How to Migrate to MTN Yafun Yafun 2023 for New & Old SIM

Learn how to Migrate to MTN Yafun Yafun tariff plan on your New and old SIM cards. Yes, the straightforward guide in this post shows you the code to migrate to Yafun Yafun. Whether you use a New MTN line of an old SIM card.

Make sure you follow the step-by-step process on NetworkPalava so you don’t miss anything.

By the way, you will receive a free N800 airtime bonus to call all local networks and send SMS when you recharge your Yafun Yafun line for the first time. Read how to Migrate to MTN Yafun Yafun and start enjoying the benefits today.

As a result, your initial conversation with the line can go longer than you anticipate.

The nicest part of this tariff plan is that you will receive a 100% bonus on each data package you buy. Additionally, the low call cost included in this package allows you to make calls for practically nothing.

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Learn more below…

Migrating To Yafun Yafun On MTN

Looking for more information on MTN Yafun Yafun? then carry on reading this article. You can learn everything you need to know about MTN Yafun Yafun and how to migrate to mtn yafun yafun tariff plan in this article.

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A fantastic tariff plan on the MTN network, the MTN Yafun Yafun provides subscribers with a ton of bonuses and money-making deals. The goal of every Nigerian telecommunications network is to draw people in with tantalizing offers, and this is one of the most tantalizing deals available on any network in Nigeria.

How to Migrate to MTN Yafun Yafun 2022 (New SIM)

Below is how to migrate to mtn yafun yafun tariff plan:

  • Visit the nearby MTN retail location or office.
  • Ask for a New MTN SIM card.
  • Give your NIN and any more information required to register the SIM card.
  • Verify that the SIM card has been active on the network after registering it.
  • Now recharge our new MTN line to get activated.
  • Your new MTN SIM card will automatically enroll you in the MTN Yafun Yafun plan after you recharge it with a minimum of N100.

Important Info: The MTN Yafun Yafun plan does not have a migration code. You must obtain a new MTN SIM card in order to enroll in this plan because it is only available to new users.

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How to Migrate to MTN Yafun Yafun (Old SIM)

It is widely believed and acknowledged that the MTN Yanfun Yanfun can only be used with a new MTN SIM. Rumor has it that existing MTN customer can also benefit from this package.

According to rumors, you can migrate to mtn yafun yafun tariff plan by simply dialing *123#. Choose “Tariff Plans” as the first choice, and then “Yafun Yafun.”

If you’re fortunate enough to locate Yafun Yafun on the list of MTN tariff plans, activate the plan. Consider using *123# as your code to switch to MTN Yafun Yafun after that.


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After Migrating To MTN Yafun Yafun, what more?

It’s not just about learning how to migrate to MTN yafun yafun tariff plan. Yes, there are few things you need to know too.

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MTN Yafun Yafun Call Rate

Are you curious about the MTN Yafun Yafun plan’s call rate? The MTN Yafun Yafun plan charges a 36k/sec call rate from your main account balance and a 77k/sec call rate from your bonus account balance.

You are billed 36 kobo/sec from the primary account in this manner.

From bonus account, 77kobo per second.

Now, SMS charges from the main account are N4 per SMS, while those from the bonus sum are N12 per SMS.

That’s the call rate you get when you migrate to the mtn yafun yafun tariff plan.

How Long Does MTN Yafun Yafun Last?

The actual MTN Yafun Yafun plan has a six-month duration. That means you will no longer be able to take advantage of this deal 180 days after purchasing a new Yafun Yafun SIM card.

Yes, it is permanently lost. Unless you purchase a new SIM, there is no code to migrate to MTN Yafun Yafun tariff plan anymore.

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If you’re wondering who is qualified for MTN Yafun Yafun or who can take advantage of this plan, here’s an intriguing response:

Anyone can use the MTN Yafun Yafun tariff plan, even if they don’t have an MTN phone. This is due to the fact that the plan is a default option for all new MTN connections. The problem is not just about how to migrate to mtn yafun yafun tariff plan.

I’m stating that even though not everyone has a brand-new MTN SIM, you can always purchase one for yourself.

I believe you now see my point.

Remember that Yafun Yafun tariff plan eligibility on new MTN lines only lasts for six months (6 months).

Your MTN line will automatically migrate from the Yafun Yafun tariff plan to the MTN Beta Talk tariff plan after six months, where you can start receiving a 500% bonus on each recharge.

How to migrate from mtn pulse to yafun yafun

If you’re currently on MTN iPulse and you want to migrate back to mtn yafun yafun, here’s what to do:

  • Get a New SIM card and activate it on Yafun Yafun.
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Unfortunately, since MTN Yafun Yafun is only available to new consumers, there is no migration code for it. Only brand-new MTN customers are eligible for this tariff plan.

If you’re set on switching to MTN Yafun Yafun, get a fresh MTN SIM and top off the airtime on the line. Utilize the *555*Recharge*PIN# to load the airtime.

The seven-day expiration date applies to the MTN Yafun Yafun bonus.

How to migrate from mtn yafun yafun to beta talk

Follow the instruction below to migrate from mtn yafun yafun to beta talk easily:

  • Open your phone Messaging app and SMS ‘BT’ to 131 or dial *123*2*1#.

All you need to do is wait a month after switching to the new system. However, if you’ve remained for one month after migrating to another tariff plan, you can start by dialing the above code.

Through any of the following channels, you can migrate to the MTN BetaTalk plan:

  • SMS ‘BT‘ to 131.
  • Dial *123*2*1#
  • MTN ChatBot
  • MyMTN App: Login to myMTN App, select ‘Other Plans’, and select ‘BetaTalk’.
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Any of the above methods works. So, pick one out of them. 

Once you migrate, you’ll receive a successful message from MTN.

FAQs – How to Migrate to MTN Yafun Yafun

Can I go back to MTN Yafun Yafun?

  • No, you can’t.

Please be aware that you cannot migrate back to the MTN Yafun Yafun tariff plan once you have left it.

Indeed, even if you buy the SIM just before the relocation. You pay N40 per minute for calls on MTN yafun yafun and N4 for each SMS from your primary account. You will be charged N4 per minute and N12 for each SMS from the bonus account.

What is the code to migrate to MTN Yafun?

With regard to the MTN Yafun Yafun plan, there is no migration code. You must obtain a new MTN SIM card in order to enroll in this tariff plan because it is only available to new users.

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What is the best MTN plan to migrate to?

There’s no best plan to migrate to, on the MTN network. You just decide the tariff plan that works best for you. On NetworkPalava, we have given the cheapest mtn tariff plans in Nigeria. So, consider picking one from this list.

How do I migrate to another MTN plan?

Open your phone Caller app. Simply dial *123*2# and you would see the list of available tariff plans on MTN. 

Yes, this includes Beta Talk, Pulse, mPulse, XtraSpecial, XtraValue, and other tariff plans available at the moment.


MTN Yafun Yafun was presumably mentioned in one or more MTN commercials or on television. Every MTN user has this tariff plan on their mind. This post uncovers the process of how to migrate to MTN Yafun Yafun. You have been missing out if you are unaware of it. 

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