How To Borrow Airtime From MTN Faster 2023

Get it, I know you are asking how to borrow airtime from MTN.

Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one searching for this at the moment there are tons of individuals who need help on borrowing credit from their Network providers and get stuck.

But luckily, you found my content.

Today, I will show you three (3) ways to borrow credit on MTN and also put you through some important things you must know about this service.

Let’s get started.

About MTN Airtime Service (MTN Xtratime)

It is called the MTN Xtratime that allows you to borrow credit based on your request and eligibility. Anytime you run out of credit you can always ask for the amount you’re eligible for and pay back later.

MTN Airtime helps you save time when you need to make an urgent call but you’re short on airtime and unable to buy a recharge card from a call center.

No one knows, it may be at midnight, in a meeting, or somewhere tight that you can’t easily get airtime.

Yeah, all you can do is, dial that shortcode, and borrow the amount of credit you are allowed to.

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how to borrow airtime from mtn

Important Note On Borrowing Airtime from MTN

Just before you decide on borrowing that airtime from MTN Nigeria, here are some recommendations you must have:

  • Make sure you have an active MTN SIM Card.
  • Your sim card must be registered.
  • You must be at least twelve (12) months on the network. If you recharge often for three (3) months, you will be eligible for this offer.
  • Your monthly recharge must be between N0 and N75 to ask for extra airtime.
  • Make sure you have no outstanding debts on the service. This means you cant borrow credit 2X without paying up your existing or previous Xtratime debt.
  • You will be charged a 10% service fee for every transaction.
  • MTN will deduct the amount of airtime you borrowed from your account, once you recharge your line.
  • Finally, this plan is limited to Prepaid users only. All postpaid customers are out of this.
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With the above on your mind, proceed to borrow airtime on MTN.

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1. How To Borrow Airtime From MTN

  • Simply dial *606#. You should see a pop-up menu. how to borrow airtime on mtn 1
  • Select Xtratime from the list.
  • Select the amount of airtime you want to borrow.

You will receive an instant message from MTN after selecting the amount of airtime you want.

The purpose of this message is for you to confirm that you accept the 10% service fee for this transaction.

And once you confirm the fee, you will receive your Xtratime request and 10% of the borrowed credit will be deducted from your account.

For example, here is how to borrow 50 Naira from MTN:

  • Dial the above code and select Xtratime.
  • Select N50 from the list.
  • Confirm the service fee.

You will get N45 on your MTN line. (N5 was deducted as 10% of 50 Naira)

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2. Alternative Code To Borrow Airtime From MTN

  • Simply dial *123# on your phone dialer. how to borrow airtime on mtn 2
  • Reply “6” to see the Xtratime menu.
  • Select Xtratime from the list.
  • Now, select the amount of airtime you prefer.
  • Confirm the message that MTN sends to you.
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You will receive your request for airtime immediately.

Remember, a 10% service fee will be debited from your account.

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3. Borrow Credit Using Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

This is just another simple means to borrow airtime on mtn. Yeah, it’s like talking to an MTN customer care service representative but in this case, the response has been programmed to automatically answer your common queries after which you’ll be redirected to a real human to speak with on the line to solve your specified problem.   Here is how to ask for Xtratime:

  • Simply dial 606 and wait while it processes. how to borrow airtime on mtn 3
  • Now follow instructions to select your preferred language. (English is preferable)
  • Select XtraTime and listen while the Speaking voice mentions the amount of data you are eligible to borrow at the moment.
  • Type the required number to select your preferred data volume.
  • The system will ask you for the 10% service fee confirmation, accept it.
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After a successful confirmation, mtn will send you a notification message that your account has been credited with MTN Xtratime.   That’s it.

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4. The PAYME, PAYU Strategy

That’s the name I gave this method, in full, you can call it “The Pay Me, I Pay You Back” method or “Fund Me, I Fund You” or Help Me, I Help You”, anyone you prefer calling it.

You can always ask a close friend for airtime by asking him/her to share a little portion of their airtime with you promising to pay them back when you recharge.

What if there is no friend around at the moment?

No worries. Make use of the MTN call me back service.

Here is how to:

  • Simply dial *133#. You will see a popup message asking you to enter the number of the person you want to ask a favor from. how to borrow airtime on mtn 4
  • Tap Send. After inputting the number in the space provided, tap “send” and proceed to the next pop-up.
  • Now, select one of the “Call Me” options.
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Ofcourse, you don’t want them to know your reason, you need an immediate response, right?

  • Select “Call Me” or “Call Me. I have a gist for you” (this makes them curious to call you back, lol?).

After this action, you will see a successful pop-up message on your screen.

  • Now, wait for a call from your friend.

This is the perfect time to ask for the amount of airtime you need to make calls, send SMS, or browse the internet.

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Looks FUNNY right? But it works, it relief stress and gets you credit without being eligible for MTN Xtratime Service.

Can I Borrow Airtime From MTN?

Here’s how To Check If You Are Eligible For The MTN Xtratime.

It’s simple.

  • Just dial *606# and select Eligibility Status.

On the next pop-up, you’ll see if you’re eligible for this offer or not.
If you are not eligible, scroll back up and read the important things to note before borrowing credit on MTN.

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How To Check XtraTime Balance

  • Simply dial *606# to see the Xtratime menu.
  • Now, Select “Check Xtratime Balance”. Reply to its respective code to get the result you require.
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You will receive a message that contains your remaining airtime balance.

Is There A Cheat To Cancel The Borrowed Credit?

Some of you are asking how to clear MTN borrowed airtime.

And the truth is, you can’t escape the debt you owe unless you stop using the sim card.

Get this, no matter the tariff plan you are currently in or migrate to, you must recharge your line for MTN deducted the amount of airtime you borrowed.

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What Is The Code To Borrow Data From MTN

Follow the below steps to borrow data on MTN easily:

  • Simply dial *606# and reply to the code to select XtraByte. mtn borrow data code

On the next pop-up, you’ll see the list of data bundles available for you.

  • Select one from the list (that is, the amount you are eligible to borrow).

MTN will send you a message. This message is for you to confirm that you accept the service fee. And once you confirm your request, you will receive another message from MTN telling you that your transaction was successful.   Now that you’ve got the borrowed data, you need no further advice on how to manage data. It all depends on you.

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It is very easy to borrow credit on mtn, all you need is to meet the criteria:

  • Get your prepaid sim card ready.
  • Have an active, registered sim card that is up to 3months or more.
  • MTN 0.0k account balance.
  • And others…

Yeah, that’s how to borrow airtime from MTN easily.   I hope it helps you? Share this post with friends on social media using the share buttons.   Read more helpful resources below:

Learn how to borrow airtime from MTN the fastest way.


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