Glo 11KOBO Plan 2023: How to Migrate, Opt Out & Bonus Codes

Are you looking for the Glo 11KOBO Plan Code? This is post is for you. Yes, you’ll learn the major things about the Glo 11kobo per second plan, how to migrate, the benefits, call rates and more…

Many Glo users press their phone on a daily basis. Some pick up calls from loved once, call their colleagues at work and communicate for hours without even knowing their current tariff plan.

You see, it’s not a good strategy at all. While you’re busy wasting money on high call rates, someone else is using the glo 11kb per second plan like a king (lol).

Yes, you can now enjoy good rates on calls to all networks in Nigeria when you migrate to Glo 11kobo tariff plan today.

Are you not familiar with the glo 11kobo per second plan? Do you know how to migrate? Do you know the benefits of this plan? Read on to learn the major things you need to know…

About Glo 11K/sec Plan

After paying an access fee of N7, which is levied together with the first call of the day, Glo members will be able to call all networks in Nigeria at 11 kobo per second only.

What is Glo 11kobo Plan?

You can call all Nigerian networks at the rate of 11k/sec. Yes, after deducting N7 for the first call of the day under this tariff plan.

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You can dial the short USSD code to migrate to the Glo 11k per sec plan. It offers 11k/s to all Nigerian networks.

Customers on Glo 11k tariff plan will pay the usual SMS and IDD tariff. This means that existing rates for SMS and international calls remain unchanged.

Yes, to benefit from a lower international call rate on the Glo network, you can purchase any IDD Pack of your choice.

Glo 11KOBO Plan Code: Enjoy Benefits & 

This tariff plan is available to both current and new prepaid users, according to a statement from Globacom. Yes, you can access the plan by dialing *311#. After that, you will be migrated over to the Glo 11k per second plan.

How to Migrate Glo 11kobo Plan

If you like the benefits that comes with this tariff plan, kindly follow the instructions below to learn how to migrate to Glo 11kobo plan:

  • Turn on your device and open your phone Caller app.
  • Then, type in *777# and send it.
  • Select the option for 11KOBO Plan
  • Confirm you migration and that’s all.
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After paying a daily access cost of N7, you will then be migrated to the Glo 11kobo per second plan. Now, you can make calls to any network in Nigeria at a fixed rate of 11k/sec.

The short code to migrate to 11k plan is *311#.

Just dial *311# to successfully migrate to the Glo 11k/s tariff plan and take advantage of this incredible package. Yes, you can switch to this plan if you are a prepaid customer, both new and old.

Nowadays, when Nigerian telecommunications firms announce new tariff plan, it is typically chock full of tempting deals on the surface, and it is only when you look closer that you realize it is all hype. Well, just migrate and see for yourself.

Benefits of Glo 11k/s Plan

There are numerous advantages or benefits to activating this Glo 11k/s package, read below:

Calls to Glo subscribers can be made at 11k/s, to other networks in Nigeria at 15k/s, and to 30 of the most popular overseas locations at 15k/s. 10 minutes of monthly free data valid for 7 days

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You must realize that the N5 daily price is the leasing fee and that it will be taken out of your account every day. Also, be aware that local calls are made at 20k/s and international calls are made at the default rate if the daily access fee is not paid.

Glo 11KOBO Tariff Plan Call Rates

  • The call rate for the Glo 11kobo plan is clearly 11kobo per second (11k/sec), or 6.6 Naira per minute (6.6/min) to all Nigerian local networks.

The masters of data, Globacom, have continued their tradition of providing value to its consumers by introducing a new tariff package that enables users to call any Nigerian network for 11 kobos per second.

Calls to other foreign locations, meanwhile, are billed at the local rates for those locations.

Any nation that is not on the list of 30 will be charged according to its unique rates, but only when calls are placed. Be aware that international calls are charged at the default rate if the N5 wasn’t deducted.

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Eligible Countries for the Glo 11k tariff plan

The Glo 11k/s Prepaid Plan is available in 30 secret international locations. However, calls to these nations will cost 15 k/s. And they consist of countries from Asia, Europe, South America, and North America:

Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, French Guiana, Guam, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Luxembourg, Malta, Mongolia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Puerto Rico, Reunion Island, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

How to Leave Glo 11kobo plan

It appears that the Glo 11k/s plan will make it simple for you to switch to this plan and enjoy fantastic calls to all Glo networks at a flat fee, but it is different when it comes to other Nigerian networks.

I see that many of you are asking if it is possible to unsubscribe from the Glo 11kobo plan or even deactivate this tariff plan. Well, below is how to opt out of Glo 11kobo tariff plan:

  • Open your phone Caller app and dial *777#.
  • Located and select a different tariff plan (from Glo 11k/sec).
  • Proceed to migrate.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 11kobo plan for Glo?

The 11kobo plan is a plan that offer cheap call rates to all prepaid customers.

After paying a daily access charge of N7, members of the Glo 11kobo plan can call any local network in Nigeria for an incredibly low rate of 11kobo per second (11k/sec).

How do I migrate to Glo 11k per sec?

To migrate to Glo 11k per second, open your phone dialer and simply dial *311#. Yes, you’ll be migrated to Glo 11k per sec plan where you enjoy 11k/s to all networks in Nigeria.

How do I migrate to Glo Yakata?

If you’re a new customer, purchase a new SIM card and register it. You’ll be migrate to yakata as default.

For existing customers on other tariff plans, dial *455# to switch to Yakata and recharge to receive Yakata benefits on every recharge.

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What are the benefits of Glo 11kobo plan?

One of the major benefits of the Glo 11k plan is the 11 kobo per second call rate to all networks in Nigeria. You can check out the benefits highlighted in the post.

Eligibility: Who Can Activate 11k plan on Glo?

Can you migrate to the plan after knowing the Glo 11kobo plan code, and is the plan available to all Glo customers?

This tariff plan is only available to Glo prepaid customers.

This is due to the fact that it is a prepaid tariff plan rather than a postpaid plan.

Furthermore, both new and existing Glo network customers can migrate to and enjoy the Glo 11kobo per second plan.

However, there are a few things to consider before joining this tariff plan.

  • You must have a fully registered Glo SIM card with full KYC. Your line had to be linked to your NIN. Finally, if this is a subsequent migration, you must have at least N100 in airtime balance to be charged as a migration fee.
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There are tariff plans for both data and calls, but the Glo 11kobo plan is a tariff plan that allows customers to call customers on the Glo network at 11k/s. Yes, customers on other networks in Nigeria and 30 international destinations at 15k/s after a N7 daily access fee is deducted.

I hope you learn how to migrate and the benefits of Glo 11k/second package.

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