MTN Cheapest Tariff Plans In Nigeria For Data & Calls 2024

Get the MTN cheapest tariff plans in Nigeria that are best for data and calls.

Out of all Mtn Tariff Plans, there are still some of the most valuable plans demanded by subscribers.

And for your sake, I have compiled the list of MTN cheapest tariff plans in Nigeria, you can subscribe and start enjoying their benefits.

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About The Cheapest MTN Tariff Plans in Nigeria

Mtn Nigeria has a variety of tariff plans you as a user can subscribe to. And each one of these plans has different fees attached to them alongside free bonuses.

To avoid being charged too much for calls and data subscriptions, you should take advantage of the cheapest MTN tariff plans to start with.

And below are the list of the cheapest MTN tariff plans in Nigeria.

MTN Cheapest Tariff Plans

The MTN Cheapest Tariff Plan Migration Codes And Their Benefits

Tariff PlansCall RatesMigration Codes
MTN Pulse11k/sec*406*1#
Awuf4U45k/sec*888*Recharge PIN#
XtraValue *131*2#
YafunYafun SIM 11k/sec*123#
XtraSpecial prepaid40k/sec*408*1#
XtraSpecial Postpaid45k/secFollow the prompt
mtn cheapest tariff plans in nigeria

1. MTN Pulse Tariff

Pulse is a community, where you get to express your lifestyle and enjoy a prepaid tariff plan of 11kobo per second to talk, laugh, and connect with loved ones.

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Yes, it is only of the cheapest, recommended mtn tariff plans for youths as you get cheap data plans and affordable call rates to connect with loved ones.

MTN Pulse Migration Codes And Benefits

  • Simply dial *406*1# or mtn cheapest tariff plan - mtn pulse code
  • Dial *123*2*2# or
  • Send 406 to 131

You will receive a message from MTN telling you that your migration was successful.

This will be a confirmation that your request was accepted and it’s been granted. From there, you may get a lot of text messages from MTN to let you know more about their products and services.

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MTN Pulse Benefits

  • Pulse allows you to enjoy a FLAT rate of 11kobo per second (11k/sec) for calls across other Networks in Nigeria.

Even though their first time 50seconds call is charged at 25k/sec, other cheap plans attached are also cool.

  • Free Data bonuses on recharge.
  • Music+ free music streaming all day for just N10
  • You get a 100% data bonus for a 500MB weekly data bundle purchased.
  • MTN Night Plan. You get 125MB for N25 and 250MB for N50 on Nightlife Bundle Plan.
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You can enjoy airtime and data benefits by migrating to this MTN cheapest tariff plan in Nigeria. Expect more other awesome packages from MTN Pulse.

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2. MTN Beta-Talk: Best & Cheapest MTN Tariff Plan For Calls

Beta-Talk is a prepaid tariff plan brought to you by MTN Nigeria which offers a 150% bonus of airtime recharge below N100 and also, you get a 250% whopping airtime bonus on airtime recharge N100 and above.

BetaTalk recently added a cheap data offer that allows you to enjoy 30MB data for only N50.

How To Migrate To BetaTalk Tariff Plan

  • Simply dial *123*2*1# or
  • Send BT to 131

You should receive a welcome message and other text giving you more details on BetaTalk plan benefits.

BetaTalk Benefits

  • You get a 150% bonus airtime on every airtime recharged below N100.
  • You get a 250% bonus airtime on every airtime recharge of N100 and above.
  • Also, you get 30MB at N50 for daily internet browsing.

You Need To See These MTN Tariff Plans That Gives Bonus On Recharge.

How To Get 30MB for N50 on BetaTalk


  • Simply dial *131*114# or
  • Dial *131*1*
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Via SMS:

  • Send 114 to 131 or
  • Send B30 to 131.

You will receive your desired data in a few seconds. If you didn’t receive any message, you can check your available data by dialing *131*4# or sending 2 to 131.

3. MTN Awuf4U: Best & Cheapest MTN Tariff Plan For Calls

Awuf4U offers you a 200% airtime bonus every time you recharge your mtn line below N100.

Meanwhile, you get a whopping 300% airtime bonus whenever you recharge from N100 and above with their special code, *888*Recharge PIN#, or via VTU.

MTN Awuf4U Benefits

This is one of the Mtn Cheapest tariff plans made for calls.

