Download Hungry Shark World For Android (Update 2022)

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Here’s how to download hungry shark world for android and iOs mobile phones.

If you’re amongst those looking for the current version of the Hungry shark world android game, then this post is for you.

I love adventure games. Especially, games with fighting, as the major role to be played.

Don’t know about you but, the Hungry Shark World game is a video game for Android, that looks like the advanced Playstation series.

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Hungry Shark World Summary

App NameHungry Shark World
Latest Version4.6.0
RequirementAndroid Version 5.0
Developed byUbisoft
File Size131MB

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Download Hungry Shark World For Android

The major role of the game is to feed the BIG HUNGRY SHARK. The sharks feed on small, medium, and large size fishes.

There’s no limit. You’re to feed it as much as you can, to satisfy and quench the hunger.

Look here, the hungry shark eats fishes, birds, and even unwitting humans on its way. Hungry shark world grabs all with aggression.

Before you proceed, you’re given options to pick after downloading the Hungry shark world for android or iOs.

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You’re required to select a shark from 8 different types available, these include the iconic ocean predator: the Great White!

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When the hungry shark eats the baby sharks, whales plus octopus, bald eagles, and other small birds, it boosts its ability to grow BIGGER.

This, in turn, increases the Hungry shark’s hunger to hunt and get more food to eat.

Get out of the hole and rescue your kingdom from upcoming barriers. Stay alert to help the Hungry shark world feed and gain scores.

Download Hungry shark world for android. As you play the game, you get to understand how it works, better.

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Video Preview: Download hungry shark world for android & iOs

Storage Requirements

The required storage space for Hungry Shark World apk to install on your android phone is 131MB only.

Also, make sure you have the Android Version 5.0 operating system or higher versions. The game will run smoothly on 4GB RAM and a fast Processor.

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The Hungry Shark World For Android & iOs

Enjoy the great experience as play the game, it’s more like a real deal. The high-end 3D graphics made it all crazy.

Search through the lush Pacific Islands, frozen Arctic Ocean, exotic the Arabian Sea, and now the South China Sea, a vibrant urban destination full of fresh, unwary victims!

The Hungry Shark goes for food even if it blows out of water.

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Out of hunger, the Big shark eats other creatures made to live in the Water World. These creators include Whales, submarines, and wandering locals.

And, all I’ll say is BEWARE of the hungry shark and be guided.

In the game, there’s a feature that allows you to upgrade the Hungry shark blade. This feature makes the shark bite harder, not as usual.

You may be shown a couple of ads when your data connection is on. Yes, an internet connection is needed to download or unlock some features in the Hungry shark game.

When you upgrade the shark, it makes it grow BIGGER, bites other creatures harder, and swim faster. This helps you enjoy your experience in the game.

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Reviews & Feedback From Users (About Hungry Shark World)

In this section, you’ll see what others are saying about the Hungry shark game for Android and iOs.

Eluza Darkhölme says; (download hungry shark world for android)

Love it, but I dont like how when you clean up one area, the fish dont respawn. So you have to go to the other areas, and get killed faster.

Also, only 4 places on the map, when there are so many places in the world that you could go to. Plus, I think that with each shark, you should go to a deeper, more dangerous place to show you are more powerful.

But yeah, really easy to get coins and amethyst gems for stuff. But overall 5 bazillion stars. Please respond, and tell me how you guys do this. (December 19)

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Dylan Murphy says;

Love this game, I play every day. No purchases required, no stupid clans or world chat, just play as much as you want and that's it.

My only issue is that with the recent update it says my data isn't synced anymore and no amount of clicking sign into Facebook or sync is fixing it.

Also, the Christmas set popup doesn't do anything when I click on it. Hoping these issues will be fixed soon. (December 22)

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FAQs – Hungry Shark World For Android & iOs

Can I download hungry shark world?

Yes, make use of the portable button or links in the post above. Scroll up and download it immediately

Is hungry shark world or evolution better?

Everyone has a perspective about the Hungry share android game. Some say that the Shark world is dope, and others say evolution is better.

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Have You Downloaded it?

I hope you were able to download hungry shark world for android and iOs smartphone devices.

Do you have any challenges before/after downloading the Hungry shark world game?

Ask for help in the comment section below…

If you find the game amazing, drop a sweet comment to appreciate our efforts. At least, we tried to bring the link for you to download.

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