How To Activate Verizon Sim Card

You’ll learn How To Activate Verizon Sim Card with the step-by-step process in this post.

The SIM card is usually placed in the device when it is purchased. The activation guidelines that come with your device should be followed. You should be able to find directions for inserting the SIM card inside the SIM pack, but you may also refer to the device’s user manual or any of our setups to understand how.

You must first activate a new SIM card before using it on a Verizon mobile device. After that, users can use the mobile phone with it. You must call Verizon Wireless Customer Support to accomplish this. Activating a fresh SIM on Verizon is explained here.

How to Activate Your SIM Card

Visit the Activation or Switch Device section in My Verizon to enable a communication device with a SIM that has already been installed on it or to enable a new SIM.

Note: We advise using the 5G SIM that has already been installed when launching a new 5G device that will be released in 2022.

1) Note down or keep a record of your SIM card’s serial number, mobile number, IMEI number, and other pertinent information first. The SIM card-specific number can be found on the back of your SIM card. Or you could find them in your SIM card purchase receipt.

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2) Remove your phone’s back cover.

3) Place the SIM card in your device’s designated slot. To locate the slot, you might need to remove the battery.

4) Reinstall the battery and lock the back panel.

5) Tap the power switch to turn on the mobile device.

Continuation to Activate Your SIM Card

6) Dial 877-807-4646 from the phone’s dial pad when your mobile phone is set. To connect your SIM card if you are a personal or business subscriber, dial 800-922-0204. You will be connected to Verizon Wireless customer support through it.

7) If you’d like, you can place the call using another phone.

8) Comply with the voice-over instructions. After that, a real human will be assigned to you.

9) Inform them that a SIM has to be activated. He or she would then question you for the details you already noted. After providing the details, your SIM will activate in a short while.

10) Put an end to the call afterward when the activation procedure is completed.

How can my SIM card be protected?

To stop someone from using your device’s SIM card without authorization, you can establish a SIM Passcode.

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By default, the SIM card passcode is off, but you can enable it in your phone’s settings.

Your PIN will be required when you:

  • After entering the SIM card PIN, turn your smartphone on for the first time.
  • Moving a SIM card between Verizon-certified devices.

How Do I Recover My Forgotten SIM Card PIN?

To access your sim card PIN and PUK, visit the My Devices section in My Verizon, tap on your phone, and then choose PIN and Personal Unblocking Key (PUK).

You’ll need to get the PUK electronically in order to unlock the sim card if you have already tried the PIN three times without success, via My Business Account, My Verizon, or Verizon Enterprise Center.

Verizon cannot recover a new PIN if you select a special PIN and then forget the PIN number.

What Is the SIM Personal Unblocking Key (PUK) Used For?

If the wrong PIN is typed many times, the PUK is necessary to open the SIM. Your SIM card should be changed if the PUK is typed incorrectly more than three times.

Can I switch a 3G, 4G LTE, or 5G SIM from a Verizon device to a different Verizon network?

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It’s not like all Verizon connection products are functional with already activated SIM cards. If the phone you’re transferring to necessitates a separate package, you might need to switch plans.

If you want to know if you can transfer a sim card from one phone to the other, look at the chart below.

You’ll get the accompanying text message requesting your direct confirmation after you switch a SIM card from an old handset to a modern one:

“We detected that you used a new smartphone and changed the SIM card. Check and validate the replacement of your phone by clicking the link in the text message.”


To verify that your phone’s repair and activation are perfectly done, click the link inside the message you received. This extra step makes sure your phone is configured correctly to connect to the Verizon network service.

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