out, this post will provide you with the MTN 300 for 2GB code, explain how to be eligible for the plan, and guide you through the subscription process. So, let’s get started without any delay!

About MTN 300 for 2GB

MTN has recently launched an exclusive and affordable data plan called the MTN 300 for 2GB plan.

This plan is designed to provide MTN customers with more data volume at a lower price point.

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The plan is available to all MTN customers, whether new or old, and is not tied to any specific tariff plan, making it accessible to everyone.

The MTN 300 for 2GB plan is compatible with various data-enabled devices, such as Android, iPhone, Samsung, and tablets, regardless of the SIM type (4G, 3G, or 2G).

It is worth noting that the plan has now been upgraded to 350 Naira.

This data plan is aimed at social media enthusiasts, especially TikTokers, as it is a social plan that only works on the TikTok app.

This concept is similar to the MTN YouTube plan, which is designed exclusively for YouTube users.

It may seem unusual to have access to such a large amount of data at such a low price, but it is a great option for those who enjoy watching TikTok videos. (haha)

MTN 300 for 2GB Code To Activate

  • To get the MTN 300 for 2GB data plan, ensure that you have enough airtime credit, then dial *131*3*4#. Select the option for “N350 for 2GB/7 days” and proceed to subscribe to the plan.
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It’s important to note that the plan has been updated to cost N350, so ensure that you have at least that amount in your airtime balance to subscribe.

Remember that this plan is designed for TikTok users only, and it cannot be used for any other app or platform. It is a social plan that is exclusively tailored to TikTok.

If you’re in need of a 300 Naira data plan that can be used for all platforms and data activities, check out the MTN 300 for 1.5GB data plan.

How to Be Eligible for MTN 300 for 2GB

As I said earlier, all MTN customers can use the MTN 300 for 2GB code. You don’t have to be on a particular tariff plan, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a new or old customer. You can also use it on any SIM card type – 2G, 3G or 4G.

But remember, this plan is only for TikTok, and you can’t use it for browsing or downloading anything else. So you can’t use it for YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook.

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Validity Period for MTN 300 for 2GB 

The MTN 300 for 2GB or MTN 350 for 2GB plan is for TikTok and lasts for a week (7 days).

When you activate the plan using the code, you have 7 days to use it only on TikTok.

So it’s also called the MTN 300 for 2GB code for 7 days.

How to Check 300 for 2GB Data Balance

Sometimes, we want to be sure that the data we bought is not finishing too fast. That’s why we need to check our data balance often.

  • To check the balance of your MTN 300 for 2GB data plan, dial *131*4# on your phone.

You will see your data balance on your phone screen. Within a few seconds, MTN will also send you a message telling you how much data you have left and when it will expire.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What MTN plan can I use to get 2GB for 300 Naira?

You can get 2GB for 300 Naira on the MTN TikTok Bundle plan, which is a social weekly data plan.

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How can I subscribe to the MTN 2GB for 300 Naira plan?

To subscribe, simply dial *131*3*4# on your phone’s dialer app, then reply with the option for 2GB for N300.

Please note that the plan now costs N350 instead of N300.

What is the cheat code for MTN 2GB for 300 Naira plan?

The cheat code is *131*3*4*2#. However, please note that the plan now costs N350 instead of N300.

How can I use the MTN 300 Naira for 2GB plan?

The plan is a social package that only works on TikTok. You can use it to watch TikTok videos and upload your own content on the platform if you’re a TikToker.


MTN offers both regular and social plans, which means that data bundles are now affordable for all MTN customers. I hope this guide has helped you learn how to subscribe to the MTN 300 Naira for 2GB plan and how to use it.

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