And below are the benefits you get using the code (*888*Recharge PIN#), to recharge your line:

  • You get a 300% airtime bonus on every recharge. (For example, if you recharge N100, you will get N400 i.e. N100 on your main account, while N300 as Awuf4U bonus)
  • You get 4times (4x) the value of your Recharge.
  • You are allowed to call All Nigeria Network with Awuf4U bonuses.
  • You can SMS to All Nigeria Networks.
  • Make International calls to 18 different countries.
  • You get PAYG (Pay As You Go) data for browsing.
  • 75 SMS are allowed weekly. (Still, don’t know why MTN added this)
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How To Migrate To Awuf4U Tariff

  • There is no particular code to migrate to this cheap tariff plan.

The point here is to make use of the code given to recharge your line and you are good to start enjoying the benefits.

Have A Look At The Code To Browse With Airtime On MTN Network.

4. MTN mPulse Tariff: Best & MTN Cheapest Tariff Plan For Data

This tariff plan is said to be launched or provided for students between the ages of 9 and 15.

It is an exciting service from MTN which equip them with the resource they need to maximize their potential and be all they want to be.

MPulse has two features: The mPulse Tariff and The mPulse Website.

Benefits Of mPulse

  • You Make National Calls at 15kobo/sec
  • mPulse provides fun and educational contents for students and youths on their website,
  • As one of the cheapest tariff plans on MTN, They give free data bonus on recharge.
  • MPulse also offers special data bundles for browsings on the website (
  • They offer 350MB for N150 and 100MB for N50
  • You get free Whatsapp monthly for 7days.
  • You get a special Birthday reward of N200. (Sounds nice right!)
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How To Migrate To MTN mPulse Tariff

  • Simply dial *344*1# or
  • Send mPulse to 131 or
  • Download MyMTNApp, go to Tariff plan and Select mPulse.

You will receive a confirmation message.

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5. MTN XtraValue: Best & Cheapest Tariff Plans

XtraValue gives you a huge amount of airtime and data bundle which are available in two (2) categories (XtraTalk and XtraData) and cost different amounts starting from N300 to N20,000.

  • XtraTalk Bundle gives you more airtime for calls, with family and friends.
  • XtraData gives you more data to browse the internet, just as the name implies.

It doesn’t matter the price of the plan you are in, both prepaid or postpaid can enjoy the benefits of this cheap mtn tariff plan.

How To Subscribe To MTN XtraTalk Tariff

  • Kindly send V(amount) to 131. (For example, to subscribe with N1000, send V1000 to 131)
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You will get N3,900 for National calls and 300MB for browsing the internet, valid for 30days.

You get More Airtime on this tariff plan.

How To Subscribe To XtraData

  • Simply send D(amount) to 131.

For example, send D1000 to 131 and you get an extra N1000 for calls and 1GB data for browsing valid for 30days.

You get More Data.

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How To Migrate Or Subscribe To XtraValue

  • Simply dial *131*2# and select your preferred bundle type to get started. cheapest mtn tariff plans nigeria xtravalue code

How To Check XtraValue Balance

  • Simply dial *556# or
  • Dial *559*61#

You will see a pop-up, showing your available balance.

6. YafunYafun SIM – Best Call Tariff

Mtn YafunYafun is a very cheap tariff plan specially made for new MTN customers after registering and activating your new SIM.

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(MTN is up to something, lol?)

Benefits Of MTN YafunYafun Tariff Plan

After successful registration and activation of your new number, you are now eligible to enjoy the following:

  • You get a 100% bonus on Every Recharge of N100 and above; in which 500% of the bonus will be used for National Voice Calls and SMS while 200% of the bonus can be used for Data to browse on all website etc.

MTN YafunYafun is yet to bring up more amazing offers.

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How To Migrate To MTN YafunYafun

After Activating your new SIM card,

  • Simply dial *123#,
  • Select Tariff Plans and
  • Choose YafunYafun as your preferred plan.

Meanwhile, if you fail to choose any tariff plan on your new number, you will be migrated to MTN YafunYafun by default.

You can start enjoying the benefits.

How To Subscribe To MTN YafunYafun Tariff (Cheapest Plans)

  • Kindly buy a recharge card (Airtime)
  • Recharge your line with*555*Recharge PIN#
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Immediately, you will receive a 700% bonus on that amount recharged.

