Kuda Bank USSD Code To Other Banks 2024

See the Kuda Bank USSD code to receive money from one bank to another. Your worries about mobile transactions are over. You can now buy airtime, and data bundles, pay bills, and transfer money with the USSD code provided by other banks to Kuda.

It is a fact that Kuda Bank is one of the most used microfinance banks in Nigeria and is currently certified by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

At this point, Kuda Bank has improved the banking option by using USSD codes. It has successfully partnered with Roland-recognized commercial banks like Zenith Bank, GTB Bank, and Polaris Bank, among others.

About The Kuda Bank Tranfer & USSD Code

Kuda Bank’s USSD code has made it easy for their customers to make transactions without needing any network connection.

For the record’s sake, Kuda broke a record, or to say “made history,“ by becoming the first-ever Nigerian bank to be featured in Binance’s P2P payment options. You get the Kuda Bank USSD Code to receive fast transfers from any bank in Nigeria.

Because of its partnership with the three largest banks, Kuda offers an expansive branch network that involves customers making a free deposit.

Kuda Bank USSD Code 2023

Kuda Bank facilitates its transactions using the mobile app, and you can make all transactions on the app. However, you can also transfer cash from other accounts to your Kuda account with USSD codes.

Access Bank Transfer Code to Kuda Bank

The Kuda bank code for account funding from Access Bank is *901*Amount*Kuda Bank Account Number#.

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Zenith Bank:

  • Dial *966*amount*Kuda account number#. 
  • Click on “other bank.”
  • Select Kuda microfinance bank among the options given and follow the instructions to complete the transaction.

Transfer From Kuda to First Bank via USSD Code

Dial *894*amount*Kuda account number# and then follow the instructions given to complete the transaction.

Wema Bank

Dial *945#. Tap “Send money“ and select Kuda MFB, then follow the instructions to complete the transaction.

UBA USSD Code to Kuda Bank

To transfer money from UBA to Kuda microfinance bank using USSD code, simply dial *919*4*Kuda Bank Account Number*Amount#, then find and select Kuda as the bank, and then enter your UBA transaction PIN to authorize the transaction.

GTB Bank: Send Money To Kuda via USSD code

  • Dial *737*50*Amount*416#.

Type your Kuda account number and confirm that your transaction was successful by dialing *737# ussd code.

FirstBank Transfer Code to Kuda Bank

The Kuda bank USSD code to deposit money from First Bank is *894*Amount*Kuda Bank Account Number#, then find and select Kuda as the bank you want to transfer to and input your FirstBank PIN to make payment.

For example, if you want to transfer ₦3000 to Kuda where the account number is 12345678901, all you just need to do is dial *894*5000*12345678901#, select Kuda as the bank and enter your PIN.

How Can I Open A Kuda Bank Account and Activate the USSD code?

You can create your Kuda account from the comfort of your home. Yes, to activate and transfer money using the Kuda Bank USSD code. Below are the steps to opening a Kuda Bank account.

  • Download the Kuda Bank app from the Google Play Store (for iOS users).
  • Click on “Sign Up” (because you are a new customer). Once you have created your account on the bank app, the next thing you need to do is to log in your account.
  • Enter the details needed: full name, a valid email address, a BVN, password, and a valid phone number.
  • You can enter the referral code but it’s merely optional.
  • Create a login PIN that will be essential whenever you want to access your Kuda Bank app.
  • After providing all this information, you will be given an account number, and your account will be successfully activated.
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How Can I Add Money to My Kuda Bank Account?

There are two ways in which you can add money to your Kuda Bank account. It is either through your debit card or through a cash deposit. You can also ask someone to send you money using the Kuda Bank USSD code, transfer money from Access Bank or other banks in Nigeria.

Below are the steps you need to follow to fund your account using the cash deposit method:

  • Open the Kuda Bank app on your mobile phone.
  • Tap “Add Money.”
  • Click on “cash deposit.”
  • Select your preferred partner bank.
  • Then follow the instructions on your screen to make a deposit at the bank of your choice.
  • You must note that charges are linked to using credit and debit cards to find your Kuda Bank account.

Most people prefer the Kuda Bank USSD code to easily send money to other commercial banks in Nigeria. But all well, you can make your choice.

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KUDA USSD Code: The Fee On The Credit Or Debit Card Is Charged By Who?

A fee is charged by the payment processor (inter-switch, pay stack, or flutter wave). But for local cards, a fee of N100 + 1.5% of the exceeded amount is charged for a transaction that is done through the payment processor. When you transfer money using the Kuda Bank USSD code, you enjoy fewer charges.

Is Kuda Virtual Bank Real?

This has been a question many Kuda Bank customers have asked. But I am excited to tell you that you can create a virtual Kuda Naira Master Card on the Kuda Bank app. You can even use the Kuda Bank USSD code to transfer money to other banks.

Can I have two Kuda Bank accounts?

You can successfully manage multiple Kuda Bank accounts with one admin profile. Since you can wear different clothes and footwear, your business account should, too.

Kuda Bank Summary

Previously known as Kudi Money, Kuda is a start-up digital-only bank with headquarters in London that has been operating in Nigeria since 2017. 2019 saw a name change to Kuda Bank. Babs Ogundeyi and Musty Mustapha founded it.

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Despite having a reputation for avoiding charging bank fees, Kuda Bank began charging 50 naira for deposits of 10,000 naira or more in July 2022. As a result of their support for the 2020 End SARS rallies, the bank received a lot of support from the protestors.


Making a transfer with Kuda Bank’s USSD code, which I have given in this article, is not a difficult process. All you have to do is download the app, go through the registration process, and then begin to bank and make a transaction.

As long as Kuda Bank has an online banking system, it also has a banking office in case of complaints.

I believe I have been able to teach you how to make transactions on Kuda Bank via USSD code and answer you’re troubling questions. Thanks for reading.

Co-written with: Peter Okoroji

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