HA Tunnel Plus FREE Internet & HAT Files (October 2023)

This post is about the ha tunnel plus VPN free browsing cheat, how to activate it, and other important info.

Activate this UNLIMITED Free browsing cheat for Airtel and 9mobile before it stops working.

Ha Tunnel Plus Airtel and 9mobile free browsing cheat is the new guy on time, lol.

See it’s not a joke or whatever you may call it. Many sites are promoting false tricks that don’t work.

You may end up wasting your time on settings that won’t work. (Added Stark VPN Reloaded Settings for all networks)

At this point, I want you to pay close attention to the process I’m going to reveal to you using a brand new VPN.

What’s this VPN all about?

latest free browsing cheat ha tunnel airtel 9mobile

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Introducing The Latest Free Browsing Cheat Using HA Tunnel Plus VPN App

In case you don’t know, I introduced this VPN to my friends on WhatsApp on the first day of this month, a lot of them didn’t take it seriously.

Yes, they thought it was all child’s play. I didn’t blame them though, “Na Lack Of Cheat Cos Am” lol.

Until a friend from Our Private Group Chat, sent a screenshot of almost 51.82GB used in one 1day.

See the screenshot below: 

latest free browsing cheat airtel 9mobile mtn glo

Mehn! My DM was filled up. I shared the VPN plus the working configuration files and since then, more screenshots and testimonies kept coming.

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See more testimonies below:

free browsing cheat 9mobile airtel mtn glo

Now, it’s your turn to activate the latest free browsing cheat on Airtel and 9mobile fast.

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How To Activate The HA Tunnel Plus VPN Free Browsing Cheat For Airtel & 9mobile Nigeria

Now follow the procedures below to import these files on the HA Tunnel VPN App.

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How To Import Config File For HA Tunnel Plus Right Now

  • Open HA Tunnel VPN
  • Tap the 3dots at the top-right corner of your screen
  • Now, Tap Import/Export
  • After that, select Import.
  • Now, locate the file where you downloaded it and import it.
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From the Home Screen, Tap START and Wait while it connects.

From this moment, you can start browsing like a boss.

Enjoy while it last, buddy. Watch the short video tutorial below if you still find it difficult:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This New Cheat Unlimited?

We have recorded 51.82GB in one 1day so far. You can apply the settings and see if you exceed that.

Have You Installed TLS Tunnel Before? See The Working TLS Tunnel Config File For Unlimited Free Browsing.

Can I Use 9mobile File On Airtel SIM?

No. Make sure you follow the process the way I have explained above. Download the files accordingly.

Is MTN And Glo Configuration File Not Available?

For now, we have the Airtel and 9mobile Config files cooked. The feedback has been great. Don’t worry, more stuff is coming. You’ll get the MTN and Glo config files as we discover new tricks.

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Have You Activated Your Free Browsing Cheat?

So, tell me in the comment section. How many give have you used so far? Are you experiencing difficulties? Let me know below.

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For now, enjoy yourself and read more helpful resources below:

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236 thoughts on “HA Tunnel Plus FREE Internet & HAT Files (October 2023)”

  1. Seems it's not working again,I joined 2days ago n I used more Dan 6gb daily but now it's not connecting again even with clearing the cache n data?

  2. I had downloaded the VPN and config settings from a different site and it wasn't working, I had to delete it, I just downloaded this settings and its working perfectly now. Thanks

  3. Please, mine is no longer connecting. I have cleared storage and cache but it's still the same thing. I have tried the new config file but it doesn't connect. I have only used around 18gb within 2 weeks ?. Could it be that it has been blocked or expired?

  4. It's not hidden boss. Scroll slowly, you will find it right after "How To Activate The HA Tunnel Plus VPN Free Browsing Cheat For Airtel & 9mobile Nigeria".

    Apply the setting correctly and you're good to go.

  5. Good afternoon, I have been using this to download bf. Can't remember how much have spent downloading.but recently it syipstoi have upgraded the app download the file above but it isn't connecting.pls help ????

  6. How do i update Apn settings for Mtn and Airtel.
    Searched online and tried the methods there but it doesn't work, so i thought of asking here, probably it'll work.

  7. Locate the folder where you download the files boss. (Usually in "Download" Folder)

    Meanwhile, if your downloaded from Our Telegram or WhatsApp Group Chat, the files will be stored in "Telegram Document" or WhatsApp Document" in your File Manager.

    To Make it easier to locate, you download the files we posted in this post, Ok?

  8. The 9mobile is not unlimited, it is capped daily. Once you reach the limit, it disconnects you and you wouldn't be able to connect for that day again until next day.
    Is there a way around this Admin?

  9. Please this is the first time am using this VPN HA tunnel, I have downloaded the VPN and the download the Glo configuration file but instead it kept eating my Main data or do I need to finish the Main data or what? Please help

  10. Boss, mine (the airtel unlimited configuration file ) has stop working since June 23rd. what's the problem, and the configuration file you upload here, i notice it was HJune 25th you last upload a configuration file, i suppose it as expired or will it still work if i go ahead and download it?

  11. Good morning. I'm a new user. I was able to connect using the 9mobile config for about 10min, I wasn't able to watch the video. Since then I have been trying to connect, it's not linger working, I even tried the newly dropped config

  12. How can I bring out that list, that comes out when you don't want to use a file, the file has some countries and some data they give out.

  13. Isn't the airtel unlimited blocked. But the admin always insists it's not. When it wasnt, the airtel unlimited was a blast and really unbelievable using more than 100gb. If it still works then I guess they blocked me specifically ??

  14. If they can’t, can you please make for us one, coz the ones we have are very slow… it connects then it disconnects. HELP US PLEASE

  15. While connecting the app closed suddenly and said app has stopped working….I reopened on multiple time and it’s still show same message pls how do I retify this?

  16. Why is it not working for me, it only works when I have data . If I switched to the SIM with no data it will stop .


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