How To Transfer/Share Airtime On Airtel (The Easiest Way)

Today, I will show you how to transfer airtime from Airtel to Airtel easily. Follow the procedures carefully and you are good.

If you have ever witnessed a situation whereby your friend or family is rewarded with a huge airtime bonus, then probably, you must have asked for your share.

how to transfer airtime on airtel
(Easiest Method)

Before you can be able to share credit on Airtel, you must make sure you have a Me2U PIN.

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What Is Me2U: Airtel Airtime Transfer

Me2U is a service that enables you to transfer credit from your Airtel line to another user.

Now to proceed, you have to get your Me2U airtel to airtel transfer code, and below is how to send airtime from airtel to airtel line.

How To Transfer Airtime On Airtel to Airtel

Follow the step below correctly to get it done:

Create A Transfer PIN

There is a default pin that comes with your Airtel line on Me2U which is 1234 but you won’t be allowed to use it and that means you need a new one.

Below is how to create an Airtel transfer PIN:

USSD Method – For Airtel Airtime Transfer Pin

  • First, dial *432# from the Dialer app. airtel airtime transfer pin code
  • Type 3 and hit send. Select the CHANGE PIN option.
  • Right here, you will be asked for your current PIN. Enter “1234” and Send.
  • Now Enter a New PIN. Must be 4digits.
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You can now proceed.

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SMS Method 

  • Go to Messaging App. It is usually on the home screen or menu.
  • Create a New Message. Tap on the plus (+) icon to write a message or Tap “New Message” (depending on phone type).
  • Type PIN+Default-PIN+New-PIN In The Space. For example, type PIN 1234 4444 in the text space available.
  • SMS To 432. After typing the message, send it to 432.
  • Confirm Your Request. You should receive a confirmation message from Airtel that your PIN was changed successfully.

You can also change your PIN using the Airtel Toolkit on your device:

  • Open SIM Toolkit on your phone. It looks like a sim card panel icon.
  • Select Airtel SIM Card. If you use more than one sim, choose Airtel from the list.
  • Tap Airtel Services. You will see the list of available services.
  • Select Me2U. The airtel transfer service.
  • Tap Change PIN. This will bring up a box where you should input a PIN.
  • Enter Default & New PIN. The Airtel Me2U default pin is 1234, so you can write any 4digit pin you like as your New PIN but make sure you don’t forget it.
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(I recommend Easy To Remember PIN)

Now that you’ve successfully created your PIN, you are ready for the transfer.

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USSD Code To Transfer Airtime On Airtel to Airtel

  • Open Dialer on your phone. It’s the telephone icon on the home screen.
  • Dial *432# on the dialer space. airtel ussd transfer code
  • Select Airtel To Airtel. From the pop-up menu, you should see other options, just reply to select “Airtel To Airtel” or “Airtel to Other Networks”.
  • Enter the Recipient Number. The recipient is the phone number in the space provided.
  • Enter Your PIN. It is time to make use of the transfer PIN you created earlier.
  • Type it in.
  • Reply 1. To confirm your transaction, reply to 1.

That’s how to transfer money from Airtel to Airtel using the ussd code.

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Transfer Airtime On Airtel Through SMS

  • Open Messaging app.
  • Create New  Message Or Click on the plus (+) icon.
  • Type in “2U + Recipient Number + Amount + Your PIN”. For example, 2U0801234567810004444.
  • SMS to 432. Send the codes you type earlier to 432 to transfer airtime.

Important Note: Be careful when typing the amount you want to transfer to someone. You may transfer double your plan and you won’t get it back unless the recipient sends it to you.

The same thing applies to typing the wrong phone number. Ensure you look closely when typing a recipient number to avoid sending it to the wrong person.

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That’s how to share airtime on Airtel.

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How To Transfer Data On Airtel to Airtel

There are two (2) ways to do this:

  • Dial *141*1*5#, follow the prompt, change the PIN from the default, and Share Data. airtel data transfer code


  • Dial *141#, and reply 5 to open Data Gifting and Sharing.
  • Select Data Gifting or Data Me2U to proceed.

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Help Center & FAQs

Please, Can I Transfer Bonus Airtime?

  • No, you are only allowed to transfer credit that you recharged yourself through your preferred means.

To recharge your Airtel line:

  • Simply dial *126*Recharge PIN# on your dialer. airtel airtime recharge code

Once your recharge is confirmed, you can now proceed to share with other Airtel customers.

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Can I Send Airtime From Airtel Nigeria To India Or Other Countries?

  • No.
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At the moment, there is no available means to do that meanwhile, you can always contact Airtel customer care for personal and customized assistance.

How Can I Be Eligible To Transfer Credit On Airtel?

  • Just create a pin, out of the Me2U default pin.
  • Follow the above guides to transfer credits on Airtel.

All prepaid and postpaid customers can also transfer airtime using this using method.

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How To Transfer Airtime On Airtel To MTN And Other Networks: Is It Possible?

  • Yes.

While it’s possible to transfer airtime from Airtel to Airtel users, you can also transfer airtime to other Networks.

  • Simply dial *432# on your phone.
  • Select Airtel to Other Network Option by replying “2”. You should see a new popup after this action.
  • Reply 2 which is Airtime Swap.
  • Enter the Recipient Number. Also known as the Beneficiary.
  • Select the amount you want to send from 100, 200, to 2000.
  • Finally, enter your transfer PIN.

Note: Airtel will deduct N10 for this transaction.

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Damn! I sent Airtime To The Wrong Number, How Can I Get It Back?

I already said earlier that; you must be careful when typing the amount of airtime you want to send and also the number you are sending to avoid wrong transactions.

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Anyway, if you find yourself in this kind of situation, kindly call Airtel customer service for help.

They will ask you some questions, and of course, try their best to render you a solution.


I hope you get everything clear.

This article is all you need to share credit with friends, family, and loved ones.

Make sure you bookmark this page, just in case you ever want to share airtime with anyone, you can quickly open this article, read how to transfer airtime on Airtel and share for free.

Feel free to ask for my phone number, I need free airtime too (lol ? ).

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