Glo Hourly Plan 2024: How To Buy Time-Based Bundle

Get the Glo Hourly plan subscription code today! If you’re looking for the Glo YouTube hourly plan, the Glo unlimited hourly plan, or the Glo time-based data packages, this page is for you.

I’ve recently noticed an increase in the number of online users asking about time-based packages.

Yes, everyone is looking for a solution to satisfy their browsing needs. And they are convinced that obtaining the Glo hourly data plan code will cure all of their internet problems.

Is the Glo hourly plan capable of resolving this issue?

So, when you scroll down, read on to find out.

About Glo Hourly (Time-Based Plan)

The surfing data package called the Glo HOURLY bundle provides you with better savings when browsing the web.

The Glo hourly plan works like this:

Like a cyber cafe where you may go and ask for surfing time, the administrator or representative will offer you with a login code for the particular amount of time you paid for.

The hours are computed here based on how much time you spend browsing the internet (the Glo data plan code is not needed).

This means that while you are offline, the HOURLY plan is not calculated. You are also given a time limit beyond which you will lose internet connection.

For example, if I buy a Glo hourly plan for 2 hours with a validity of 2 days, I can begin surfing tomorrow and browse for 2 hours.

I might opt to spend an hour looking in the morning and an hour using in the afternoon. If I do not use the offered access within two days, it will be disconnected and I will no longer have internet access.

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Glo Hourly Plans Code & How To Activate

Glo Nigeria doesn’t have an Hourly plan at the moment. If any one is launched, you’ll be information as soon as possible.

However, you can activate one of the glo data bundles below to replace the HOURLY plan you desire:


More Info On The Glo Bundles

You can sign up for one of the aforementioned data packages if you’re in search of the Glo hourly plans.

Yes, this also applies if you’re also looking for the Glo YouTube hourly plan. It allows you to watch YouTube videos.


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Features Glo Hourly plan

Below are some things you should know about the glo time-based or hourly plans:

  • First, glo doesn’t have any plan Named ‘HOURLY bundle’.
  • You can browse while keeping your budget in mind.
  • There’s no need to be concerned about going over budget.
  • Excellent internet browsing speed.
  • Get unlimited internet access for the duration of your purchase.

Glo HOURLY Surf subscribers have complete control over how much time and money they spend online because they are charged HOURLY rather than by the amount of data consumed.

Sign up for the Glo Time-based bundle and use it for as little as 2 hours to send and receive emails, download files, or video chat with pals.

Glo Youtube Hourly Plan

Customers will be able to stream their favorite YouTube videos for as little as N50 per hour with the Glo time-based (HOURLY) plan.

The Glo YouTube time-based (HOURLY) plans are priced at N50 for one hour, N130 for three hours, N50 for five hours (at night), and N200 for seven hours (Night).

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According to the corporation, a fair usage policy would be implemented on each of the fixed volume plans.

“These new plans have been designed in such a way that each price pack has its own streaming time.”

For example, on the N50 plan, customers can use the 1-hour streaming in 10-minute or 20-minute increments, all within one day,” Globacom stated.

How To Subscribe To Glo HOURLY or Time-based Plans For YouTube Streaming

To activate the Glo YouTube plans,

  • Open your phone dialer app and dial *777#.
  • Choose 2 which is ‘Data’.
  • To purchase data, select 1.
  • Select whether you want the bundle to be renewed on-demand or automatically.
  • Choose 6 for social packages.
  • Finally, choose 2 for YouTube bundles and then any of the plans from the list.

This is a time-based plan. YouTube plans are available in four distinct packages. Two of the four work at any time of day. The remaining two are for use at night.

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N50 gets you one hour of YouTube viewing time. N130 for three hours of YouTube streaming. N50 gets 5 hours of YouTube streaming time at night. N200 gets 7 hours of YouTube streaming time at night.

YouTube Time (HOURLY) Plan

Take a lot at a few things about these Glo HOURLY or time-based plans below:

  • Buy 1 hour for  N50 (can be used at any time of the day).
  • Buy 3 hours for N130 (can be used at any time of the day).
  • Buy 5 hours for N50 (can be used only during night hours).
  • Buy 7 hours for N200 (can be used only during night hours).

It should be noted that these time-based YouTube plans are only for streaming YouTube videos via the website or the YouTube app.

It does not allow you to save or download YouTube videos. This is because it is being deducted from your existing data package or airtime.

FAQ – Glo Hourly Plan Code

How can I get 1GB for 100 on Glo?

  • Simply dial *777# and Choose “Data”.
  • Then click “purchase data.”
  • Select “Continue” (auto-renew)
  • Select “night and weekend plans” and then the N100 for 1GB plan.

Note that you must have a minimum of N100 airtime or credit recharged on your glo line. Also, this is not Glo hourly bundle.

How can I get 2GB for 500 on Glo?

  • Open your phone dialer and simply dial *777#.
  • Tap “Data,” then “Purchase data plan.”
  • Then click “proceed (auto-renew)”.
  • Choose “Special data offer.”
  • Finally, select a plan from the list.
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Make sure you recharge your line with N500 airtime before trying the code. Otherwise, it won’t work.

Have You Activated The Glo HOURLY Bundle?

Globacom, a telecommunications company, has developed YouTube-specific data plans for its members in order to provide more inexpensive access to the popular online video content aggregator.

Customers will be able to stream their favorite YouTube videos for as little as N50 per hour with the new time-based subscriptions.

You can consider buying this plan in place of the Glo HOURLY plan you’re looking for.

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