How to Migrate from Glo Berekete to Glo Yakata 2024

Learn how to migrate from Glo Berekete to Glo Yakata following the simple guidelines in today’s post.

If you’re currently using Berekete and you’re tired of the usual benefits you getting from this amazing tariff plan. Yes, it may be amazing but human wants are unlimited.

This is one reason why some people are searching for the code to migrate from Glo Berekete tariff plan to Glo Yakata. 

The tasty package called Glo Yakata is made available to both new and recurring users of the Glo network. The Glo Yakata is a prepaid package that provides greater internet and more minutes for calls for significantly less money.

This prepaid plan includes a ton of bonuses, such as free data bundles and unlimited free voice calls to any network. You can migrate from Glo Berekete to Glo Yakata and get a total value of N2,200 for an airtime recharge of N100.

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Incredible, isn’t it? That amounts to a staggering 2000% bonus on each recharge.

Switch From Berekete To Yakata Plan

Telecom customers all throughout the nation are taking advantage of the exciting features offered by Globacom’s recently announced tariff plan, Berekete Plus Plus.

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The most noticeable offer is a 700% bonus to call all Nigerian networks on every recharge—400% for voice and 30% for data.

The main aim of this post is to show you how to migrate from Berekete To Glo Yakata tariff plan. Yes, as long as you follow the simple instructions.

Glo Yakata is a brand-new prepaid plan from Globacom Nigeria that offers incredible bonuses to both new and existing Glo customers each time they top off their Glo lines for a period of six months. Customers receive free broadband and unlimited voice calls across all networks as a thank-you.

So, once you get the code to migrate from Glo Bereke to Glo Yakata, you can start enjoying the unlimited benefits that come with it.

How to Migrate from Glo Berekete to Glo Yakata Plan

All you have to do to join the Glo yakata tariff plan is a purchase, register, and activate a new Glo sim. Essentially, this implies that the Yakata tariff plan is the default plan included with all new Glo sims.

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You can still join the Yakata family, though, if you already have an old or existing Glo sim, by dialing *455# or *230#. That’s all, then! Every time you recharge your Glo line after that, you’ll be able to make use of all those advantages.

Code To Move From Glo BRKT To Glo YKT Tariff Plan

Follow these guidelines to migrate from Glo Berekete To Glo Yakata if you have an existing or old sim card:

  • Access the Call App on your smartphone.
  • To switch from the Berekete tariff plan to the Glo Yakata tariff plan, just dial *445# from your Glo line.

You can also dial *777# and then adhere to the advice below:

  • Choose My Tariff Plan (option 4).
  • Select “Other Plans” under option 6.
  • Choose the 22X Plan which is option 2
  • Select “Migrate Now” under Option 1.
  • Glo will send you a confirmation notification.

Activate or Subscribe to Glo Yakata Data Plan

  • You can sign up for Glo Yakata by dialing *220#.
  • Simply dial *100# to find out if you’re a Glo Yakata plan member.
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How To Migrate From Glo Yakata to Berekete 

You can’t migrate from Glo Yakata to Glo Berekete. It’s a default tariff plan for all Glo prepaid customers. Yes, once you recharge your new sim, you get the chance to receive unending benefits.

When they dial *777#, current Glo subscribers can additionally benefit from BEREKETE 10X. (please note that existing customers are not eligible for the one-off welcome bonus).


After Migrating From Glo Berekete To Glo Yakata Plan

Glo Yakata Call Rate & SMS Charges

To Glo calls, you can make calls at 55 kobos per second.

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For calls made within Nigeria to other networks, 70 Kobo per second is offered.

SMS messages cost N4 from the main account and N14 from the bonus account.

You may only use your bonus to call Nigerian numbers. Therefore, any overseas calls will result in a charge to your primary balance.

Glo Yakata Migration: Additional Info

Here are some additional crucial details about Glo Yakata:

  • All calls will be initially charged to your voice bonus before being transferred to your main account. Your main account balance will be used to pay for all overseas calls.
  • 55 kobo per second will be paid for Glo to Glo bonus calls. The bonus call rate from Glo to other networks is 70 kobo per second. Also, SMS bonuses cost N14 per message, compared to N4 for messages from the main balance.

FAQs – Migrate From Glo Berekete

How do I switch back to Glo yakata?

If you’ve migrated to a different tariff plan like Berekete in the past, you can switch back to Glo Yakata without stress.

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Yes, old customers on other tariff plans can dial *455# to move to Yakata and recharge to enjoy Yakata benefits on every recharge.

How do I migrate from Glo Berekete to another plan?

Please, follow this step-by-step method:

  • Just enter *777# into your phone dialer and send it.
  • Choose My Tariff Plan, option 4.
  • Select “Other Plans” under option 6.
  • Pick a tariff plan of your preference.
  • Decide on migration (option 1).

Lastly, you will now get a confirmation message from Glo.

How do I migrate to yakata plus on Glo?

Open your phone dialer app and simply dial *555# to subscribe to the Glo Yakata Plus plan.

What is the code to migrate on Glo?

The code to migrate to any tariff plan on Glo is *777#. Yes, after dialing *777# on your phone, just select option 4 (My Tariff Plan) and then pick a tariff plan from there.


Glo Yakata is a new prepaid package offered to all prospective and current subscribers by Globacom Limited. Once you migrate from Glo Berekete to Glo Yakata, proceed to enjoy all the benefits.

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Glo made a number of tantalizing freebies during the plan’s debut, including 6GB of data per month for six months and a 2,200 extra value for every 100-unit recharge.

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