glo yakata migration code
Get 6GB & 2,200% Airtime Bonus

Network services are getting upgraded daily. New data plans are coming in, so many cheap data plans are been launched.

Glo Nigeria introduces the New Yakata Plan which rewards users with outstanding data bonuses on migration and recharge.

Stay tuned while I put you through everything you need to know about the New Glo Yakata Tariff Plan in Nigeria (it's like a promo).

About Glo Yakata

Yakata is a tariff plan that offers you huge data bonuses that work on every glo sim to browse and stay connected. Also, you get an amazing airtime bonus for voice calls on every recharge.

Glo Yakata is a friendly package that accepts both new users on the glo network and of course, all prepaid customers can also partake in this great offer.

Benefits of Glo Yakata

Once you opt-in using the Glo Yakata migration code, you will be listed amongst the beneficiaries of the following:
  • Yakata gives you a huge data volume of 6gb every month for your first six (6) months on the plan.
  • You get twenty-two (22X) times your airtime bonus on every recharge of N100 and above.
  • Yakata gives you decent call rated to connect with loved ones with ease (That's 2,200% you airtime).
  • You get more value for money spent on airtime.
  • You are given a period of 7days to enjoy this airtime and data benefits.
  • On your first recharge N200 or more every month, you will be given 2.5 times data bonus higher than the regular bundle plans.
  • The more you recharge on Yakata, the more you get. For example, if you recharge N100, you 2,200. While N200 recharge gives you N4,400 and it goes like that.

Yakata Call Rates And SMS Charges

  • 55k/sec, 70k/sec and N4/sms.
You're given 55 kobos per second on glo to glo calls which is N33 per minute.
You get 70 kobos per second (N42/min) on this plan to call all networks and this applies on both main accounts and bonus balance.
All messages from the main account are charged N4/per message and N20 per SMS on the bonus account.

How to migrate to glo yakata tariff plan

  • Simply dial *230#, It is the glo yakata code to get started.
Yeah, you can start enjoying yakata data and airtime bonuses on every recharge you make.

If you are the internet type like me, I know you'd be excited about the 6GB data.

You will start enjoying the data benefits, plus extra airtime bonus attached to this plan.

Now, this got me.

I discovered that; even though you've got an existing data bundle and Yakata rewards you with the 6GB data bonus, it will be added to your current data plan and will cause no effect.

That's how to subscribe to Glo Yakata Tariff Plan.

Confirm Glo Yakata Bonuses

  • Simply dial *100# to confirm your current tariff plan.
To see your bonus balance on Yakata:
  • Simply dial *230*1# and you will see your bonus details in a pop-up or the SMS glo sent you.

How To Accumulate Yakata Bonuses: Is It Possible?

  • Yes, it's very possible.
Just as it adds up with your existing data bundle plan, resulting in an increased data volume, Yakata will automatically add more airtime and data bonuses to the existing one on every recharge on the same line.

How To Recharge On Glo Yakata

Now, you may be asking if there is a special way to recharge your glo line on the Yakata tariff.

It's all the same.
  • Simply dial *123*Recharge PIN#.
Normally, after recharge is done on your line, you will get back exactly the amount you recharge.

But on glo yakata, you will get extra airtime to make calls and as well free data to browse the internet.

Is It Possible To Unsubscribe From Glo Yakata?

  • Yes, it's 100% possible.
Are You Subscribed To The Yakata Prepaid Data Plan?
Simply dial *220# to unsubscribe

Here is how to unsubscribe from glo yakata Tariff:
  • The same way you migrated to this plan, kindly get the migration code of the new tariff plan you'd like to opt-in.
  • Dial the quick USSD or follow the prompt and you will be migrated to the new tariff plan.
This, on the other hand, means you are out of the Glo Yakata tariff plan and won't be allowed to enjoy its benefits.

Glo Yakata Data Plan 2020: Is There Any?

I know this must be across your mind right now but it's okay, get to know the reality.
  • Simply dial *777# to see the next menu.
  • Reply to 1 to go to the next menu.
Now select one of the plans from Mini-Plans, Monthly Plans, Mega Plans, Special Data Offer, Most Used Plans (people like this plans more), Data Booster, Night and Weekend Plans

How To Add Family And Friends Number On Glo Yakata

  • Simply dial *101*1*Number#
You are allowed to add up to 10 numbers to your FAF account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Does Yakata Bonus Last?

The bonus you received on this plan is valid for 7days starting from the recharge date.

Can I Use The Data Bonus?

Yes, as long as you have a data enable phone, you can start browsing with Yakata Bonus.

Will I Get Yakata Benefits On Airtime Recharged On E-Top Up?

Yes, you will get the airtime and data bonus.

Do I Need To Dial Glo Yakata Migration Code To Start Enjoying Its Benefits?

No, if you buy and register a new Glo SIM card, you are on Yakata by default.

Old glo customers can only take part in the benefits by dialing *230#

Can I Share My Yakata Bonus With Another Glo User?

No,  it's impossible.

The airtime and data bonus on this plan are not shareable or transferable.


Glo Yakata comes with outstanding airtime and data benefits.

Unless you migrate, you won't be allowed to enjoy it airtime and data benefits.

So what are you waiting for?

Migrate to Yakata Today.

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