MTN Night Plan Code 2023 – 1.5GB, 500MB, 250MB & 125MB Cheat

Before you subscribe to this package for nearly free midnight browsing, it is recommended that you know the following:

  • The Mtn Night Plan code 2023: The number of codes you need to opt-in for this plan.
  • Mtn Night Plan time: You should know how long the plan will last before it’s taking.
  • How To Check Data Balance: The easy ways to check the data balance while browsing.

And more you are yet to discover in this post.


The Mtn Pulse cheap night browsing plan which is also known as the Pulse Night Life Bundle is limited to users who have migrated to Mtn Pulse and unless you’ve migrated, you won’t be allowed to subscribe to the plan.

And if you are not yet on iPulse, you can simply migrate to MTN Pulse by following my guide and you are good to enjoy the Midnight free browsing.

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mtn night plan code

The MTN Night Plan [New & Old] 11 pm to 6 am code

Mtn Nigeria recently reshuffled the plan, leaving the amount of subscription the same and changing the data from the usual N25 for 250MB to 25naira for 125MB worth of data adding a new Nightlife bundle which is N50 for 250megabytes.

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See actually, I don’t know what Mtn Nigeria is up to but… keep reading.

Now let me show you how to subscribe to the New Mtn Night Plan for cheap Midnight browsing.

Just before we proceed further to opt-in for the cheap Nightlife bundle, you must be on Mtn Pulse like I said earlier.

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How To Migrate To MTN Pulse Nigeria

  • Simply Dial *406*1#

You will receive a welcome (thank you) message from Mtn.

Note: First-time migration is free but, if you eventually go out and try migrating again you may be charged N100. Join Our Private Group Chat here…

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How To Subscribe To The New Mtn Night Plan Easily

The steps are easy. Kindly…

  • Go to your text message app
  • Send NT1 to 131 to get 125MB (now 250MB) for N25
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  • Send NT2 to 131 to receive 250MB (now 500MB) for N50 New MTN Night Plan Subscription Code

You can easily see above that the plan has been divided into two for the same amount.

Take, for example, 125MB + 125MB = 250MB for the same amount. [Really sad]

The old MTN Night browsing plan is far better than the one recently updated.

Or what do you think?

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How To Subscribe For The Old MTN Night Plan – Midnight Browsing Subscription Code.

  • Simply dial *406*4# (now *406*3#) how to subscribe to mtn night plan

Before now, there are two available ways to Subscribe to the Pulse Nightlife bundle.

And they involve using USSD Code and Text Message [Maybe call MTN Customer Care 180]

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Via USSD Code

  • Kindly dial *406#
  • Type in 3 [which is Nightlife Bundles] and send.
  • Now Reply 1 to subscribe for 125MB @ N25.
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  • Reply 2 to Subscribe for 250MB @N50 Old mtn night plan subscription code

Via SMS or Text Message

  • Simply type & send N125 To 131 [N125 to 131] – To receive 125MB for 25 naira

The same thing applies here.

  • Just type & send N250 to 131 – to receive 250MB for 50 naira. Old mtn night plan subscription code via sms

And as you already know, this plan is for midnight only but it comes with a duration of which your purchased data will be lost.

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MTN Midnight Plan Time / Duration (11 pm to 6 am code)

  • New 11:00 PM – 6:00 AM
  • Old 12:00 AM – 4:00 AM

Yes, it is called the Nightlife bundle but it doesn’t mean you are allowed to browse anytime at night.

You are given a duration (i.e time to time that the data will vanish) to browse with your purchased plan.

The time was formally 12:00 am to 4:00 am and now from 11:00 pm to 6:00 am. Changes have been made.

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Knowing the exhaustion time will enable you to browse faster or slower considering the time factor.

But aside from time, how do I check My night plan data balance?

How To Check MTN Night Plan Data Balance

  • Dial *406*3*3# or
  • Dial *559*96#

For real, you will have to check your remaining data to enable you aren’t using too much already.

After dialing the above code, you will see a pop-up with details of your data balance.

You may also receive a message from Mtn with balance info.

Another way to check your data balance is by monitoring it.

How To Monitor Nightlife Bundle

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Data Usage Set-data-limit
  • Set a data limit. Set-data-limit

For example, set 100MB as a data limit. This simply means that, once you’ve used up to 100MB browsing, your data connection will be turned off.

Warning: Limiting data usage

Read This guide to reduce data usage on Android. It explains clearly how to set the data limit properly.

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How To Accumulate MTN Night Plan

Just like other cheap data plans around the web that can be easily accumulated for larger data volumes, you may be wondering if it’s possible to accumulate the MTN NightLife bundle as well to enjoy more data benefits.

No, at the moment, you are not allowed to accumulate the amount of data megabytes or gigabytes given on this plan.

Yes, it is possible to re-subscribe to the MTN midnight browsing plan on the same SIM (or phone number) but it must be another night.

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How To Renew The MTN Night Plan

While the previous heading answered one of the most asked questions, this one is similar.

Can I renew the MTN midnight browsing plan?

Yes, you can renew the cheap plan, and below is how:

  • Simply dial *406# to see the iPulse Menu.
  • Reply ‘4’ to see NightLife bundle prices.
  • Now select your preferred choice.
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You can also allow auto-renewal on this plan. It will get you connected every night as long as you have up to 25 naira or 50 naira on your line (depending on the plan you previously subscribed to).

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How To Cancel The MTN Night Browsing Plan – Stop Auto-Renewal

  • Sms STOP NIGHT to 131.

After subscribing to the Nightlife bundle plan, you may want to deactivate or cancel the subscription.

Since you genuinely opt-in for this plan, there must be a way to opt-out, right?

Use the above SMS code to stop the night plan.

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The old MTN Night Plan was cool getting 250MB for a low cost of N25, and as well 500MB for N50.

Right now the whole thing has been changed but still worthwhile though.

I hope you give it a shot.

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