Telkom Free Browsing Cheat & Internet Data Codes 2021

This post is about the Telkom free browsing cheat settings that grant you unlimited access to the internet without an active data bundle subscription.

You may have come across other blogs that claim to offer quality free Telkom data hack codes for 2021. However, most of those settings are outdated.

Some of you asked for the latest Telkom free internet proxy to apply on your current VPN for it to work properly. Now, are you in this category?

No worries. Today, you’ll get the working Telkom free internet browsing cheat codes for your smartphone.

Telkom Free Browsing Cheat

There is a couple of VPNs to get free access to the internet. So, keep calm as you get the right settings for each VPN included in this post.

telkom free internet browsing data cheat codes

Telkom Free Internet Hack Using HA Tunnel Plus VPN

There’s no big secret when it comes to Telkom free data or internet browsing cheat. All it recommends is the working settings applied on the right VPN to make browsing on your phone possible.

Now, it’s to configure the HA Tunnel Plus VPN for free browsing on the Telkom network.

Before we proceed, you must understand there are several methods to configure the app which include Custom Tweak, Import tweak, etc…

Now, download the HA Tunnel Config File For Telkom here…

Also, download the HA Tunnel app from playstore here…

  • Install and launch the app.
  • Tap on the 3dots at the top-right corner of your screen. You should see a popup after this action.
  • Tap on Import/Export and select Import Config file.
  • Select the Telkom Config file you downloaded earlier and you’re good to go.
  • Go back and start the VPN process.

Wait a few seconds for the VPN to connect and from this moment, you can start browsing the internet for free using your Telkom SIM.

This is one of the free Telkom data hack codes for this month.

What Is The Result?

That’s the active method to activate the Telkom free browsing cheat easily. I hope it quenches your taste of free internet hacks on the Telkom network.

Tell me the result you got in the comment section below…

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