The bonus is divided into two (2), which are:

  1. 500% for voice calls while,
  2. 200% of the bonus will be used for a data bundle.

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7. MTN XtraSpecial Prepaid Tariff Plan

MTN Xtra Special prepaid is one of the cheapest MTN tariff plans for making calls.

It allows you to enjoy a FLAT rate of 15 kobos per second for MTN-to-MTN calls, MTN-to-Other Networks, and 18 Selected International Destinations from the first second.

Selected Destinations include:

  1. Canada
  2. China
  3. Germany
  4. India
  5. Ireland
  6. Malaysia
  7. South Africa
  8. United Kingdom
  9. United States
  10. Sweden
  11. South Korea
  12. Israel
  13. Hong Kong
  14. Romania
  15. Denmark
  16. Cyprus
  17. Malta
  18. Luxembourg

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XtraSpecial Prepaid Call Rates

  • MTN-to-MTN 15k/sec
  • MTN-to-Other Networks 15k/sec
  • MTN-to- Selected international destination 15k/sec

How To Migrate To MTN XtraSpecial Tariff Plan


  • Simply dial *408*1# or
  • Dial *123*2*4#
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Via SMS:

  • Text 408 to 131

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8. MTN XtraSpecial Postpaid Tariff Plan

MTN Xtra special postpaid is also one of the cheapest MTN call tariff plans that allow you to enjoy a FLAT rate of 15kobo per second for MTN to MTN calls, MTN to Other Networks, and 18 selected international destinations from the first seconds.

Selected destinations include:

  1. Canada
  2. China
  3. Germany
  4. India
  5. Ireland
  6. Malaysia
  7. South Africa
  8. United Kingdom
  9. United States
  10. Sweden
  11. South Korea
  12. Israel
  13. Hong Kong
  14. Romania
  15. Denmark
  16. Cyprus
  17. Malta
  18. Luxembourg

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XtraSpecial Postpaid Call Rates

It is the same as that of the prepaid plan.

  • MTN to MTN 15k/sec
  • MTN to Other Network 15k/sec
  • MTN to Some Selected Countries 15k/sec

How To Migrate To MTN XtraSpecial Postpaid Tariff Plan

It would have been easier to Simply dial *123*****# to get started but it’s way more than that.

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To migrate to MTN XtraSpecial Postpaid Plan, you are to visit the nearest MTN Service Center or Connect Store Nationwide.

After which you will be asked for the following:

  • Fill and sign off a subscriber agreement form
  • A Valid Personal Government Issued Identity Card.
  • Two (2) clear passport photograph
  • A Valid Utility Bill
  • Fill a bank agreement form
  • And some more, to make sure you are real.

After successful migration, you can now enjoy XtraSpecial benefits.

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Now out of all,

Which Is The Cheapest MTN Tariff Plan In Nigeria?

At the moment, I use MTN Pulse and it has been my preferred choice because of data (lol).

I’d love to know your favorite plan out of all in the comment section below.

How To Change Tariff Plan On MTN

People keep asking for guidelines to change their current tariff plan. Some of them want to change to MTN BetaTalk, MTN Pulse, etc.

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The request to change the tariff plan on MTN is not just in Nigeria. We get requests from Zambia, South Africa, and other countries using MTN.

Here’s how to change the mtn tariff plans to another:

  • Simply dial the activate code of the tariff plan you’d like to migrate to.

Select one of the mtn tariff plans in the table below:

Tariff PlanActivation Code
MTN Beta Talk*123*2*1#
MTN Pulse*406*1# or *123*2*2#
MTN XtraValue*131*2#
MTN Awuf4U*888*Recharge PIN#
MTN mPulse*344*1#
MTN XtraSpecial Prepaid*123*2*4# or *408*1#
MTN YafunYafunFor New Customers
MTN TruTalk*123*2*6#
MTN XtraSpecial Postpaid*408*1# or *123*2*4#

To change the tariff plan on mtn, just select a plan from the table and dial the activation code. Once you migrate, you’ve changed your mtn tariff plan.

How To Check Airtime Balance

  • Simply dial *559*14#

You will receive the full details of your account balance.

Conclusion – Best MTN Tariff Plans For Data & Calls

There are a lot of tariff plans online provided by various network service providers in Nigeria but in this article, I have given the top 5 MTN Cheapest Tariff Plans In Nigeria.

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