How To Borrow Airtime From MTN Without Paying Back

Learn how to borrow airtime from MTN without paying back.

But wait oh, is it not funny?

How can you loan money to someone and desire not to pay it back?

Well, there may be some solution around borrowing airtime from mtn without paying back. Yes, since some people claim to have done it successfully.

Learn more below…

About MTN XtraTime: Will I Pay Back?

When you run out of airtime, you can use the MTN XtraTime service to borrow airtime on credit and repay it when you recharge.

ONLY Prepaid users who qualify for the service can use MTN XtraTime.

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Now, this one is important.

You MUST: Be a Prepaid client in order to be qualified for the XtraTime service. Talk less about borrowing airtime without paying back.

Repaying the loan debt on MTN may be something you’re not always ready to do, even though MTN allows you to borrow airtime whenever you please.

This could be due to the fact that you need to recharge your line to purchase data or place a crucial call.

But since you and I both know that whenever you recharge, your airtime will be swept off your main balance if you MTN Nigeria, having an unpaid loan obligation may prevent you from doing so.

This is enough reason when you want to know how to borrow airtime from mtn without paying back, isn’t it?

I recognize it may be incredibly annoying given the current state of the economy in the nation.

See how to borrow data from mtn without paying back.

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How To Borrow Airtime From MTN Without Paying Back

I see that you really want to borrow airtime without paying back, but first, let me show you how to borrow airtime from MTN the Normal way.

  • The MTN code for borrowing airtime is *600#. If you are qualified for the credit.
  • Yes, you will receive your borrowed credit right away after dialing *600*amount# or *600# and following the on-screen instructions.

Many people want to borrow credit without paying it back. But, MTN makes it easy for you to borrow airtime and return it whenever you recharge.

Yes, follow these easy instructions to borrow MTN airtime;

  • Dial *606#
  • Choose Xtratime.
  • You can select how much airtime you want to borrow.
  • Choose “confirm.”

You can also use dial *131*5# to borrow airtime without using *606#.

Code To Borrow Airtime Without Paying Back 

I have seen people claim that it’s possible to borrow airtime on MTN without paying back.

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Yes, many claims that they were able to get away with the airtime they borrowed.

But hey! It’s not a good practice.

However, below is the only process to borrow airtime And not pay it back:

  • Purchase an MTN SIM card, then put it in your phone.
  • To borrow airtime, dial *606# (any amount you wish).
  • Utilize all of the borrowed airtime.
  • Last but not least, remove your SIM card and never use it again (Break it, or throw it away).

That is the only approach you can use if you’re one of those looking for a way to borrow airtime from MTN without paying it back with credit.

You won’t pay back the loan you took out from MTN after that.

All of your contacts will be lost, and your line will be terminated.

Move forward with it if you feel comfortable doing so.

To make it clear to you:

  • You can’t Borrow Airtime on MTN without paying back. You must pay back the airtime loan that you’re given. Unless you won’t use that SIM card anymore.
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How to borrow Airtime from mtn without using *606#

To borrow credit without using the *606# Xtratime code, follow the guidelines below:

  • First, open your phone dialer app and dial *131#. You’ll see a popup menu from MTN.
  • Now, reply 5 to select Borrow Credit/Recharge
  • Next, Reply 1 to select Borrow Airtime or Reply 2 to select Borrow Data.
  • From here, proceed to borrow the amount that you’re eligible to borrow.

You can follow the same process to borrow 100 airtime from mtn or way more. It all depends on your eligibility status.

Also, see how to borrow airtime from glo.

How To Repay

This part has nothing to do with borrowing airtime from mtn without paying it back. It’s all about paying back your airtime loan. That is, the amount you borrowed.

  • You must use the well-known balance inquiry code (*556#). Yes to find out how much airtime they previously borrowed from their Xtra Time account before returning it.
  • This will make the borrowed amount’s negative value visible, letting you know how much you owe in full.
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Now, recharge your MTN line with the exact amount you borrowed or more.

FAQs – Borrow airtime from mtn without paying back.

How can I borrow data from MTN without paying back?

You must pay back. Unless you don’t recharge your MTN line anymore.

The USSD code to borrow data from MTN is *606#, the same as it is for data borrowing from other providers.

The procedure is to pick XtraByte by dialing *606#.

Following that, you can choose your favorite data plan from the choice of data packages that are provided.

Note: The amount you can borrow is limited to your eligibility status.

How can I borrow twice on MTN?

To borrow twice, you must be eligible.

So try borrowing for the first time and then, try again. If it works, it means you’re eligible to borrow airtime multiple times.

Can I transfer borrowed airtime on MTN?

No, you can’t. At the moment, you can only transfer the airtime that you bought and recharge on your phone directly.

You can send money via text message or the USSD code to your family and friends.

Yes, You can send a minimum of N50 and a maximum of N5,000 using the MTN XtraTime service in a single transaction.

You might not be able to use this service if your account is negative, meaning that you borrowed airtime.

Have you learned how to borrow airtime from mtn without paying it back?

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