Glo Berekete vs Glo Yakata: Which is Better 2023?

Glo Berekete vs Glo Yakata: This post on NetworkPalava explains what you must know about Berekete and Yakat tariff plans on the Glo network.

To make it easy to understand, you’ll know the difference between Glo Berekete and Glo Yakata plan in a few minutes.

Glo Yakata, the default tariff plan for new Glo users, was replaced by Glo Berekete as the default plan on every freshly activated SIM card once upon a time.

Although both Yakata and Berekete provides voice and data benefits, so which is better?

Scroll slowly to find out in today’s post…

About Glo Berekete versus Glo Yakata

This section explains how Glo Berekete and Yakata work. So, if you’re unfamiliar with these tariff plans, read carefully.

Glo Berekete Summary 

Glo BEREKETE++ has been renamed Glo BEREKETE 10X. BEREKETE 10X provides with even more abundant voice and data features.

Every recharge on Glo Berekete 10X includes a 400% voice bonus and a 500% data bonus, both of which are good for 7 days.

These bonuses, together with the amount recharged, total ten times the value of what was recharged. The voice bonus can be used to call any network.

BEREKETE 10X is the default tariff plan for new subscribers, replacing BEREKETE++.

Existing Glo subscribers can also enjoy BEREKETE 10X bonus by dialing *777#.

Please note: Existing customers are not eligible for the one-off welcome bonus.

Glo Yakata Summary

Glo Yakata is a standard prepaid tariff plan that provides you with voice and broadband bonus whenever you reload your prepaid line.

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Prior to the introduction of Glo Berekete, it was the Glo default prepaid tariff plan.

Every recharge on Glo Yakata, starting at N100, provides you call, data, and voice bonus worth 22X the amount recharged. All bonus last 7 days and can be used to phone any network.

On data plans, you can additionally get up to 6GB of data bonus per month. This promotion is only valid for 6 months after SIM activation.

The good news is that both new and existing Glo customers can reap the benefits of Glo Yakata simply by switching from their current tariff plan to the Yakata tariff plan.

Let’s jump right into their comparison now that you know what Glo Berekete and Yakata are.

Glo Berekete vs Glo Yakata – Benefits

The table below shows the benefits of Glo Yakata and Glo Berekete tariff plan:

Glo Berekete BenefitsGlo Yakata Benefits
All new customers will receive N1,000 joining bonus, which can be utilized for ALL-NET calls and data. The bonus is offered once after activating a new Glo SIM and making your first call with a minimum N100 recharge.You will receive an unlimited number of free Glo-Glo calls.
A massive 10X bonus (400% for voice and 500% for data) on all recharges, valid for ALL-NET calls and data.Get Free data is based on the amount you recharge.
For 6 months from the date of joining the Glo Network, you will receive a special extra data bonus on your first monthly recharge (N100 and higher).Glo-Glo calls are completely free.
For four months, you can get a 100% bonus on data plan purchases.
Every day, subscribers receive the first minute of calls to other networks for FREE.
When you activate your SIM card, you will receive a welcome bonus.For the next six months, you will receive 6GB of free data each month.
Every recharge with N100 or above provides 22 times the value to contact all networks.
On the Yakata rate plan, both the voice and data bonuses are valid for 7 days.
SMS messages are charged at a rate of N4 per SMS.

Glo Berekete vs Glo Yakata – Call Rates

Due to the incredible benefits that both Glo Berekete and Glo Yakata give for calls, this portion of the Glo Berekete vs Glo Yakata comparison is often overlooked.

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Tariff PlanCall Rate
Glo Berekete Call RateThe call rate for Glo Berekete is 36 kobos per second (36k/sec) if charged from your main account balance, and 77 kobos per second (77k/sec) if charged from your bonus account.
Glo Yakata Call RateOn Glo Yakata, calls are charged at a rate of 55k/sec for Glo to Glo calls and 70k/sec for Glo to other local network connections. In the meantime, the Glo Yakata bonus call rate is 70k/second.


Yakata vs Berekete – Glo Data Plans

Because Glo data plans are not tariff-based, both the Glo Berekete and Yakata tariff plans provide the same data volume for the same price.

