Does OPay App Give Free First Rides to Customers?

Does OPay App Give Free First Rides to Customers?

Discover how to get free first rides on the OPay app. Learn the simple steps to enjoy cost-free rides and find answers to FAQs about this exciting promotion. Grab your chance for a no-cost journey today!

Looking for a way to snag a free ride on OPay? Well, you’re in for a treat! OPay, every now and then, rolls out a sweet deal – free first rides for all you new users out there.

It’s like a little gift to welcome you aboard and let you test the waters.

So, let’s dive into this article where I’m going to spill the beans on how you can snag that free first ride on OPay.

Plus, I’ll tackle some of those burning questions you might have about this awesome promotion.

How to Get a Free First Ride on OPay

So, let’s get right into the nitty-gritty of scoring that free first ride on OPay. Here’s what you gotta do:

  1. Download the OPay App: First things first, head over to either the Google Play Store or the App Store. Once you’re there, search for “OPay” and give that download button a tap.
  2. Sign Up and Verify: Now, open up the freshly downloaded app and hit the “Sign Up” button. Pop in your phone number and tap “Next.” You’ll receive a verification code on your phone, so make sure to type that in. After that, hit “Create Account.”
  3. Unlock the Promo: Look at the bottom right corner of your screen – see that “Promo” icon? Tap on it. Now, here comes the magic part – enter the promo code FREERIDE and hit “Apply.”
  4. Book Your Ride: Alright, you’re almost there. Just go ahead and book your ride. Guess what? Your first ride is on the house!
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FAQs – Does OPay App Give Free First Rides to Customers?

When does OPay offer free first rides?

OPay waves its wand and offers free first rides to new users every once in a while. Just keep an eye on their social media and within the app to stay in the loop.

How long does the free first ride deal last?

It’s like catching a shooting star – the free first-ride promo has a limited time span. Once it’s over, you’ll have to chip in for your rides.

What’s the most I can save with the free ride?

You can save up to N100 with the free first ride. It’s like a little pocket-friendly gift!

Tell me about the fine print! What are the terms and conditions?

The fine print changes depending on when the promotion is happening. But here are some things you might come across:

  • Only new users get to dance in the free-ride party.
  • The clock is ticking – the promotion is valid for a limited period.
  • Not all rides are invited – some are VIPs, some are not.
  • Certain cities are throwing this party – be sure yours is on the guest list!
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What if my free ride hits a speed bump?

Don’t stress! If you hit a hiccup with your free ride, just give OPay’s customer support a shout. You can chat them up over the phone, through email, or live chat.


And there you have it, folks! Now you know how to work your magic and grab that free first ride on OPay. It’s like getting a golden ticket to explore the world of hassle-free rides. Before you set off, though, here are a few extra tips to make sure you have a smooth journey:

  • Keep your eyes glued to OPay’s social media pages and the app. They’ll shout from the rooftops when the free rides are up for grabs.
  • Don’t miss out – sign up for OPay’s newsletter so you’ll be in the know when the next promotion rolls around.
  • Check out the OPay website to see if your city’s on the guest list for this exclusive party.
  • Before you hit the road, give those terms and conditions a quick read. You don’t want any surprises along the way.
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Now, hop on that free ride, have a blast, and let OPay whisk you away to your destination without spending a dime. Cheers to your free ride adventure!

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