This post shows you how to fix glo data connection not working problem.

I know the challenging feeling when you try to turn on glo data connection but it is not turning on.

Yes, Glo new law states that you can't turn it on without an active data subscription. That is to say; "No data, No Connection".

Maybe you learned of a new browsing cheat that will help you browsing on your glo line without data and now you are online searching for the tweak.

Finally, you saw the trick to browse free and unlimited.

Feels like you've arrived, you applied the whole settings given to you.

You downloaded the VPN and now, it's time to turn on your data connection to start browsing.

GBAM! Something just happened, "data connect is not coming up".

No worries, relax and chill.

Today, I will show you how to fix glo data connection problems fast.

Glo Data Connection Not Working? See How To Activate And Make It Stable.

Follow the guidelines below step-by-step to solve the problem instantly.

1. Active PAYU on Glo

PayU simply means pay as you use on glo. Which means you are to browse with your airtime.

Yeah, it also called Pay as you go on similar networks that allow you to browse with airtime.

So in this case, you can turn on your network connection without data and enjoy your browsing experience.

If you browse the internet often, you must have noticed that once you exhaust your data on glo, you will always receive a message like;

"You are now browsing on Glo Flexi at N1 per MB (N1/MB)"

So this is it:

  • Kindly sms PAYU to 127 to activate this service.
  • Then, turn on your data, this time it will turn on.

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3. Update Your APN Correctly


Turning up your glo data connection shouldn't be a problem for you anymore after reading this article.

Yes, I have given you the best solution to this issue.

What you are to do now is apply the correct settings for the new browsing cheat you discovered.

So I believe the Glo data connection not working error is solved.

Peace and blessings guys.