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Glo Berekete, on the other hand, gives new users an extra 100% data on every data purchase they make for the first four months.

Please keep in mind that the data bonus you receive has no effect on the price.

Glo Berekete vs Glo Yakata – Who Is Eligible?

Before you even consider the benefits of these Glo tariff Plans, you must first determine whether you are entitled or eligible to use them.

Tariff PlanEligibility Status
Glo BereketeThe Glo Berekete rate plan is available to all Glo customers, both old and new.

That is, there are no limits or obligations for existing consumers to switch to the Glo Berekete tariff plan.
Glo YakataEvery Glo user can switch to and benefit from the Glo Yakata tariff plan.

That means you don’t even need a new SIM card or to be an existing Glo client to enjoy the Yakata bonus on the Glo network.

What Is Common On Both Tariff Plans?

We can’t compare Glo Yakata and Glo Berekete without mentioning their commonalities.

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See what is common between Glo Yakata and Berekete below:

  • They both provide bonuses with each recharge.
  • They both divided their bonus between data and calls.
  • Both the Glo Yakata and Glo Berekete bonuses are only valid for 7 days.

Glo Berekete vs Glo Yakata: Which is better?

Glo Yakata, the default tariff plan for new Glo users, was replaced by Glo Berekete as the default plan on every freshly activated SIM card once upon a time. Which is superior, although both provide voice and data benefits?

A summary is provided in the table below:

Glo BereketeGlo Yakata
N1,000 welcome bonus for all new customers who successfully activate their SIM cards.No welcome bonus at Glo Yakata.
Get a 10X bonus with every call and data recharge.
22X bonus on all recharges starting at N100. 7-day validity
6 months of monthly data bonus on the first recharge of the month.
There is no monthly first-recharge bonus.
Up to 100% bonus on all data plans for the first four months following SIM activation.
Up to 6GB data bonus after SIM activation for the first 6 months.

Now, considering the difference, which one is better? Leave a comment.

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Additional Info:

N100 recharge on Glo Berekete 10X gets you an N400 in voice bonus.

With a main account call rate of 36 Kobo/sec and a bonus account call rate of 77 Kobo/sec, N100 airtime on Glo Berekete 10X will provide you with 13 minutes and 23 seconds of talk time.

N100 recharge on Glo Yakata entitles you to N350 voice bonus.

Considering on-net and all-net call rates of 55 and 70 Kobo/sec, respectively, plus 70 Kobo/sec from the bonus account.

With N100 airtime, you may make calls for 5 minutes 57 seconds to 6 minutes 40 seconds on Glo Yakata.

Finally, you can decide whether Glo Berekete 10X is superior to (or better than) Glo Yakata. You are aware of your options and the specific tariff plan that is suitable for you. So, activate your desired tariff plan.

FAQs – Yakata vs Berekete on Glo

What is Yakata on Glo?

Glo Yakata is a new juicy package offered by Globacom Nigeria to new and existing Glo customers as the telecommunications business aims to continuously develop unique solutions that deliver value for money.

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Which of the Glo plan is the best?

I don’t think there’s any tariff plan labeled ‘BEST’ on the Glo network. You just have to pick the one that suits you and go with that. At NetworkPalava, our job is to explain how tariff plans work, then you decide.

Is Glo Yakata the same as Glo 22X?

  • No. It’s not the same.

Glo 22X is a prepaid package that gives you fantastic broadband and voice bonus whenever you refresh your Glo line. While Glo Yakata is a standard prepaid tariff plan that provides users with voice and broadband bonus whenever they reload their prepaid line.


Glo Yakata vs Glo Berekete is two tariff plans that are well-known for their amazing data and voice advantages. The essence of the post is to show you the benefits of each tariff plan so you can decide and pick one.

To wrap it all up…

Glo Berekete: This tariff plan, called Glo Berekete, is available on the Glo network. It is also known as the default prepaid tariff plan, which offers voice and data benefits to users who reload their prepaid lines.

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The Glo Yakata: Every time a prepaid line is recharged, Glo Yakata, a special tariff plan, rewards consumers with voice and data bonus. Before Glo Berekete was introduced, Yakata was the default prepaid tariff plan for Glo.

Now, is glo berekete better than yakata? Leave a comment in the comment section below.

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