MTN Cheapest Call Rate & Bonus Plan Code 2022

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Get the mtn cheapest call rate information. Here’s everything you need to know about the Calls rates on mtn tariff plans in Nigeria.

You see, most people don’t monitor the speed at which their airtime goes away.

I know the code to check call credit balance is *556# but that’s not all you should be looking at. There is something more important.

MTN call rates.

Today, you’ll learn more about the mtn cheapest call rates in Nigeria.

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About The MTN Cheapest Call Rates

For your information, the default MTN call rate is eleven kobos per second (11k/sec). While the cost per text message you send to another local network in Nigeria is four Naira per SMS (N4/SMS).

You see, the tariff plan you’re migrated to doesn’t impact the call rates directly. But, it affects the airtime bonus you’re given.

However, the airtime you load with a normal MTN recharge code is different. Your account balance call rate is 11 kobo per second.

Now, the tariff plan you operate with gives you access or approval to make calls at a cheaper rate or even get amazing data bonuses.

Wait a minute, consider how much you pay for calls. Most people don’t monitor their call rates at all.

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Yes, whether it is high or low they don’t care. All they see is the BIG airtime bonus for calls and boom, they move (lol).

There’s a tariff plan that gives 700% on MTN Nigeria but the rates on calls should be your major focus, not the amount of airtime you receive.

The thing is, the airtime will go off if the call rate per second is very high.

Get the mtn cheapest call rates is by selecting from the list of mtn best tariff plans for calls.

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mtn cheapest call rate code

MTN Cheapest Call Rates On Different Tariff Plans In Nigeria

MTN call rates for calls across all local networks in Nigeria is 11kobo per second (11k/sec).

Below is the list of mtn tariff plans and their call rate in Nigeria.

Tariff PlanCall Rate
MTN Pulse11k/sec
MTN BetaTalk31.50k/sec
MTN Awuf4U45k/sec
MTN XtraValue45k/sec
MTN YafunYafun42k/sec
MTN mPulse call rate15k/sec
MTN TruTalk11.26k/sec
MTN XtraValue Prepaid15k/sec

With this in mind, you can confidently choose a tariff plan on the mtn network knowing that it has a cheaper call rate.


FAQs- MTN Call Rates &

How to know my mtn tariff plan

Simply dial *123*1*2# to view your current tariff plan on MTN Network.

Which MTN plan is the cheapest for calls?

MTN Pulse tariff plan is the cheapest for calls looking at the table above.

Scroll up to see for yourself.

What is the call rate of MTN BetaTalk?

MTN BetaTalk call rate is 31.50k/sec at the moment.

How much is MTN XtraValue?

The first time migrate is free. But, if you opt-out and migrate again before 30days, you’ll be charged N100 this time.

Do You Get It Now?

That’s the mtn cheapest call rate in the table above. You can scroll up if you didn’t see it.

There’s no cheat to this thing, what you look for is what you get, right?

Now, you know which tariff plan to migrate to and also, the difference between airtime and free bonus.

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