How To Check My 9mobile Number Faster

How to check my 9mobile number on my Android phone? One question, asked all the time.

It’s normal, especially when you buy a new sim card or you’re not good at cramming figures.

In a situation whereby you need to give your phone number to a client or a new friend, knowing your 9mobile number is important.

In this post, I’ll show you how to check your 9mobile phone number with your smartphone today.

how to check my 9mobile number

Checking Your Phone Number On 9mobile

There are different purposes for checking your phone number, either for business or friendship. Whatever the reason is, you need to view your number before you can give it out.

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It was challenging to recheck your as a result of 9mobile and other related Network service providers didn’t provide a means to do so unless you call someone. And yes, that’s the most used method this day.

9mobile tariff plans are great when it comes to calling rates and data bundle bonuses. But it doesn’t matter the tariff plan you’re opt-in to check your phone number.

All prepaid and postpaid customers can check your number on 9mobile on any tariff plan. And still, on it, New and Old users are not restricted.

Now, proceed to learn the simple code to check the 9mobile number on your phone.

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How To Check My 9mobile Number Details Right Now

Below is the code to check your Etisalat phone number:

  • Simply dial *248# which is the USSD.

Alternatively, you can do this by following the guidelines below…

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Other Ways To Check Your 9mobile Phone Number

  • SIM Toolkit. This app is inbuilt on every smartphone but not everyone pays attention to it. I guess you’ve never opened the app since you bought your current phone.
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Now, follow the guideline below to view your 9mobile number:

  • Select / Open SIM Toolkit from the Menu.
  • Select 9mobile.
  • Tap My Service.
  • Next, Tap My Account.
  • Tap ‘Show My Number. You need to scroll up a bit to see this option.
  • You will see your phone number in a pop-up immediately.
  • Call or SMS A Friend. This one is a simple and most popular way to know your 9mobile phone number. Yes, what you think. Recharge at least N5, N10, or more, then flash a close friend.

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  • You can send a message to them asking for your phone number. If you don’t have airtime or credit at the moment, you can send the “9mboile Please call me” message to your phone, and sure, your phone number will appear.
  • Go to 9mobile Customer Service Center. This is the Local SIM Registration shop in your area. You can go there and Shyfully lay your complaint (lol).
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Just ask a representative you see and tell them you need to reveal your phone number for your reason. You’ll get your number immediately.

  • Send “Please Call Me SMS to a Friend”. Simply dial *266*1*Friend’s Phone Number# on your phone dialer. Your friend will receive the message you send and call you back.  From there, you can ask him or her to state your number.
  • The 9mobile App. If you have the 9mobile App installed on your mobile device, you can check your phone number on it.

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How To Check Your 9mobile Airtime & Data Balance

  • Simply dial *232# code to check your airtime balance on Etisalat fast.

You can also check your data balance by dialing this 9mobile data check code here…

You must check your airtime and data balance from time to time to make sure something isn’t going wrong. Your data may be exhausting too fast or tariff and callertunez Palava may be consuming your Airtime.

Learn How To Browse With Airtime On 9mobile


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Have You Checked Your 9mobile Number?

I have compiled the available means on how to check your 9mobile number today.

I hope it helps you know yours.

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