How to Migrate From MTN Pulse to Beta Talk Now

Learn how to migrate from MTN Pulse to Beta Talk by following the simple guidelines in today’s post. You’ll learn how to change the iPulse tariff plan to BetaTalk with the USSD code.

Not just that, you’ll also get the SMS code to move out from Pulse and move to BetaTalk without any charges.

If you’re among those struggling with this and you want to change your current tariff plan to BetaTalk, then you’re the lucky one.

This post on NetworkPalava is created for a particular purpose. Yes, to show you how to migrate from Pulse to BetaTalk on MTN Nigeria.

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Migrating From MTN Pulse To BetaTalk

Without a doubt, MTN Pulse is among MTN Nigeria’s top tariff plans. We included it in our list of the most recent tariff plans on the MTN network.

In Nigeria, MTN has millions of customers. Although the network exists in other nations, Nigeria has been where it has flourished the most. To put it another way, Nigeria is its greatest market. You’ll learn How to Migrate from MTN Pulse to Beta Talk in a few seconds. Just keep reading.

Now, MTN BetaTalk is a further affordable call tariff package that offers prepaid MTN customers who recharge N1 or more a 250% airtime bonus.

Move To BetaTalk From iPulse

BetaTalk also offers premium data packages for users who spend a lot of time online: 40MB for N50 and 250MB for N200. I guess this is one of the reasons why you want to migrate from MTN Pulse to Beta Talk.

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When using the MTN Beta Talk tariff plan, national calls are typically charged at 64k/sec (N38.40) from the bonus account and 31.50k/sec (N18.90) from the main account.

Note that you are charged at the rate above immediately following the day’s first 1-minute call, which was billed at the rate of (N42.38/min).

If you want to migrate from MTN Pulse to MTN BetaTalk, you’ll find the next part of this post very helpful.



How to Migrate from MTN Pulse to Beta Talk

You may easily opt out of MTN pulse whenever and wherever you decide you no longer want to be a customer by dialing the code of the tariff plan you want to switch to. And in this case, it’s MTN BetaTalk.

Since you want to migrate to MTN beta talk, just dial the migration code and you’re good to go.

Below is how to migrate from MTN Pulse to MTN BetaTalk:

  • Open your phone caller app and dial *123#.
  • Locate and select the “Tariff Plans” option.
  • Now, pick option 1 which is BetaTalk.
  • After that, Migrate to BetaTalk by selecting option 1 again.
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In short, you can SMS BT to 131 or simply dial *123*2*1# on your smartphone device to switch from iPulse to BetaTalk easily.


After You Change From Change from MTN Pulse to Beta Talk

Here’s what you get after migrating from MTN Pulse to MTN BetaTalk:

Call Rate You Get on Beta Talk 

If we don’t look at the MTN BetaTalk call rate, switching to BT is pointless. I’m referring to the rate that Beta Talk’s tariff plan charges customers every call second.

  • 42 kobo per second (42k/sec), or 25.2 Naira per minute (N25.2/min), is the call rate for MTN Beta Talk. Well, you can migrate from MTN Pulse to Beta Talk since the 300% is reasonable. That’s if you’re the calling type though (I’m not).

Accordingly, you will be charged 42 kobo for every second of a call you make on this tariff plan and roughly 25 Naira for every minute.

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FAQs – Migrate From iPulse to BetaTalk

How Much Does It Cost to Migrate from MTN Pulse to Beta Talk?

If you are switching to the BetaTalk tariff plan for the first time in 30 days, there will be no fee. However, any more migrations within the same month would incur a N102 migration fee.

This means that you can migrate for free but if you opt out of BetaTalk and try to opt in under 30 days, you’ll be charged an N102 migration fee.


What is the code for MTN beta talk?

The code for BetaTalk is *123*2*6#. You migrate from Pulse to BetaTalk by texting BT to 131 or by dialing *123*2*6#.

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Every time you recharge with the MTN Beta Talk plan and spend N100 or more, you get 3 times the value! You can talk, browse, or text using this benefit. 


How can I change my Sim to beta talk?

You can switch from Pulse to MTN Beta Talk quickly and easily by dialing *123*2*1# or by texting BT to 131.

The plan is to dial the short USSD code or send BT to 131 to move from your current plan to MTN beta talk.

Both methods work. Once you dial them, you’ll get a confirmation message from MTN telling you about the successful activation.


Have You Migrated From iPulse To BetaTalk?

Well, Pulse and Beta Talk are both respectable tariff options that are well worth looking into. But no matter why you’re looking for ways to migrate from MTN Pulse to Beta Talk, the answer is above.

Moving to BetaTalk is not a bad tariff plan to migrate to. To further the recharge benefit, Beta Talk offers a 500% boost for each recharge. This bonus includes 200% more data for internet browsing and 300% more airtime.

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Ask questions in the comment section if you have any challenges.

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