Glo Data Connection Not Working? See 3 Quick Fix 2023

This post shows you how to fix glo data connection not working problem. I know the challenging feeling when you try to turn on the glo data connection but it is not turning on.

Yes, Glo’s new law states that you can’t turn it on without an active data subscription. That is to say; “No data, No Connection”.

Maybe you learned of a new browsing cheat that will help you browse on your glo line without data and now you are online searching for the tweak.

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Finally, you saw the trick to browse free and unlimited.

Feels like you’ve arrived, you applied the whole settings given to you.

You downloaded the VPN and now, it’s time to turn on your data connection to start browsing.

GBAM! Something just happened, “data connection is not coming up”.

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No worries, relax and chill.

Today, I will show you how to fix glo data connection problems fast.

glo data connection not working how to fix

Glo Data Connection Not Working? See How To Activate And Make It Stable.

Follow the guidelines below step-by-step to solve the problem instantly.

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1. Active PAYU on Glo

PayU simply means pay as you use on glo. This means you are to browse with your airtime.

Yeah, it is also called Pay as you go on similar networks that allow you to browse with airtime.

So in this case, you can turn on your network connection without data and enjoy your browsing experience.

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If you browse the internet often, you must have noticed that once you exhaust your data on glo, you will always receive a message like;

“You are now browsing on Glo Flexi at N1 per MB (N1/MB)”

So this is it:

  • Kindly sms PAYU to 127 to activate this service.
  • Then, turn on your data, this time it will turn on.

Learn more:

2. Buy A Cheap Data Bundle Plan That Costs Nothing

If your glo data connection is not turning on then, most times, it’s because you don’t have an activated data bundle.

And if you’re not willing to spend so much on a data plan right now, you can consider buying a daily data bundle that costs N50 or related.

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There’s more for you below…

3. Update Your APN Correctly

What if it’s not about your current data balance? Maybe you have an APN configuration problem.

Apply the following Access point name settings on your Smartphone to solve this data connection problem right away:

  • Open Setting on your phone
  • Locate and select APN settings (Access Point Name).
  • Create New APN and input the following information ;
    • APN (Access Point Name) – gloflat
    • Username – flat
    • Password – flat
    • Proxy – Leave blank
    • Port – Leave blank
  • Save and turn on your glo data connection. It works.

Conclusion – Glo Data Connection Not Working

Turning up your glo data connection shouldn’t be a problem for you anymore after reading this article.

Yes, I have given you the best solution to this issue.

What you are to do now is apply the correct settings for the new browsing cheat you discovered.

So I believe the Glo data connection not working error is solved.

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Peace and blessings guys.

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59 thoughts on “Glo Data Connection Not Working? See 3 Quick Fix 2023”

  1. Dear Customer, the plan you are trying to purchase is not compatible with your current data plan. To choose another plan, visit or simply dial *777# thet sent it to me after sending payu to 127

  2. Glo sucks again ! I can’t access the internet since last night till 4:44pm…. Omg! And I just did another subscription 3000 for 14gb now, still not working……10/6/2022 ? I regret Using Glo!!! I can’t wait to switch

  3. Bro I loaded 1500 on my glo mifi sim and converted to gb and after putting back the sim in my modem the name changed, password and everything now I can’t connect to the network please help it is really annoying

  4. I’m experiencing the same data not turning on issue. After reading through this comment section, I decided to call glo CC and I was told to change my apn to glo secured and my username & password should be gprs and all in small letter, after that I should restart my phone and send PAYU to 127. I followed all the instructions and yet nothing worked. Glo network is dead.

  5. I subscribed 2days ago to Glo WTF plan since then my data connection comes and goes I have 490mb but it doesn’t even load Whatsapp messages or anything,and when it does, the data connection stays like 10secs and goes again.

  6. I have Data but I haven’t able to browse up till now it’s not connecting and I have changed the APN to glo flat or glo secure but it is not working

  7. Just baught Glo SPL Data offer , till now not able to browse a single mb, what the hell is wrong with glo.
    When wull they stop cheatung on us.

  8. God bless you for this information
    Glo networks wasn’t working on my phone so I tried the step 3 of the gloflat settings and it worked perfectly
    Thanks for this infi

  9. Glo is horrible i have 2.6 gb but the data is not coming on,have checked every settings it is correct still nothing can’t even make calls now.

  10. my sim. card glo was show 4g but I don’t know what happened suddenly switch and strated showin 3g 2g he doesn’t show 4g and my phone is 4g

    • You can change it in your network settings.

      If it’s set as 2g/3g/4g lte, then wait for a while it will return back to normal.
      Maybe there’s a little bit of Poor network signal in your area.
      It happens.


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